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  3. HBO Max does not work in this version as well. 😪
  4. new version and previous ones too
  5. Hello! Downloaded quick enough, install as slow as ever for v6 (Maxthon 5 used to install in under 2 seconds!) & you might want to rethink the tag line about giving you wings as I'm sure Red Bull will have something to say about that! However, still, it removes any default web browser from Windows (8.1 Professional 64bit) settings & prompts when first loads, but does NOT make the change so I have to manually go into Windows settings to set Maxthon as default. Bright VPN, for me, wouldn't connect, so I removed the extension & uninstalled the program, but, every time I load Maxthon, it's added itself back in & requests to be allowed, which I block, remove & once again remove the extension, which just comes back next time... sounding very like a virus rather than a security product! The Maxthon Classic theme is still stuffed with missing top right min/max/close icons missing. The other built-in themes are also iffy when clicking system/light/dark & theme as sometimes the icons are displayed & sometimes not. For now, I've installed a third party theme & that's working fine.
  6. Hi alexzhus, do you mean the download speed for the new version is slow or the download speed for other files is slow?
  7. Had the same problem and the test version seems to have fixed it on my MX6 portable on Win 10 x64.
  8. Hi Magdalene, if you use the installation version, you can find the Bright VPN in the system app list; it can be uninstalled from the system. If you use the portable version, you could drag the crx file to MX6, then add this extension to MX6, and it can be removed from the Extensions. bright_306_871_0.crx
  9. for me bookmark sorting isn't important at all. I don't use bookmarks.
  10. Finally sort bookmarks by date added and date created!!! You add and fix any Nonsense, not Important things! Very, Very sorry, but this is not a workable product!!! Developers seem to pay attention to all sorts of nonsense, not important things. There was a very amazing product that turned into god knows what!!! Why the f... are you doing all sorts of unnecessary extras if you can't do the basics?! You add unnecessary functions to anyone like Vbox, vpn, but no one adds important ones! The level of development of the project is at zero! I'm going to go use a F-fox that flies like a bird, rather than wait another 5 years to fix elementary functions that were in the 5th version
  11. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  12. +Optimized the Maxnote search function - Fixed the issue that Maxnote row spacing could not display correctly - Fixed crashes
  13. Yesterday
  14. Thanks Jeff. How do I do that in the Portable version? I can't find a control setting or an (un)installation option anywhere. Thanks in advance
  15. LOL... We know that much. - But you don't state HOW it works in Maxthon. - You don't state the clear and simple facts, BEYOND the corporate gobbledygook the website tells us about the service, like specifically what certain things mean, such as I mentioned, what "using our internet" means, etc. Basically, what the heck is this service? Guess I'm going to have to search for YouTube videos which clear things up, which is something you likely should have shared since you don't want to take the time explaining anything. Just saying, you add a major service, and just leave us hanging.
  16. Hi cherey, this issue has been fixed in our internal test version, would you like to have a try? 8.16test.exe
  17. Hi Adminspb, regarding the icon issue, did you install any theme or customize the settings in mx://flags?
  18. Hi cherey, could you please send the crash report to me? https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/25031-how-to-get-your-crash-data-of-maxthon-6/
  19. Hi sajphon, this issue was fixed in the previous version, and we tried to test it in the latest version but haven't reproduced it. Please try to disable all the extensions and then try this issue again.
  20. You can always turn it on/off on the fly. You can even uninstall it if you don't like it.
  21. Last week
  22. Version has caused me again the typical problem that Maxthon disappears and does so at any time, unexpectedly, although it does not stay anchored in the Task Manager, which was what happened to me with the versions 6.1.x.x. Therefore, I had to reinstall version
  23. Hi Xahi4475, if this issue happens again, please open this folder and help to check which file size is too large.
  24. Here you go.. I have removed all references to CTRl+F1. No other command uses CTRL+F1. I suspect maxthon registers the CTRL+F1 by default because it thinks it might be used. It does the same with CTRL+` even if its not set. Changing snap region and boss key to a different shortcut doesnt help either. Only thing that works is to actualyl close Maxthon then let the other software register the global hotkey for itself and only after that you can start maxthon again.
  25. Reuqest recorded. If the file name is long, you could use mouse to hover on it or open mx://downloads to view it. Request recorded. Could you please provide a short video of these issues? Are you using the Windows 10?
  26. It can be disabled. You could use the attached VPN file. bright_306_871_0.crx
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