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  2. Hi zork, this issue will be fixed in the next version. 😊
  3. Hello! Retro/IE mode is not auto-filling in website login details (e.g. ebay.co.uk)... works ok in Ultra/Chromium mode
  4. Hi brian67, thanks for the suggestion. Request has already been put up to the development team
  5. Yes, finally! „If I could put my own picture, it would be even better.“ That would be an amazing thing !!! Please note that this would certainly give Maxthon an advantage over the competition. Thanks for your work!
  6. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0618 (installed) In the download manager, the 'Clear all records' is still not always working (been that way last few versions)... Had several days worth of downloads listed (15-20 entries), some where the file still existed & some where not (as renamed) & clicking clear all records didn't, removed most, left some. Clicking again makes no difference, but exiting Mx6 & reloading, the list is now empty. Can't recreate this issue as don't know why working sometimes but not others... It's common my download list would have existing & no-longer existing file entries.
  7. Yes of course. Take a look at my video.
  8. Hello! The quick launch refresh isn't working (at least not for my website)... Doesn't matter how many times I click the refresh icon, it still shows a screenshot from last week, despite the website having changed many times since. Sometimes (maybe only first time after loading Mx6), it shows a newer (still not current) version, but if I click refresh again, then it reverts to an older version & repeated refreshes make no difference. Implies it's cached & refresh simply isn't getting current version. Hello! When I asked is there an option to add currently displayed webpage to 'quick launch', you said to right click tab & goto 'Add to the new tab page'... None of those options allow adding to the quick launch, only add as bookmark or create desktop shortcut!
  9. Hi MichaelC362, you could right-click on the tab to find this option. If you select "screenshot" as the QuickAccess icon, you will see the refresh button. Hi zork, have you selected auto sign-in?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0618 (installed) 1. I don't see any option to add current open webpage to quick launch, only as bookmark... am I missing it? 2. Quick launch, refresh shortcut... no sure where it's getting it from, but I changed my website last Saturday & multiple times today (experimenting with new layout) & quick launch shows an old version (days ago, before making changes) upon refresh. Tried Ctrl+F5 to refresh cache, but the same. Tried changing to colour & back again, same. Tried adding a new quick launch, but same
  12. No, I launch my profile from desktop shortcut. I don't have a guest account. At all.
  13. They are compressed in your user profile under c:\Users\???\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\\webui\newtab.7z\static\img\bg\ ??? = your user
  14. Request recorded. 😊 You could click "Undo." Did you use the import function? I tried to test this issue in the latest version but haven't been reproduced. Could you try to import again?
  15. Hi Sergey_K, we have already reported this bug to the development team and they are looking into it. It will be optimized in the next version.
  16. I tried it also and had no delay in loading the pages.
  17. I tried to register a new Maxthon 5 account, added some URLs to the new tab page, then logged in to Maxthon 6. All the folders of Maxthon 5 can be imported to Maxthon 6 successfully. The account data of Maxthon 5 cannot sync with Maxthon 6. The account data of Maxthon 5 can be imported to Maxthon 6 automatically at the first login.
  18. Hi Alpha07, I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced it, could you provide me a video of this issue?
  19. Please add the option to force image updates in the Quick Access toolbar.
  20. Hi sajphon, this issue will be fixed in the next version. 😊
  21. Hi Alpha07, could you let me know which Chromium browsers disabled that?
  22. Hi mistermister, you only can view the password data in Passkeeper.
  23. Hi MichaelC362, I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced, could you provide me a video of it?
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