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  1. Suggestion Why not stick to Chrome standard clean user data shortcut ctrl+shft+del instead of ctrl+shft+F And I still cannot get my location with this version I tried everything
  2. I had the same problem I uninstalled Mx6 deleting all user data and rebooted the made a clean install and before I login with my account snap worked but after I logged in with my account it stopped working Update1: It snaps after logging out Then I could snap after I immediately logged in But that was for a short time it stopped after a few seconds
  3. Very interesting results Why is Mx5 better than MX6 and the lowest is Chrome 84
  4. Maybe you didn't clean user data BTW My maxthon is in English language not Arabic But when I search google, it still shows me Arabic in Chinese Never mind for now I will wait for the next beta before I check this again
  5. Thanks but I'm just pointing out that maxthon defaults to Chinese at first when the PC language is different than English unless I change it to English then revert it back to Arabic it doesn't change by itself Try to make your system language other than English clean install maxthon try to search through the Url Bar with that language then choose image search at first it displays chinese If you then ask Google to switch to English then back to the system language everything goes fine and the glitch disappears
  6. Yup You're right. This time it's not accepting my login and says password not correct I had to swich to retro core (IE) engine It was trying to run a java script or something that was the problem It then accepted my password and I am logged in now Update: If you log out It won't login again unless you do the retro core switch again
  7. I cleared the browsing data then restarted to no avail I think you can not reproduce it because your google account language is not Arabic Update: The problem doesn't happen if I make English my Google search language It only happens when I make it Arabic. Update2: After restarting my computer it is working fine now. I can see Arabic instead of Chinese now. Update3: I made a clean install of mx6 and it happened again I have to switch google to English search first then back to Arabic for the glitch to disappear Actually maxthon takes me to ‏ instead of ‏
  8. Still the Google search glitch is present
  9. Still the problem in this version too where google search doesn't use my default language which is Arabic when I choose images
  10. When I use google search it gives me the results I want in my language which is OK But when I click on search only pictures it redirects me to With a language I do not understand
  11. Maybe this is off topic but Is there any Mx6 android near future plan?
  12. You can also try logging in to reddit from a guest account Do a clean install if it didn't work
  13. Have you tried restarting your pc? I had a similar problem that wasn't fixed until I restarted my computer. It seems Chrome engine does that
  14. No problem with me I can log in