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  1. You need to redownload it try alternative locations
  2. This version was updated to Version7.1.7.5301(64-bit)1122 17:27 after restarting my computer and relaunching Maxthon
  3. It was something with the data accumulated by updating Maxthon| I did a clear browser data and could log in afterwards Sorry about that It has to be registered to see what I meant I could login but the site keeps spinning but not loading anything I could manage to fix it after clearing browser data BTW: Is there a way to clear only certain sites instead of redoing all sites?
  4. Since updated to this version this site "" isn't working for me Could you please check it It used to work with all extensions on previous versions and It's working in other browsers I even logged out of the site and diabled all extensions to no avail
  5. For "Added full video download feature - Free trial available for a limited time during Beta testing" I tried downloading a video from TikTok but it seems like Maxthon is just recording any played video while streaming It captures unwanted parts of the screen then saves it in landscape mode cutting most of it as TikTok plays it in portrait mode
  6. After nearly a day So far so great It has increased up to 2100 while using YouTube videos which is more than great It used to rise up to 4000+
  7. First impressions 1. Maxthon started without the empty locked tabs issue 👍 2. It was faster than the previous beta👍 3. It's now opened with quite a few instances than the previous beta👍 and taking less memmory (but this has to be tested in longer working periods to be sure but still promissing 4. It didn't lose the default browser taking over of links from thunderbird 👍
  8. Yes After disabling all extensions Maxthon droppedopen instances to 24 while Chrome is up to 37 (very strange it was only 24 with the extensions)
  9. Thanks I've already kept Maxthon and Chrome running with the same tabs for more than a day This is how it looks Maxthon opens 49 instances while chrome has only 24 Are these because of the more extensions I have with Maxthon not in Chrome? I guess I'll try Maxthon with no extensions to see But the Ram is way higher
  10. After leaving Maxthon running for a day or so It gets up to 5600 MB So there's an issue with it for sure
  11. latest comparison check This is not taking the working time in consideration I should've kept Maxthon running for the same period of time too
  12. Here is with the Maxthon portable
  13. Here are the same opened tabs with Maxthon portable There are 9 opened tabs only with my extensions on Here is with the Maxthon portable
  14. For comparison I opened all my Maxthon opened tabs in Chrome Version 119.0.6045.124 (Official Build) (64-bit) Here is the memorry comparison
  15. Can confirm .webm But not .webp Made Xnview default for both it opened webp but webm was opened with Maxthon Could you please make the function to restore settings specific for each setting page