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  1. You know that Maxthon is a Chromium based Browser So Maxthon team use whatever it uses especially for the main features like all other Chromium based ones so the version reflects what Chromium says in all Chromium based ones It's not a major concern that should take precous time to look into while other more urgent matters at hand
  2. They said known issues that means what they know how to fix
  3. tried it fixed the second 1 for the vpn, I don't need it so didn't tick it to be installed for the netflex issue at first when I signed in to it the movie played for a second then gave me the error yup that's right
  4. Could you please export yours to json file so we can just import it
  5. When updating to this newest version I had 2 problems 1. My 360 Total Security Antivirus detected >Trojan name: Win32/Trojan.Generic.HgIASxcA Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bright VPN\net_updater32.exe 2. After installing all my locked tabs showed up as locked blank tabs
  6. Check if open bookmark in new forground tab is ticked ? It's working here with me
  7. Open in a new window is broken not just incognito It used to actually kill maxthon when more than link is opened but when there was only one link it worked fine both on incognito and normal windows
  8. Does your problem happen without the ublock origin installed or not? Can you live without ublock origin?
  9. He clearly said he doesn't recommend anyone to install Webroot He was just pointing out that the pc had Webroot that might be the cause
  10. Confirmed here following the steps on windows 10 installed version