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  1. Chrome is 87.0.4280.88 x64 Maxthon is beta x64 System and Chrome language is Ukrainian. Maxthon works the same with Ukrainian or English localization.
  2. There is no "Chrome" in my drop-down menu in As you can see at task bar, I have Chrome installed. I tried this on installed version of Maxthon as well as on portable.
  3. BugSir006, whether it will be possible to import passwords from Chrome?
  4. Last version of Maxthon displays a blank screen in Ultra mode after user/password prompt. In v5.2.0.2000 & earlier all was ok.
  5. Let me continue the thread. While there was a bug with e-mail confirmations, I've made three attempts to register. And now I'm VIP2. Why the second attempt played I don't know.
  6. lol yesterday I was a VIP3 68-th member, now I'm VIP1 and 20774th :) "fixed" yes, I tried yesterday several times, and always it was the same number. yes, e-mail was the same every time. but today I received the e-mail immidietely.
  7. this is how it should be. but it is not. there are a few persons on the forum (including me) who didn't receive a word.