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  2. Wow, 21 years! That's quite a milestone. You are right, a "find" button feature would be great and I'm sure the developers are already considering it. The beauty of forums like this is that we have a direct line to the developers to make sure they hear our voices and requests. Hopefully the next update will include that feature!
  3. Hi Reasdor @skidude2, it was previously conveyed to the development team that a couple of users faced login issues and I believed the developers have looked into it and tried to resolve it as soon as possible. Subsequently there haven't been any other similar reports from users which is why we believe this issue has been resolved. In case if you still face login issue, kindly make sure you have made a clean install and there could be instances where user data could be corrupted as well. At the same time, you could send me screenshot of the error code so I could forward it to the team for further checking. Thank you.
  4. Hi SnipER.UA, I doubt so as this is for internal sharing only. Request recorded.
  5. Hi MichaelC362, have you tried clearing the cache for the browser?
  6. Thanks for the info. Is there any way I (any user) can see open existing bugs? Also, please consider adding export/import search engines to/from file, as there is no way to restore search engines after resetting.
  7. Hi SnipER.UA, this is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version.
  8. Yesterday
  9. It worked, although I tried the portable version before this a week ago (didn't work then). Thanks for your advice, it helped me a lot.
  10. Hello! V7.0.2.2100 getting duplicate entries in download manager again
  11. For me the login problem has gone away a few weeks ago. I am using x86 portable version Perhaps you should try a fresh instal or use the portable version to see if you can now connect. Its frustrating that the support for this has been less than supportive.
  12. A month has passed, I understand so I will not be able to log into my account. Anyway thanks for the help and time allotted for me.
  13. Currently, I can add Maxthon to Authentificator only by Scanning QR code. It should also provide alphanumeric code to import in Authentificator, like on these images: The Google Authentificator in not the only one. I should have ability to use it from PC, e.g in WinAuth. Or when my phone camera is broken. I have never saw an app without this functionality and I have about 20 of apps & websites registered with it. Please add it, it is already there, just display it! Thank you.
  14. After upgrading => search engines functionality is completely broken. Before: when I enter keyword, default search changed to my site name and I just add query and press enter. Now: keywork remains just a text for google search, no site subtitution happens, althou it is show on the next line (IMDB keyword is 'im'). Strangely, this still works for some websites but not for the others (youtube keyword is 'y'). I did restore to defaults and tried reentering values with no result. I hope this is is just a bug, not some strange new functionality? Also, please add export/import to/from file, as there is no way to restore search engines after resetting.
  15. Last week
  16. Hi ShallRush, can I have your account ID so I could get the engineer to do a check for you?
  17. Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I did restore from last week and it deleted every single thing that was in the Passkeeper. When I restore from manual backup before this first restore, I got only 4 records (they are those I already used and updated with passwords) instead of 46 or 49 I had before. Is there any chance to get at least all records even without passwords back?
  18. Hi ShallRush, you could go under Settings < General < Account Information < Restore from local < Passwords
  19. Hi, I updated this week my MX to version (from v. 7.something) and it completely wipe all my saved passwords in Passkeeper. I have in there websites, accounts but passwords are empty. Can someone help me with that please? Thanks in advance, ShallRush
  20. @Mhzayer Yes. Found Solution. I'm using Local Image. Button appears when using Daily Image.
  21. I'm using V7.0.2.2100. I've just tried forced refresh and the button still doesn't show up on NTP. Taskbar icon is still showing up as a white page.
  22. In 2100 build, Zynga Poker have really bad performance and "Use hardware acceleration mode (if available) is always checked. Back to 1600 performance is OK as usually. Maybe it's just me. If so, sorry. Edit: Maxthon updated to 2100 build itself and performance is OK. I guess it was something else fault. Better I delete this post. 😋
  23. I'm using V7.0.2.2100. I've just tried forced refresh and the button still doesn't show up on NTP.
  24. Hi Magdalene, are you using the latest V7.0.2.2100 version? Could you try to do a force refresh and see if this issue persist?
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