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  1. Yesterday
  2. Doesn't work on your advice! I need tabs from bookmarks to open like in history! As shown in the video, that is, staying on one tab, the rest, when opened in the sidebar of bookmarks, opened in the background! Запись экрана 3 от 29 июня.mp4 So that bookmarks from the sidebar open like in this video, staying on the first tab, the rest open in the background! 1025244653_229.mp4
  3. Hello! I see you've added secure DNS, but not put anything selectable (e.g. CloudFlare) & the text in the box doesn't fit & isn't shown when cursor held overtop Here's today's crash report reports.7z Although common for Chromium based browsers in Linux, I've not seen any Windows browser ask for the keyring password upon loading... This means, if anyone uses my computer & loads Maxthon, it'll automatically auto-fill any stored details if they goto such sites. In Linux, upon loading the browser, the user is prompted for the keyring password... enter it & auto-fill will work as per normal, but don't enter it & the browser works fine, but there's no stored auto-fill details... This has always been a serious omission in Windows & would be so very easy in implement in Maxthon, making them, potentially, the ONLY secure Windows browser!
  4. You can install directly from the chrome webstore.
  5. Welcome Andrey, hope you are well.
  6. Go to settings, then click on TAB and you can set your preferences there.
  7. Good afternoon, tell me please!? The browser version is the latest, I open bookmarks in the sidebar, when I click on the link, it constantly opens in a new active window! How to make it so that staying on the active tab, clicking on a link in the bookmarks does not go to this tab, but opens in the background?
  8. Hi MichaelC362, could you send us the crash report so we could forward it to the team to look into it?
  9. Hello! Today, started doing the same (lost tabs & loading i.maxask.com), but before it could finish, just exit out, no errors & upon reloading, no messages & again loaded i.maxask.com, but this time loaded ok
  10. Good afternoon, my name is Andrey, I'm from Ukraine! I have been using Maxthon since the third version! Happy to join the community!
  11. It will be optimized in the future version. 😊
  12. Hopefully there is someone with the knowledge and desire to do this. It seems it's on every other browser and operating system. They also seem to have pretty comprehensive details available along with the API for it.
  13. Last week
  14. Hi MichaelC362, bug reported. The engineers will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  15. As far as I understand, due to the constant change of the port by the browser, the firewall triggers a request to create a new rule. And blocking a large range is not good, as my programs may stop working. It would be nice if the browser didn't try to make incoming TCP connections on random ports on every launch. Or there was a browser setting that disables such connections, since I don’t need features on new tab page or automatic check for updates
  16. Hello! With "Continue where you left off" ticked & multiple open tabs, exit & reload & just goes to https://i.maxask.com/ Tried again & the same
  17. Hi mxuser, usually, this permission only pops up once time and does not ask again, could you please try to set it to allow all the time and do not ask again in this software Outpost Firewall Pro?
  18. Hello everyone New comer is here and just wanted to say hi! to it's beautiful and kind heart new friends.
  19. Yes, a new tab is launched normally. As you can see in the video, the update check stops working. If click the "Allow" option, then checking for updates works. I figured out, new tab just opens blank when "Block" option is enabled, when "Allow" option is enabled, then the new tab has wallpapers, links, etc. :) I very rarely use new tab, didn't pay attention before :)))
  20. Hi mxuser, if you click the "Block" option, the new tab page can load normally?
  21. Hi Massor, thank you for your information. This issue is still being analyzed, and the engineers will fix it as soon as possible.😊
  22. Hi! This has been a problem since the beginning of the MX6, just didn't take the time to ask the question.
  23. Hi mxuser, do you remember this issue happened on which version first,, 3100, or which earlier version?
  24. Hi Mhzayer, thank you for the suggestion. We will feedback to the team and let them do the necessary planning and to work on it.
  25. Hi Zura Chelidze, our Passkeeper do not have export function as all passwords are highly encrypted.
  26. Thanks for clarifying that BUT I think that building something over an old engine is sure to always get you in trouble The MX6 should be build using the latest engine and future engines in mind so that all your efforts of fixing old bugs might be lost because of the new core introduced I think the idea of having a beta testing channel is all about that You must keep your stable version intact and build the betas version using the latest chromium core so that we will only complain about minor problems and you will be ahead of all other browsers
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