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  2. Dear developers! While you are working on improving the 6th version, is it possible to update the 5th? It is very comfortable and stable! It has a lot of very convenient and high-quality functions that many people still use, and for this they love this version very much. It would be great if you could do this. I am sure that many users would be very, very grateful to you for this!!! God bless you! 🙏
  3. This is a mega link https://mega.nz/file/soBUgRaI#0HUsJNfnUowDDqKvZ20GcvkQolVpRmcXAhE0sLG29e8 Hope it helps same here
  4. Is there any chance that the performance of the history will speed up? Because despite various improvements to the performance of the history, the speed has remained unchanged for many months. When scrolling down the list of pages viewed, you still have to wait for the thumbnails to load slowly. Searching for specific words/pages in the history is also slow. I think this is blamed on the use of a very heavy database written many years ago for the history module. If the history entries were based on text only the search would be lightning fast, but today it works on a 5950X just like on a Core 2 Duo in 2008 in other browsers I know it's the umpteenth time I've posted and asked to improve the story, but I use it often at work and outside of work. And the long wait for results really wastes time and is discouraging...
  5. Obviously, it doesn't happen to everyone but it does. Mine version is 0414
  6. Is this normal? Don't you guys want Maxthon to be downloaded by people? I have tried the download from other browsers and the result is the same. It would be better download it from a server as Mega or Mediafire. Also, the download is interrupted. Impossible try it.
  7. Well apparently I'm doing something wrong because I can change to any search engine in the list, close Maxthon, re-open Maxthon and it stays to what I have changed it to. I'm on on Windows 11 Insider build 25126
  8. the download bar doesn't show correctly
  9. It doesnt switch search engines with every option i try. ScreenRecorderProject1.mp4
  10. Hello! As it was annoying, I've been clearing the logs after each download session, so didn't experience any duplicates this week, but I'll leave them for a day or 2 & see how it goes with ( didn't offer the upgrade to & said was up-to-date, despite "Update the beta version" being ticked... say what you like, but if there's an option & it's selected but doesn't work, then that's a bug!)
  11. Yesterday
  12. Not bad here, anywhere from 95Mbps to 138Mbps on all 4 downloads.
  13. Very slow downloads and multiple disruptions/restarts of 64 bit exe and 64 bit portable.
  14. That's a very common Chrome bug. I had it using Chrome about 2 months ago for about a month then it disappeared on it's own. Google it for more info.
  15. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  16. + Added payment and address info to Passkeeper + Supported the downloader resuming from breaking point after restarting the browser + Optimized Maxnote sort dragging interaction - Fixed the sort logic error in Maxnote - Fixed the issue that the search engines auto-added repeatedly - Fixed the crash issue when dragging the bookmark
  17. I don't think it is the fault of any extension. I got the same error just now while looking at Google Maps. It happens rather rarely, but it never happened before I upgraded to (64-bit) 0414. Actually, I just noticed, this time the error message is different. It is not "Out of Memory" but "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION".
  18. Hi Dragoncho, we managed to reproduce this issue and has reported to the development team. They might not be able to rectify this issue in time for the current version (which will be released today or tomorrow) but should be able to rectify it for the next version. Appreciate your patience and understanding on this.
  19. Hi Perplexer, I installed this extension on my end but haven't reproduced this issue. Could you please help to check which extension caused that issue?
  20. Last week
  21. MX DL-Speed = 200kb/s... What a <F> is going on?
  22. I'm using portable verioin. I find if I unzip MX6 to a complete new folder and run it, Clicking guest to start using MX6. Following problems I reported before won't happen: 1. This down arrow key bug. 2. Long ago I report that when I open some page of a specific site to see video, e.g: https://gimy.app/eps/195824-1-1.html, iIf I drag the seek button to right or just click on a time point on progress bar to play, I can't do it(i.e. no response and the time wont' change). But if I use the MX6 that I've used for a long time where UserData folder has lots of files already), these problems will happen. If seems to that when I use MX6 for a long time, some bugs just popup up on some day. I experiment this for many times and find this difference. Can your developers analyze the possible cause?
  23. Hi again, the release notes for the official version (03/19/22) state: - Fixed the issue that some map sites could not work properly after disabling the "Ctrl+Left-click" function However, in the later beta the problem in Waze Map Editor (WME) still exists. It's possible to test it in Practice mode here: https://www.waze.com/editor/ Please let me know what is the situation. Thank you!
  24. Yes, I am using "Return YouTube Dislike" extension.
  25. Hi tejaswini kancharla, may I know which version of MX6 are you using? Could you send a video on this issue to us so we could look into it?
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