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  3. Hello! There's spelling inconsistencies in settings: One line has "&", while the next has "and" Here there's "/" Ideally, should all be the same ("&" is recommended)
  4. Last week
  5. I do not like this beta 1200! I have been using maxthon for awhile now and I do like what is running right now. My computer is slow and most everything is loading totally wrong! Jon.
  6. Hello! Getting duplicate entries in the download manager again (it had stopped doing it for a while), clear list & they're still there, restart Maxthon & they're gone, confirming still a caching issue. Plus, still getting a lot of wrong or no icon when downloading ".exe" files, but not for all downloads as some are correct!
  7. I was referring to the Maxthon Desktop version not the android version Sorry about that
  8. Issues...? 1. How do you show "All Bookmarks"... It's ONLY showing the bookmarks in the "Favorites Bar"? 2. Is there no way to install Extensions? 3. Why is the Quick Access Page not synced with the Desktops Quick Access page? I.e. we have to create all new links for the Android version. 4. What is BBEP...?
  9. No, I meant on QA shortcuts... If they're set to 'Site shot', this could periodically change... sure I've seen an option to have the shortcut refresh, but it may not have been on Maxthon
  10. Hi Wisely, it could be one of the extensions that is causing the issue. Kindly disable all extensions and try to see if the problem persist.
  11. He meant here Do you mean this?
  12. Yes, CTRL + F5 work fine.🖕
  13. Hello! Refreshed QA (Ctrl + F5) & website 'Suggested image' now displaying ok. I seem to recall there being an option to specify the refresh interval on QA shortcuts (or maybe I'm thinking of another browser, as I know I've seen it before!)... is this something that's going to be added (back)?
  14. Hi caligula73, I will forward this to the engineers for them to look into it. Hi MichaelC362, thanks for flagging this out. Will feedback to the development team on this copyright date. Hi xxxxx, bug reported.
  15. Kindly do a force refresh (right click on the refresh button and select Force Refresh) for the page to work. Hi Massor, we have already recorded this request to the development team. Hi alexzhus, thanks will feedback this to the team.
  16. Bug / Regression : (since v7.0.0.901 at least and still relevant in v7.0.0.1200) when using Tab Groups un Maximize ùode, tabs don't inherit the colored underline from the group, thus it's very difficult to know what tabs are grouped. normal behavior (maxthon not maximized) : there is a colored line under the tabs buggy : when the maxthon window is maximized, the colored line is not displayed (see gif below)
  17. i'll never be a MX master but i always be careful
  18. This is the year of the water rabbit; it represents balance, harmony and peace.
  19. The youtube and VK icons are not visible.
  20. Right-click anywhere on the page and spin the wheel
  21. Requesting 'normal' scrolling of bookmarks..... PLEASE.
  22. Hello! The copyright date used to just be the current (local clock) year, so if set incorrectly to 2030, Maxthon would show (c) 1999-2030. It doesn't do that now, but you might want to update 2022 to 2023!
  23. QA weather widget is now usable with that version: auto-selected location next to real location (not hundreds miles away) weather location could be selected But, why QA weather widget location selection is not done in QA parameters/settings panel ? That's odd 🤔
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  25. Team, As allways, thanks for your effort maintaining MX. Is a good thing to keep short weekly releases! But..... - are youworking on new features, or just bug fixing? - can you share some roadmap of features you are working on? - why not allow the community to vote on next features? Really all the work you have done on de QA page.... Also, having configurable features to setup square or roundend box search.....seems items not too important. Anyway, thanks again.
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