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  1. This was for portable test version provided by you. as @darknessblade mentioned, approximately after noon GMT my history shows 3 days. P.S. I made a test. I copied my history file to test version in the morning (~5.40 AM GMT) and ran it. Test version showed 4 days. I ran it now (13 PM GMT). It showed 4 days. I copied my current history file from Mx and ran the test version again. It shows 3 days in the history as well as Mx.
  2. c:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Profile 1\History has a size : 23 298 048 bytes Days recorded in the history: 4 Days (current data, sometimes 3 days) Today : up to now 55 sites Day 21-09-2021: 349 sites Day 20-09-2021: 324 sites Day 19-09-2021: 320 sites Total sites: 1048 P.S. now history shows 3 days
  3. I'm not sure I can select that 36 tabs with Shift key. I tried, but I didn't see if they're selected or not. And grouping/ungrouping had no effects on them, so I think they wasn't selected.
  4. Tnx. But it will be done in Incognito mode.
  5. I still hope that devs will add an option to group/not to group tabs :)
  6. thanks, but it's not what I want I tried. Tabs are really in one row. But I don't see what I have opened, I can't choose one of them, I need to scroll all of them one by one.
  7. Is there any option to show all tabs in the row? I need to see more than 25 of them.
  8. @BugSir009 I went from to Installed it manually from download page here.
  9. I installed Version 0430 and all my passwords disappeared. I logged in the web version of Passkeeper. It says, I have 12 saved passwords (from more than 700) and "Latest edit:2020-06-21 21:11 ". I tried to restore from backup. First time I recieved a message that restore failed. On any subsequent attempts nothing is happened. P.S. I restored from 30.04.2021 in Mx6.1.2.900 (last picture). All yesterday's backups were broken.