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  2. Hi there, in Maxthon 6, you can add the notes to Maxnote, add the website links to the Bookmarks. Maxnote can be synced between the Maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6. Bookmarks cannot be synced between the Maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6. Bookmarks only can be synced between the Maxthon 6 browsers, such as Maxthon 6 for mobile and Maxthon 6 for PC.
  3. Space Bar does not work on address bar when you try to type multiple words, as the other two people pointed out.
  4. WTF? years since mx6 and you still can 't make status bar? What your coders are paid for? I need status bar with zoom +- buttons on it and global mute, also where is mute on individual tabs? I believe you also missing "add to favorites" when you click star Make those changes before April 1, or you lose your oldest user (~15 years using this unstable shit)
  5. Hi there, try to uncheck the "hardware acceleration" then try playing the video again. 😊 If you can play the video correctly after unchecking the "hardware acceleration" please let me know the type of the graphic cards of your device.
  6. Today
  7. Hi there, try to install the latest version 😊
  8. Sorry, currently, the beta version won't be updated automatically, except the dev team fixes some important bugs, such as the frequent crashes or the sync error.
  9. Hi there, the voice search issue is still being analyzed. The tab mute function has been reported to the product team as the request. Regarding the close/minimize/always show the icon in the system tray, could you try these functions in the latest version If you still experience the issue please send a video to me, I will forward the video to the dev team.😊 Regarding the hardware acceleration issue, could you let me know the type information of your graphic cards? I tried to test the shortcut crash issue on my end but haven't reproduced. Could you try this issue
  10. I think the URL opening thing was just an issue on my end
  11. Hi there, I tried to test the switch engine function, it can be switched. Attached a video for your reference. 661732952_switchengine.mp4 Could you provide me some specific URLs?
  12. - Fixed the issue that Vbox could not call the payment page
  13. Yesterday
  14. Is this version 0305 Version6.1.1.1300(64-bit)0305
  15. The Portable version is updating for me.
  16. Try these lists: https://easylist.to/easylist/easylist.txt - EasyList https://easylist.to/easylist/easyprivacy.txt - EasyPrivacy https://download3.operacdn.com/res/servicefiles/adblocker/adlist/lists-ru-202103030620.txt -RuAdList
  17. You can't update Portable versions automatically. You couldn't in any version of Maxthon. Beta versions don't update automatically either.
  18. Came here just to say this, please fix this, this is such a horrendous thing making us not being able to search at all in the address bar EDIT: It also keeps automatically trying to fill in the address bar when we type words which is also ruining it
  19. Spacebar does not work when typing in address bar in Pressing space bar going over the history that is shown under the address bar instead. Tried both installed and portable versions.
  20. Just installed V6.1.1.1300, now I can't type the space character into the address bar or search box. Does anyone else have the same problem, or is it because of a setting of mine?
  21. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version, for the full release note and changelog: click here Android Version, release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
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