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  2. Windows 11 download page (this too) is empty on .1800 & .2000. Edge shows it correctly. This site incorrectly shown as well. I think, it's JS issue. Nevetheless, I dunno, is it my issue or Mx. Chrome and Edge show all sites correctly.
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  4. Sure i will just do it 900 times .... alteast give us option to show all so we can copy it all..
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  6. beta + Added Reading Mode + Added Read Aloud feature + Added Maxthon coin acquisition feature - Web Indexing by Bright Data + Added Settings - Advanced Settings - Laboratory + Added web scrollbar double-click top to scroll to the top, double-click bottom to scroll to the bottom * Updated multilingual translation * Optimized note performance, improved search speed * Enhanced new tab interaction and card design - Fixed known issues
  7. Hello! With "Show bookmarks bar" off in settings, the bar is still shown, with "Import bookmarks" & "Other bookmarks" both shown, when on Quick Launch: Hello! On Maxthon menu, at the top, next to account details, it says "Sync" & when clicked it does... However, afterwards, it still says "Sync"... Would be nice if Maxthon checked whether everything was already sync'd & only display the prompt if not, or at least report when last sync'd (maybe via a tooltip when mouse hovered over). I had assumed sync was automatically done, in which case the button would be redundant... does Maxthon sync on it's own & if so, under what schedule?
  8. Вот как сейчас. При включении просит установить Bright Data. ас Desktop Recording 3.webm
  9. Hi Rineras, you could click on the 'eye' icon to show the password. From there you will be able to copy the password.
  10. yes, you are right there are some websites like LastPass to copy own password or auto-login, but to decrypt own password's it's not simple as you think!
  11. Hi MichaelC362, feedback recorded.
  12. Hi n3ujx, did you do a clean install for the new version and do you have any extensions in place? Hi MichaelC362, the development team is trying to optimize this feature and it will be released later on. Could you send a screenshot to me so I could point it out to the product team? Request recorded.
  13. Hello! Would be appreciated if the MaxNote shortcuts, that I'm never going to use (I'll access from Maxton menus if need it) could be prompted (default "NO") during installation. Every time I install a new Maxthon release, I've now got 2 shortcuts to delete that I didn't have before... It's not that it takes a long time, it's just annoying!
  14. Hello! Am I missing it or have you removed 'reader mode', whereby only the content (i.e. no menus, adverts, sundry tat, etc) is shown for easier reading and/or printing!? I just don't understand why, if you have a useful feature, you replace it with something no-one's ever asked for or wanted! I understand the limitations of using Chromium (albeit one that even Noah would have found out-of-date & not taken with him on The Ark!), but that's just the browser engine, Maxthon sits on top of that, so you can add whatever you like & once there, unless mass-requested to remove it, leave it there! On Quick Launch settings, under Wallpaper, Foreground/Background Color (spelt wrong for UK English), if set to Automatic, it seems the colour is applied to all & it doesn't detect what's under that section & colour accordingly - e.g. picture with dark top & light bottom, the highlights should invert for one. I've used Maxthon, almost daily, since it was first released, but according to your 'gold coins' I never use it for more than 5 days at a time & therefore the counter is reset every week. I have a work account & a personal account, so despite most weeks running it daily, that isn't reflected. The coins seem like a pointless waste of space to me (& I suspect most others too), but you should be recording how many loads/sessions are used, NOT consecutive days. Suppose someone has built up a huge number of coins & then goes to a wedding or funeral, then the next day they have nothing again - this is just alienating users against the feature, however good your intentions were.
  15. "Web Indexing by Bright Data" spyware still exists or was removed as promised?
  16. Okay, any other way? I clearly see there is an option to copy out websites and logins but passwords are encrypted. So maybe a way to decrypt my own paswords?
  17. Thank you all for a nice warm welcoming for Newcomers, glad to meet you all.
  18. Hi Rineras, apologies currently we do not support the exporting of passwords to csv file.
  19. Hi, for years i was using maxthon and its passkeeper to save my passwods, but now im using different tool to keep my passwords cuz of passkeeper limitations. Is there a way to extract to csv file ? Copy/paste for every password will take me years to finish...
  20. * Optimized image save-as format support for png, jpg * Updated multi-language translation - Fixed the icon error issue in the note pop-up shortcut - Fixed the installation error issue when overwriting with the same version
  21. beta * Optimized image save-as format support for png, jpg * Updated multi-language translation - Fixed the icon error issue in the note pop-up shortcut - Fixed the installation error issue when overwriting with the same version
  22. Beta for Windows
  23. Hi user666777, could you help to record a short video on this issue so I could forward it to the development team for them to check on it further. Hi n3ujx, did you experience the speed problem only in this version?
  24. Ahoj, tak konečně už !!! K tomu co jsem udělal. verzi prohlížeče mám a nezměněnou. Trochu jsem se vrtal v registrech a tam mě napadl nápad jestli není poškozena některá knihovna Windows a ano byla a hned několik. Nechal jsem opravit a jelikož jsem to dělal včera večer tak jsem to nechal být. Dnes přijdu spustím a hle Vbox chodí s troškou nadsázky. Nedaří se mi aktivace přes telefon. Ne a ne přijít verifikační kod. Tak uvidím později. Děkuji za pomoc a kdybych potřeboval ozvu se o radu na to to vlákno.
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