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I started using this version ( and I'm getting a lot (!!!) of crashes all the time, without any clear pattern.
This seems to be an overall problem, not limited to one website or operation.

I don't have any issues with other apps at all, nor crashes - so I assume it has to be with Maxthon.
Sorry I don't have more specific details, I don't know what they are...

Android V9 on a Xiaomi Mi A1.

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33 minutes ago, cherey said:

I have installed the latest version of Maxthon app on a new mobile phone and it does not allow me to validate my username and password. I've been trying for two days now. What happen?

I have a new mobile and I will check to see if it does that

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Android app ( works reliably after logging out from Maxthon server, if you don't care about bookmark sync and other options.

However, once you log out - you cannot log in back anymore... until the app is fixed.

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3 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

@mr.chukcha @ZorMi @TheWhitestOfFangs @Mhzayer @Zura Chelidze @17022309 @nigelburge, could you test out this test version and see if crashes still occur?

The Android version still crashes almost immediately after launching the app. All my attempts to log into my account failed with "Login failed" error message, despite this error I however found out the log-in was at least partially successful and the Settings page displayed my login address indicating I'm logged in. No user data (favorites, settings, avatar icon, nick name, etc.) were however synced.

Plus, "vanilla" Google search engine is still missing in the list of search engines. Please have it added.

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Me too. My older version kept losing the current page making it unusable. So I then updated to and find like everyone else that I cannot login. 
I have MX on another phone and this lets me open the app and logs in automatically but still keeps changing the current page being viewed. Clearly Maxthon is badly broken as even on my PC desktop login is very difficult unless I set it to autologin.
I am a long term MX user since MyIE2. Dissapointing to say the least.

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Hi all, the developers are still trying to fix the login and crash issues. Further testing will be done before we released the stable version for downloading. We appreciate your patience and do be assured that this is our top priority to fix. On the other hand, it would be great if we could have users to do testing together; and if you are willing to help, kindly PM me 🙏

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