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  2. Hi, thanks for the reply .... maybe my previous post was not clear enough, I am referring to Maxthon for Android version Maxthon for Android doesn't have if I'm not mistaken that function, am I right? Is it possible to do something equally or not?
  3. Would there be a 64 bit version? Will chromium be updated more often than in Mx5? Would you give us a portable version?
  4. Thanks BugSir. I managed to 'trick' Google by logging in via YouTube, but will definitely give this a go if it happens again.
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  6. If it is not possible to delete the password list, is it at least possible to delete the account?
  7. Task Manager of Windows 10, just after freezing...
  8. I uninstalled all previous versions and I fresh installed .900. The same situation occured after lets say 1.30 hours. Maxthon paused, restarted itself and it messaged me to restore the pages I visited...other than this (which is critical) this version is ok
  9. why i can't change the back ground in mx6 ??? and i think it will be good thing if you are make mx6 mix between maxthon's system and chromium the side bar and maxthon's extensions too ... i think it will be good if you are add google store and make maxthon system stay and thanks
  10. I would love to test the New "alpha version" I do not use Telegram myself though. For better testing i will use a Virtual environment so Problems can be isolated, to the VM. and more easily reproduced.
  11. Already impossible. Today the site normally opened through a proxy. What is the reason - I do not know: maybe another route inside the proxy (tor), maybe something has changed on the site itself, or maybe the stars have aligned. Can this situation depend on the engine? Previously, I experimented with switching: the result of working through a proxy was different for each engine. Checked now: loading through the IE engine - does not work, it crashes due to blocking by the provider.
  12. Hi there, open Youtube and Facebook page, then open the browser menu (Alt+F), check the Switch Core button. If the button icon is "e," please click it to switch it to "flash."
  13. Hi there, did you uninstall the version 800 then install 900? We recommend you to uninstall the previous version then install the new one. This product team will consider this function seriously. 😊
  14. It seems that this has helped. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚
  15. Great , thanks for update Are you going to keep Source Sniffer?
  16. Version .900 has a quite problematic behavior. Crashing every 30 minutes with just a black screen. Totally unresponsive when that happens. Windows 10 System
  17. After nearly a week, the MX6 alpha 2 test was successfully completed. We have received many praises and constructive suggestions for browser performance and basic functions from hundreds of Maxthon supporters worldwide. On behalf of Maxthon USA Inc., we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your active participation and enthusiastic feedback. Through user discussions in the test group, we can see that many users expressed their support and expectations for MX6 alpha 2. Better performance, faster response Compared with the MX5 browser, MX6 alpha 2 is much faster. Especially opening multiple tabs, its loading capacity and less RAM usage are more prominent. Let's look at feedback from test groups. MX6 is fast. A: "The speed of web page loading of MX6 is twice as fast as MX5." B: " More than twice" The website loading speed of MX6 is fast. Smooth data import, good browser inheritance MX6 is a different product line from MX5. The data of Maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6 cannot be synced, but MX6 can synchronize your data through the cloud. In MX6, you can synchronize your data from the local database to the cloud. If your Maxthon account has used and retained data in previous versions of Maxthon, these data will be automatically synced to your MX6 when syncing the data for the first time. After that, if you want to use both browsers, the data will not be synced but will be synchronized separately under their product lines. Of course, if you want to import MX5 data into MX6 in stages, you can also use the Import/Export user data function. MX6 team may provide a more convenient function to meet users' needs in different scenarios. Separate Bookmarks and Maxnote Maxnote in the MX5 browser has always been a controversial product. Some users think the Maxnote is easy to use; while some users who are used to the traditional favorites feel a bit uncomfortable. To balance the two kinds of user experience, MX6 coexists with Bookmarks and Maxnote. If you like Maxnote, please continue to enjoy it. If you like traditional favorites, please use the "Bookmark" function. When you use MX6 for the first time, it will automatically import the URLs marked as favorites in Maxnote into Bookmarks. User's affirmation and expectation for MX6 MX6 chooses the Chromium open-source kernel as the foundation. Chromium kernel is famous for a series of features such as security, fluency and stability. MX6 inherits these features and fully supports the Chrome addons library. Although MX6 Alpha 2 has some issues or some small bugs, it is still praised and expected by users. The new version is cool! I don’t want to use Edge and Chrome after using MX 6. I use the Maxthon browser from the MyIE2 version, I can't give up. I hope MX6 will be perfected as soon as possible, I am looking forward to it. Your support is our driving force. Thank you for your support and love. We will continue to work hard!
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  19. Browser update messages on Youtube and Facebook. Your browser will no longer be supported soon, update it. In the latter period both on Youtube and Facebook I receive these invitation messages (see attached images) to update the browser because it will no longer be supported soon. I also noticed on Youtube that clicking on update your browser, a window opens with the other browsers apparently all supported as they are updated. Among these is not Maxthon at all. My version of Maxthon that I have currently installed on the android smartphone is and if I try to update it I receive the message that says: your version is updated. Can anyone tell me what happens? What is currently missing in Maxthon compared to other browsers that leads to receive these messages on Youtube and Facebook ? Thank you.
  20. Can you tell me if the PIN IT BUTTON is working or not? Because it does not work for me
  21. Hello, howto delete "Autosaved Password backup list" in cloud? There are older backups than 30 days.
  22. Hi @TR_TR_Turkish, this issue has been fixed please try to sync again.
  23. Try to press the keyboard "Win+R," run "%appdata%," find the folder "Maxthon5," rename the folder then restart the browser, please.
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