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  3. Why write like that, with such emphasis? It's impossible to read.
  4. В Maxthon (64 бит) всё нормально работает, даже при авторизации. В данный момент на Maxthon слушаю музыку. [In Maxthon (64 bit) everything works fine too, even when authorizing. I am currently listening to music on Maxthon] P.S. Maxthon PC beta тоже нормально на Яндекс.Музыка работает. Можете попробовать поставить какое-то дополнение с подменой User-Agent. У Maxthon он всё ещё c версией Хрома "Chrome/", а последняя версия Хромиум уже 119. Хотя, у меня и без подмены юзер-агента нормально работает, нет сообщения об устаревшем браузере. Возможно у меня какое-то дополнение блокирует проверку версий браузера на сайтах. [P.S. Maxthon PC beta also works fine on Yandex.Music. You can try putting some add-on with User-Agent spoofing. Maxthon still has it with Chrome version "Chrome/", and the latest version of Chrome is already 119. Although, I have it working fine without the user-agent swap, no message about an outdated browser. Maybe I have some add-on blocking browser version checking on sites.]
  5. Hello! The "works" PC is on Windows 10 & the "home" PC is Windows 11... Never seen that prompt on Windows 10, but, last night, when I upgraded Maxthon, I did see it, for the first time, on Windows 11. Can the installer not simply check if a shortcut already exists on the taskbar & only prompt if not present!?
  6. Hello, just wondering what MX's approach to the incoming update of Manifest v2 to v3 will be? Will there be a workaround to Adblocker limitations?
  7. Hi t_rAt, this is a known issue and the developers are working on it.
  8. Windows 10 x64 maxthon_portable_7.1.7.5400_beta_x64 I did a clean install. Logged in as a guest. -- Yandex services, such as Yandex.Music or Yandex.Translator, stopped working normally. If you log in to your Yandex account, a message appears: "Your browser is outdated Therefore, the music does not open in it. [Update or install Yandex Browser] Install Yandex Browser To listen to music whenever and wherever you want, download the Yandex Music app" If you clear cookies, you can open these sites normally again. But if you log in to your Yandex account again, they are inaccessible again. I assume that Yandex detects the browser when you log in to your Yandex account and blocks normal work. I checked several versions of Maxthon: maxthon_portable_7.1.6.1000_x64 maxthon_portable_7.1.6.2000_beta_x64 maxthon_portable_7.1.7.2200_beta_x64 maxthon_portable_7.1.7.5400_beta_x64 Same results. Everything works fine in Opera and Firefox 🤷‍♂️
  9. Hi Alpha07, have forwarded your feedback to the development team and they will optimized it in future versions.
  10. Hi Magdalene, you will only be able to recover those data which has been synced; extensions and bookmarks will be sync back once you log in.
  11. Hi MichaelC362, can I check if you are on Windows 10 or 11? Hi caligula73, the development team is still fixing the bug on this downloading issue. Appreciate your patience to allow more time for them to fix this issue. Hi 15890991, are you able to send us a screenshot of the error you faced and also the MaxNote trail of icons?
  12. Version (64-bit) 1122 08:27 With every release, the page loading is getting worse. The issue becomes more worse as more tabs are opened and kept running for longer period of time - I understand this. However, it is much worse compared to others browsers.
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  14. Whilst trying to download using MX video downloader I mistakenly deleted Person 1 profile (you're given a choice between Person 1 and Guest). This contained all my data, extensions, bookmarks, sessions, history etc. How do I get it back?
  15. You need to redownload it try alternative locations
  16. "Hi Magdalene, was there an error message or the installation window show in a flash and disappear?" The installation went to 59% then flashed and disappeared. I've tried several times with my Antivirus (Panda) enabled and disabled but it's the same. Using Windows 10. Still can't use quote function in forum.
  17. This "error" message appears in Windows 11 x64, but it does not seem to appear in Windows 10 x64. It also seems that MaxNote has had a change of names a few times. That sometimes leaves a trail of icons on the the desktop that you have to erase.
  18. Hello! No, that's never been displayed. This new shortcut has only been created for the last few versions & is automatically removed upon first run
  19. Hi alexzhus, you may click on the main menu on the top right hand side and click 'Maxthon Member' to access.
  20. Hi IceHouse, have reported this to the development team and they will look into it.
  21. in it started downloading video, but in fact it’s not downloading but capturing video in real time - that’s not interesting to me!
  22. Hi! Can. I would like to know how this can be done through a browser, which is quite logical, rather than looking for a link through all the messages on the forum.
  23. Hi alexzhus, are you not able to click on the link and access it?
  24. Hi MichaelC362, do you see the following prompt upon installing? Hi Magdalene, was there an error message or the installation window show in a flash and disappear?
  25. Hello developers. I hope you are well. Every time I log out, my passport crashes. I've had this problem for the previous three beta versions. - I disconnected my antivirus, it didn't work. - Reinstalling the browser didn't work. - I have a solid disk in my operating system. - The error report is not seen in the CrashPad folder. Some help please! Maxthon reparar.mp4
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  27. Good afternoon, Yandex: The translator writes the same problem Unfortunately, “your browser is outdated and cannot display this page”, previously it was possible to specify the browser version in the settings, but now it is not (
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