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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but to my understanding this does not apply only to a certain tab/website, but rather all the connection. Am I misunderstanding? (The extension is good, but it does not "split VPN" and applies to all websites) Are these plugins/extensions for chrome? because they seem like a separate app... which I already have (and trying to avoid using in the first place).
  2. Just to be a bit more specific: What I'm really interested in is the ability to set up a connection to a 3rd party VPN (so configure an extension or such) and have it applied to only SOME tabs (domains) and not others, I think it's called split VPN.
  3. Hello, I'm interested in using my own VPN, and I've seen that there exists a built-in VPN (BrightVPN) which I'm not interested in. Is there a way, without getting a chrome extension to use existing Maxthon infrastructure to get access to another VPN service? If not, is there a "generic" VPN extension that allows configuration so I could "associate" it with the one I want to use?
  4. Hi yes, there was some confusion. I thought I used the latest version, but accidently downloaded the wrong one. Seems to work fine on V7.0.2.1500
  5. @BugSir009 I tried (which was released today and had this issue mentioned specifically), and it did not change anything. All the tabs reset after the set time, no matter if they are on the list or not. I don't know if there is any difference between the version you put up, but I did not try that one.
  6. Hi, So the update was made, the list was indeed passed and that is fine. However, the tabs which appear clearly in the "never put to sleep" list are set to "Sleep" and get reset after 2 hours (my set timing). This happens with all the sites there and in all forms. For example, I tried both outlook.office365.com and [*.]office365.com and still the outlook page resets...
  7. I'm on I will update the the newer version in a few days and if the problem remains I will update here.
  8. When updating Maxthon, the sites I have added to the tab sleep ("inactive tabs will go to sleep after a specified time") did not save. Please migrate these with update.
  9. Hi, I started using this version ( and I'm getting a lot (!!!) of crashes all the time, without any clear pattern. This seems to be an overall problem, not limited to one website or operation. I don't have any issues with other apps at all, nor crashes - so I assume it has to be with Maxthon. Sorry I don't have more specific details, I don't know what they are... Android V9 on a Xiaomi Mi A1.
  10. April 1st isn't a good date to release... I'm not sure if prank or not
  11. Is there any follow-up on this? Is there a plan to make the clean-up automatic when closing the browser? Honestly, this is one of the main issues that prevent me from fully transitioning from MX5 to MX6...
  12. With one crucial difference: there's no auto-clean on exit. I can find extensions that do this automatically when opening the browser, but that's not what I want.
  13. Hello, I couldn't find this issue anywhere else so I'll ask it here: MX5 had a simple yet very useful feature of clearing data (history, address bar, cache, etc.) on exit. This feature really helps keeping everything clean and tidy - is it available on MX6 and if not, will it be? Image from MX5:
  14. This is a post that warms my heart. I'm so happy to see this statement!
  15. So I've been trying a few extensions and noticed that the address bar gets filled pretty quick with icons. In fact, just using all the built-in ones (Adblock, Resource sniffer, Developer tools etc') already takes alot of space. Is it possible to control the amount of icons shown? Maybe add a show/hide option in the extension manager? Or group them up somehow? Also, when clocking "remove" on the icon of addons/extensions it says "You can hide the button of this extension in Customize UI". Well I looked for it, don't know where that is... I can only find the extension manager and enable/disable them...
  16. So I've noticed that there are issues when trying to use http://musicovery.com/ I'm guessing this is a flash compatibility issue, but it repeats on several versions of flash from old to new, but not on Chrome or Firefox. It is as if the flash is "unresponsive" although it works... i.e: When logging in, it doesn't do anything, but when canceling using the X and reloading the page, it does sign-up Using play/stop buttons feels buggy and the same with the "like" and "unlike" buttons. Again, this does not happen with Chrome/Firefox using same flash version
  17. Magdalene, thanks for the extensions, however that was not the point. APB is excellent, but I find it hard to get the right format for writing rules (I try to hide block divs and classes according to some rule and it doesn't work - most likely because I do it wrong, although following APB's manual). What I want is something that sets the APB rules quickly and effectively, not 3 different blocking extensions (and APB is already integrated so...) Edit: I tried these extensions, to see if they are worth it - they aren't. The clipper is very limited and the NoAds... just didn't work (I couldn't even reach the preferences)
  18. This is a nice little extension that help utilize ABP better by quickly blocking elements... Any change this will find its way to Maxthon as well? It can be found here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/elemhidehelper/
  19. Recently, more and more websites detect ABP and prevent access to content if it is detected. This eliminates the need for ABP, since one can access those pages only if ABP is disabled (or some tricks are done). Is there a way to prevent websites from detecting ABP? The last thing I want is to disable it exactly where the ads are lurking...
  20. Hello, Is is possible to request plugins/extensions which exist in Firefox/Chrome to be transitioned into Maxthon? There is an extension, names EZproxy, which is used specifically for library applications, as can be found here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/ezproxy?hl=en Now, since it is merely a proxy extension for chrome, I guess that it can either be transitioned into Maxthon relatively easily or just be applied via more general proxy extension (This is proxy just for specific sites which are library-related, not a general use proxy) Any chance of getting this, or instructions on how to do this myself?