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  2. STILL for the love of heaven WAITING for a MIDDLE TAB BAR setting, like Maxthon Classic/MyIE2 used to have, but was removed when Maxthon went "independent" browser. I want to come back to Maxthon, and this is the ONLY thing stopping me. If you've forgotten what it looks like, see 360Chrome for an example (not their new "X" version, but the current version).
  3. That's strange. I tried several times and the preview window is always where my cursor was. Sorry, I don't know what to suggest.
  4. Hello! When using the screen capture (Ctrl+F1), the preview window display is showing content nowhere near the cursor... (this screen shot doesn't show it, but the cursor was down below the preview)
  5. Hi, please excuse my late reply. For your information; I am using "installed" version of Maxthon. As advised, I am going to install V6.1.3.1300. Meanwhile I found a way to restore my Favorites. If I overwrite all local files of Maxthon on drive C, with those of a backup, my Favorites are available again. But I expect any easier way restore Favorites, than to use backup files. Thank you Bruno
  6. Hi Cllaymenn, I tried clicking on the link provided but was prompted "we could not locate the item". Could you kindly attach the video again? Thank you.
  7. Hi eleena, currently we do not support the Addresses and More feature. We will note down your request and inform the development team.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Many extensions are unable to export data. For e.g. 'Violentmonkey' v2.13.0>Settings>Data Export>Export to zip does nothing. Similarly with 'Tab Session Manager' v6.11.1>Settings>Sessions>Export Sessions>Export does nothing. Same extensions works fine in other browsers and used to work in MX6 a couple of months ago. Using Portable MX (64-bit) 0121 on Windows 10 x64.
  10. @BugSir006 Sorry I've tried several times to make a scrolling screenshot with different apps but none of them work correctly. Close MX6. Go to C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data rename your Local State file to Local State 1. Replace this file with the file I posted then open MX6. Open mx://flags to view my settings. When finished close MX6, delete the Local State file and rename your original Local State 1 file back to Local State.
  11. OK, I made a short video of this little problem. Version (64-bits) 0121, Win 10 21H2 19044.1466. Processor 5950X (16 Core), 64GB fast RAM, Samsung 970 EVO. I think that's enough .. I scrolled the screen with the scroll wheel on the mouse .. Loading the history stops every few screens as you can see .. and the icons appear slowly and only you can continue browsing the history quickly .. Loading the history on a given day also sometimes takes a lot of seconds .. Sorry for the music, I didn't know it was going to be recorded 1163788061_Untitled7.avi
  12. Thank you. After trying one hundred and seven times, MX updated to last Version6.1.3.1300 Youtube now works good. But 1) problem still persist
  13. 1) click STAR (bookmarks) -- > from drop down bookmark list choose any bookmarked file or folder (A) and drag it to another (any) folder (B). This folder (B) supposed to open (and show all content) , but last couple of months it doesnt (most time) . Yes, bookmarked (A) will be placed in folder (B) at the end of the list, but yuo dnt see content of folder B. Also, when you release pressed mouse left button , only moved file/folder (A) will be seen in folder B. You need to click again on STAR (bookmarks) and now you will see all content of folder B (with file/folder A at the end of list). Happens not 100%, but most time. 2) after updating to Version6.1.3.1200 , youtube doesnt work correctly. No autoplay, you need to click "play" every time (even in watchlist). Cant update to newer version ("update" function doesnt update with every MX update :)) . Only once in 2-3 updates
  14. Hello, how to activate AutoFill- "Adresses and More", in the settings is missing.
  15. Hi migel, could you send the log file and the issue video to me? I will forward them to the dev team for analysis.
  16. Hi, After various that have happened to me, I keep a backup from the "User Data" folder (which contains my profile), a while ago I restored my backup and everything is fine. The issue now is what has happened to my normal profile and I can not log in, what files may have got something? what to check? Thanks for your help.
  17. Hi migel, could you provide a video and the log file of this issue? To find the log file, you could open the folder "User Data" then find the folder "Log Files," try to reproduce this issue, record a video then send the latest log file to me. Thank you for your help!
  18. Hi Magdalene, could you please provide a screenshot of your flag settings?
  19. Hi Cllaymen, sorry, we tried to test this issue many times but haven't reproduced it, could you send your file "History" to me via the private message? To find the file "History," you could go to the folder User Data" > "your browser account folder."
  20. Hi Jus2021, currently you could only delete it one by one manually. I will record your request and let the development know about this and see if they could optimize it for future version
  21. Last week
  22. I think it's so easy to repeat on any computer that has Maxthon installed that there's no need for me to install special screen recording software etc... Just go to the history and scroll down the screen with hundreds of pages viewed in recent days, and there are such loading stops and after a while moves on ... Try it yourself, you certainly have a lot of items collected in the history and you will immediately notice that you can not scroll smoothly through the list. For example, it takes a while to quickly see in the evening the pages viewed in the morning ... and especially when using Google Translator, which creates a lot of entries in the history. but the improvement in history over the past few weeks is Huge
  23. I have found that it is the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension that is causing this problem.
  24. It is indeed an extension problem, I will try to find out which one now. Thank you for your help.
  25. A while ago Maxthon stopped for no reason for being logged in, and I do not have passwords etc. I try to log in to my profile but it does not log in. Is there any problem?
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