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  1. @BugSir006, Maxthon still not correctly remebers the last page closed. I've made a short video (as you like it ) I opened some pages on the forum, closed Maxthon from the main page of the forum. And when I ran it again, it opens the page I was before closing. And yes, this is the latest release, x64 1500. 473203720_bandicam2021-03-2111-47-41-812.mp4
  2. and send to ....another copy of Maxthon, what Chromium-based browsers can
  3. Please, add an option to "Open" file from download manager with an associated program. And "Always open this type of files" checkbox....
  4. ok. I open the site iaea.org, open some menu items. Then close Maxthon and open it again. There are three items on the Last Session page, all I opened on the site. 1148390729_bandicam2021-02-0807-41-16-215.mp4
  5. @BugSir006 I confirm. The "Last Session" is a mess of the list of tabs when the browser is closed and a history of that tabs. Extentions don't synced.
  6. Let me continue the thread. While there was a bug with e-mail confirmations, I've made three attempts to register. And now I'm VIP2. Why the second attempt played I don't know.
  7. lol yesterday I was a VIP3 68-th member, now I'm VIP1 and 20774th :) "fixed" yes, I tried yesterday several times, and always it was the same number. yes, e-mail was the same every time. but today I received the e-mail immidietely.
  8. this is how it should be. but it is not. there are a few persons on the forum (including me) who didn't receive a word.