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  3. Hi MichaelC362, will forward your feedback to the team for them to work on it.
  4. Абсолютно точно! Примеров много. Вот что для меня сейчас: Checker-Plus-for-Gmail не работает, вместо рейтинга Макстона зачем ни кому не нужное золото(которое 01.04.2024 аннулировано) и другие... В общем, браузер лучше не стал. Он просто пока живет за счет отличного старта. Но при таком унылом подходе ждать осталось не долго...
  5. Thanks DONG DONG, have forwarded your video to the development team for further check.
  6. Hi pedrofv8, thanks for providing the log file. I will forward to the development team for them to look into it.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I try to sync again and nothing has changed. The same fail notice keeps poping. The bookmark sync error is in the final part of the log below. 20240221.log
  9. All The Vids like this.. I can't download any video.. It's Just like this.. nothing else, YT, Twitter X, Instagram, Any website.. bandicam 2024-02-21 17-11-34-985.mp4
  10. Yes they're working but not hard enough upgrading to the latest core must be their first and most priority just trying to fix bugs and adding unimportant features made Maxthon just another browser when alas it used to lead the competition
  11. Hello! That sounds good, but you've said much the same for the last year, so that implies you've been repeatedly working on the 'then' current version, not releasing it & starting all over again when the next version was released! Since EVERY other browser (at least all the ones I've heard of) include the latest core not long after release, even the 'little ones', surely Maxthon can/should do the same? You always say the 'development team' are working on it, but even if the 'team' consisted of just one person, in the 15 months since v109 was released, they've had plenty of time to incorporated a newer core! In the past, Maxthon was first to market with pretty much all major browser innovations & that's why you built up such a dedicated following, but leaving the core so far behind (I assume just to keep the few Windows 7 & 8 users happy), is losing users, who have no choice but to change to another browser, as Maxthon is too old to be safe or compatible now! Luckily, I'm not yet one of them as the websites I goto are, at least currently, still working, but for how much longer!?
  12. I automatically updated from 6400 to 6600. And from 6600 to 6601 after clicking reboot. No problem. Win 7 pro 64 bit
  13. Hmmm, in the About section it says to restart, to finish updating. I click the Restart button, but after it starts aain, the same 6600 version is shown, and the Restart is still there. Tried it 3 times and no update. WIll try to download the installer. I use Win10 pro 64bit and MX7 installed version. edit: With downloaded installer it updates, so I guess it's some problem with auto-updater.
  14. Hi MichaelC362, the developers fixed a bug and push the updated version subsequently. Yes the development team is working on updating the core and do be assured that when the core is updated, it will be updated with the latest stable core version at that point of time.
  15. We still hope what a beautiful dream
  16. Hi DONG DONG, is this based on the latest version? Could you kindly record a short video on this issue so I could get the developers to check on it?
  17. Last week
  18. I tried this feature so many times here, But it did not work and no video was ever uploaded through it. It's not like MX5 Downloader..
  19. Hello! What's changed between & Obviously not Chromium 109 to something newer! I hope, when one fine day you actually do update the core, it will be to the current version at time. Today, 20 February 2024, v122 is released as stable, so 'hopefully', that's the one you've been working on!?
  20. Hi LYM, maybe you would like with this latest version: Sometimes certain extension may hinder the function or feature of browser. So it is best to disable all extensions and try again.
  21. I use release version v7.1.8.6001,maybe try on next release version?? And it need to disable all extensions?
  22. Hi Raniw, thanks for the data. I will forward it to the development team for further check. At the same time, could you download the install version and see if the same issue occurs?
  23. Я использую портативный Maxthon Rec 0002.mp4
  24. Hi Raniw, I have tested a few times on my side but could not reproduce same error. Did you do a clean install for the latest version?
  25. Maxthon PC beta * Optimize saving web images to remember the last saved type. * Update multiple language translations. - Fix potential freezes when closing tabs. - Fix the issue where the BrightVPN extension cannot be deleted. - Fix the issue with the mxnote pop-ups not being draggable. - Fix the issue with the ‘Features’ page opening the extension store incorrectly. - Fix the issue of inaccurate display/hide on the 'Features' page.
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