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  2. Hi @observer @SirNasso, thanks for the help. I will report this to the development team for them to check on it.
  3. I have version installed and still the same result.
  4. V6.2.0.2000 works completely in the same way as V6.2.0.1000.
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  6. Hi observer, yes please download and install the latest version V6.2.0.2000
  7. Hi BugSir00, No I mean to choose which folder to be displayed on the top favorites bar, not the sidebar. Right now it shows the main favorites folder, which holds almost nothing. And I want to switch to one of the subfolders, that holds the most used favorites. In MX5 it was possible and quite easy to do.
  8. Do you mean V6.2.0.2000 or V6.1.3.2000? BTW, I missed that Release Note about
  9. Hi zork, we will ask the development team to look into it and try to fix it as soon as possible. Hi MichaelC362, thanks for the screenshot. We will forward to the development team and have them look into it.
  10. Hi observer, could you try downloading the latest version V6.1.3.2000 and see if the same issue occurs?
  11. Hi SirNasso, do you mean be able to rearrange the folders in the siderbar like in MX5?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Same here with me. Since last 2 version atleast it started doing that.
  14. To install portable version unzip the new version then copy your old user data folder to the new version.
  15. Maxthon doesn't display the weather. Don't know where to choose my city. Screenrecorder-2022-09-28-12-15-00-374.mp4
  16. Sory if this was asked before, but couldn't find it in the forums. Just installed the new MX6 PC Beta Release Everything looks good upon transitioning from MX5, for now. But was wondering is there a way to change the folder displayed in the favorites bar, like it was possible on the old Maxthon? Looked through options, but couldn't find anything.
  17. Hello! Here's a screen shot of what I see when Maxthon loads... just a black screen... however, it's black on black, as you can see where the cursor is over a quick launch for Amazon, the description is visible
  18. Hello! I'll record & send some videos, but there really is nothing to learn from them! What about the secure DNS URLs, errors & the missing descriptions? Officially, is Maxthon compatible with Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit? I do notice, when CPU is at 100% Maxthon (which is the biggest CPU usage at the time) sometimes just gives up & ignores whatever it was asked to do (e.g. clicked download link)... I have a 4GHz dual core CPU (AMD A6-6420K, it's obviously not new, but good enough for a works PC, although it has zero level 3 cache), 16GB DDR3 1866MHz dual-channel RAM & a modern SATA SSD boot drive... could Maxthon somehow not be hardware compatible with the CPU!? Could no level 3 cache cause the black screen (which was white is previous releases when it didn't work then too)? This seems unlikely as LOADS of older CPUs have zero level 3 cache. Although I've installed Maxthon many 1000's of times over the years on customer's computers, I didn't spend a huge amount of time just 'playing' with their computers - I just set it up & put some common quick launch shortcuts in (correcting the bad links you use). It is only really my PC that gets a LOT of Maxthon use, so I see the errors. We had almost zero issues with Maxthon 5... it just worked & many customers still use it, despite me telling them it was discontinued years ago & isn't compatible with a lot of newer websites... but, they're not complaining, so it must still be good enough for them! Lastly, we have customer data on the server, so can not allow remote access.
  19. I've downloaded and tried v6.2.0.1500 PORTABLE version. As I write before, If it has clean UserData folder, it's ok. But if I unzip into the current portable version I've used for a while (by overwriting Maxthon.exe, chrome_proxy.exe, and add a new folder, bug still happens. The problem comes from the Userdata folder in my current used version. Actually, I believe most of the bugs I reported before are all because of something stored in the old Userdata folder. By the way, I always use guest account.
  20. Hi MichaelC362, thanks for providing the details. Usually we will try to reproduce any error or bugs reported by users so we could work hand in hand with the development team to solve it. As mentioned, we are unable to reproduce the issue you face and we did not see similar reports by other users; thus the request for videos which will help the team to debug the issue as quickly as possible. We really wish to help, so will you be open to debug it remotely?
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  22. I think there is smth wrong with scaling. I use W11x64, Mx installed. Maxthon's window maximized: Maxthon's window restored: Display resolution 2560x1440, scale 125%. And the icon is blurred on both screenshots. It's not a big problem, sure.
  23. When not all users see it then it might be due to a specific os or version or user data I never had this bug too what os version are you using installed or portable? Seems OK here I had that problem in one of the last betas but not this one
  24. Hello! It's still removing Windows' default browser setting (so none set) & now (previous version too), no longer prompts to set itself as default when loading
  25. feature request; 1-using google account 2-web torrent support
  26. @MichaelC362 MX6 has been stated to function on Windows 7 and up. You shouldn't have to upgrade your OS. Just a genuine question - why are you still using Win 8.1?
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