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  3. Thank you! I found it and I'm in. Here are the files: So should I replace the files on my new computer with the files from my old computer or should I maintain BOTH old and new files in the same folders?
  4. Hi, I have new suggestion. I miss to login window after open MX with "remember password" and "automatically sign in". Now when I open MX6 I'm automatically sign in to my account and when I close MX6 I don't be automatically sign out. Sometimes "remember password" and "automatically sign in" set as OFF is safer. Example 2 persons and 1 account on PC. This very good working in MX5 and the MX5 is last browser who I know and has login window.
  5. Could you provide a screenshot or short video of this issue? The passwords data haven't been imported fully? Maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6 are different browsers, so the data could not be pasted directly, it probably cause the crash issue. To find the folder "AppData," you can press the keyboard "Win+R," run "%appdata%."
  6. I did as you instructed but the exact website wasn't included in my Maxthon account (I used BOTH Maxthon 3 and Maxthon 5 back in 2015). But I did come across this page: On following 'ody's' advice, I transferred ALL my data to my new pc but "AppData" and "Roaming" appear to be hidden folders. Do these files need to land in those exact folders? After the transfer, there was no change on my Maxthon 3 browser. Thanks for your help.
  7. This problem is resolving by "Vivaldi now uses the internal Windows RT Location service.", "For legal reasons, the former Mozilla location service can no longer be used.", New tab Issue in a portable version if you are not using account many of the quick access blogs links are shady.
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  9. I already tried the top 20 most used apps. for tab management. but none have the same feature as the older Maxthon versions. The crome ones just show the entire tab bar as a list. not the additional ones after the tab-bar has been filled.
  10. Hi there, thank you for your reply. I tried to test this issue again, and I recommend you to try this issue in the latest version Attached a vide for your reference. test_again.mp4
  11. How about this tab extension:
  12. Ooooh wow.. i just used opera and it works perfectly.. i can log in normally and so does google chrome.. so yeah.. no worries.. ill just use those then for browsing it and maxthon for other things... but yeah thanks for checking... good day...
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  14. Just tested a bit with the newer version, and sadly i am still missing the Amazing Tab management the previous versions of maxthon had. I personally hate the google crome tab manager where you cannot easily see what page is what, if you rake up a large amount of tabs. i have looked at extensions but there are sadly none that change how the Tab management works. Thus i still would like to ask for this feature if it is possible to implement. {of course with a option to Disable it for the people who like the Crome tab management better} _____________ For the
  15. You can install the Maxthon 6, log in to your browser account then open Passkeeper.
  16. Hi, Since I have limitation in posting anywhere except here, I give some requests I want in Mx6. All of the functions were in Mx 5.2 which I like and get used to. They are: 1. the state bar with a lot of meters such as CPU using rate, upload and download speed, IP address, etc. Just like them in Mx 5.2. 2. the access to UUmail. I am still using this function. 3. add a selection in "Settings" to disable URL auto-completion. This exists in Mx5.2 and I am used to it. 4. add a selection to cancel the "pop up playing" tab 5. add a selection to cancel the p
  17. Hi there, I installed Maxthon 3 on a different computer. The computer that had Maxthon 3 originally is not working properly. The Maxthon 3 on that computer had Magic Fill. How do I get that same Magic Fill (with my username and passwords) on another computer?
  18. Hi there, thank you for your video. Duplicate displays or extend displays?
  19. Hello, is there a possibilty to arrange my start page with favourittes like in attached screen?
  20. MX 6 - please add "Close to system tray" and " Always show icon in system tray" feature. Additionally , why I can't enable screenshot, on my start page with favourites? MX5 ok, like attached screen. MX 6 - only coloured one. Screens attached Thanks, SEER
  21. Tried, still the same. Only MX6 on this PC. Very strange. I should try to reinstall the Windows but I'm lazy to do it.
  22. Sent to PM. I'm not sure if this is Maxthon bug at all as it works fine on other PCs but strangely other browsers (including MX5) work fine on this one.
  23. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
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