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  1. In my case there is no problem with Outlook.com or any other mail. Win 11. MX
  2. When will there be an update? version with an error when downloading any file.
  3. Today updated from to the new version from Google Play.
  4. At first look......... Everything is Ok
  5. I mean android version, your answer is about windows version.😊
  6. 1.The main google search engine has disappeared, how to add. 2.Can you add a solid color black, blue, white...... wallpapers.
  7. google voice search steel not working

    1. BugSir006


      Hi there, sorry for the inconvenience. This known bug is still being analyzed. 

    2. Zura Chelidze

      Zura Chelidze

      Anyway good job ?


  8. Google voice search still not working " oN internet connection"

    1. BugSir006


      Hi there, this known bug is still being analyzed.