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  1. Yesterday
  2. Accuweather issue is still present though I could choose my city the temperature is not there and the icon is lost working here but the site automatically chooses japan as the main language
  3. No, does it work for you?
  4. I have tried others versions up to MX My problem is not solved. I returned to portable. I hope that one day developers will fix it. Jus
  5. French translation not updated in and 3001 !
  6. On, access to all categories (Men, Women, Kids, Sports, etc.) is impossible, with the error message : Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.93c1202.1721817077.1783d4e There are no error messages with Google Chrome or Firefox.
  7. Is there a way to export passwords from Mx7?
  8. Hi Guys, I am getting more and more messages like This version of Chrome is not supported. Please upgrade to a supported version. on different sites. That one is from Trello. When we can see the core update in Maxthon?
  9. Hi MichaelC362, noted will inform the product team about this. Hi lejolipoulpe, then it could be due to the settings of your PC. Perhaps could check on the firewall?
  10. Last week
  11. This is true for any filter. Sometimes it works correctly, at least in name. But often, when choosing any filter, I see the message: No item found. Why complicate the sorting choice at all and create a special panel for this? It is much more convenient to click on the heading of the desired column.
  12. I disabled all extensions and the startup freeze problem remains! but I confirm that I only have this problem on one computer, and that 2 others work normally with the same Maxthon configuration. if it helps...
  13. Hello! On the About screen you're still listing "Twitter" with the 'bird' logo... It hasn't been called that or use that logo for quite a while now, so maybe update that!?
  14. Hi Chemodan, do you mean sorting for Maxnote? And based on what kind of filter? Hi saman_rm, could you send me your crash report so I could ask the development team to check on it? Local\Maxthon\User Data\Crashpad\reports Hi lejolipoulpe, could you disable all extensions and try again?
  15. Hello, With this new version, as with the previous version, I notice a slow startup with a white window lasting 20 seconds, at each startup, but only on one of my computers. And also, when downloading some files, the Maxthon window freezes for around thirty seconds!! I can't find a link to reproduce this issue, it doesn't happen all the time. These problems are only visible on one of my computers. Do you have a corrective idea? Thanks
  16. The browser itself has ads and all extensions crash, this version is terrible. I will return to the previous version
  17. Well, what can I say?.. sorting still doesn’t work correctly. This is a failure...
  18. Greetings, thank you very much for worrying, I was using version, but it was automatically updated to the new version that I don't remember the number, and from there the errors mentioned appeared, yesterday I installed the beta version to see if It fixed the errors and it didn't, now errors appear in the history, but that doesn't bother me much, I'm using 64-bit Windows Note: Just updated to Version (64 bit) 0722 06:58 and the problems continue, when I have time I will uninstall everything and reinstall only the latest version to see if it is resolved
  19. Maxthon PC - Fix the issue of data corruption when importing notes multiple times from an older version. - Fix the password synchronization error. Maxthon PC + Comprehensive Maxnote upgrade: Implemented a new backend interface to improve data transfer efficiency and stability; upgraded the storage system to enhance data read and write speeds; restructured backend logic to reduce the time for note synchronization, especially for the first sync. Upgrading Maxnote to a new version requires importing data from the old version, which may take some time. If the import fails, you can re-import data from old Maxnote versions via 'Settings' -> 'Basic Settings' -> 'Data Information' -> 'Re-import Old Maxnote Data'. + Added cloud sync category switch, customizable in 'Settings' -> 'Basic Settings' -> 'Maxthon Cloud Account'. + Added global mute timer interaction in the status bar. * Updated multilingual translations. - Fixed an issue with the expired timestamp error when opening URLs. - Fixed an issue where subpages of URLs could not be opened. - Fixed abnormal issues with saved image filenames. - Fixed known crashes.
  20. Now that is the million $ question, everyone is asking about.
  21. Hello! If this is the case, then why bother fixing ANY current bugs as the developer will have to start again with the new core anyway!?
  22. After multiple attempts to get my old QuickAccess folder working on a new reinstallation of Maxthon without success I would like to know how I can extract the many links in the QaConfig.dat file. There are many links there that I need to have access to. Shame on Maxthon for not making this file easily readable by making it a text file. In it's current form if it stops working for some reason there is no way to manually extract those lnks to my knowledge.
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