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  1. They've opted for the hardest path They can do as other chromium based browsers are doing and all windows 11 users will be happy But that would make older windows users not happy and going for 2 Maxthon versions 1 for win11 and 1 for older windows is beyond their capabilities So we should wait for a genius Dev that's will magically come up with a new Maxthon that surpasses all other browsers We still can dream
  2. Don't bother It's the same thing since Maxthon is kept for compatibility to older windows because of the huge users in China This can go on forever
  3. Confirmed here installed version on win11
  4. You just missed 7 thousand 😊
  5. Updated via autoupdate to this version
  6. It was never updated newer than 109 they just changed the UA
  7. Thanks Now the new version is in the forum
  8. My Maxthon was updated to (Official Build) (64-bit) Why it's not available in the forum?
  9. Confirmed This is because of the way they forced the UA Just revert it back to 109 and restart the browser this fixes it This is also due to UA
  10. Bingo aimed and hit the bull's eye I won't say I'll ever abandon Maxthon cause I started loving it since MyIe days and continued to love and support it So we loyal users say this because we care When are you Devs going to listen to us We're with you in good and bad times so please please please take the time to think about it carefully The path you're taking is only shortlived. Think about making Maxthon the browser all competing browsers try to follow not the opposite
  11. It's always advisable to ask for operating system and version and whether it's installed or portable most of the time it's operating system related issue and it's a good way for other members running the same specs to participate in the issue to be sure it's not user specific issue I think copying mx:/version data is very helpful Maxthon7.1.8.7000 (Official Build) (64-bit) Revision65d7530a3c132c981105935e4dbfd85118ee37b7-refs/branch-heads/5414@{#1460} OSWindows 11 Version 23H2 (Build 22631.3235)