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  2. Thank you for your reply, BugSir006. I deleted the old portable version and downloaded the latest one from the link you provided. I also tried to disable the hardware acceleration. But the issue is still the same. (What a system theme do you mean? Windows theme or Maxthon theme? In MX6 I use the classic theme.)
  3. Thanks for the new version. Also I wish icons of MX5 and MX6 are different.
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  5. Thanks BugSir006, but could you please tell developers to follow Chromium versions a bit more closely for security reasons and 0day fixes. Chromium 89 is dated March 12, 2021.
  6. Thank you very much BugSir006 🙂
  7. There's no limit on daily posts.
  8. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  9. + New Help Center + Optimized tab display + Optimized Maxnote loading speed - Fixed the issue that Maxnote's images could not display under some cases - Fixed the issue that the extensions could not work correctly under some cases - Fixed the issue that the retro mode could not be kept after restarting the browser - Fixed the issue that the page zoomed wrongly when using screen capture - Fixed the issue that the input method could not work correctly in some cases - Fixed the issue that the tab could not be closed when opening many tabs - Fixed the issue that the drop-down tab list could not display correctly - Fixed the issue that the tabs could not scroll correctly - Fixed crashes
  10. Hi jinoman, could you let me know the version number of your browser? This issue has been fixed please try to update. 😊 https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes6/
  11. This was for portable test version provided by you. as @darknessblade mentioned, approximately after noon GMT my history shows 3 days. P.S. I made a test. I copied my history file to test version in the morning (~5.40 AM GMT) and ran it. Test version showed 4 days. I ran it now (13 PM GMT). It showed 4 days. I copied my current history file from Mx and ran the test version again. It shows 3 days in the history as well as Mx.
  12. In the portable test version? Hi observer, are you still experiencing this issue in the portable test version?
  13. As you can see in the image below, Quicknote button is covering text. Its not an issue in MX5. EDIT: Can't reply for some reason so I will communicate by editing post. My MX version is Maxthone didn't notify me about any updates, even though I have "Auto check and notify for updates" option set. I will have a look now. Thanks EDIT2: Updated Maxthon and its fixed the button. Good stuff. Thanks EDIT3: I notice that its not possible to switch positions of extension icons now. It was working in prev version. EDIT4: Unpin and pin extensions seems to fix the problem.
  14. avast does not give tons of issues with the launcher. it might be that ESET is just hyper sensitive to certain things
  15. I do like MX6. I think its improvement in terms of design, functionality, compatibility and performance. I will be happy to share my observations with the community. EDIT: BTW what is the maximum number of posts you can make per day? EDIT2: Replying to @Magadalene by editing comment as I can't post. If there is no limit why I can't post then or reply and get this message: "You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day".
  16. Hi jinoman, welcome to Maxthon community! I hope you like the latest MX6 version and do provide any feedback/suggestion to us if there's any
  17. I am long time MX user and big fan. I tried many browsers, but always come back to MX and its great functionality. I just move to MX6 and join this forum so I can support my favorite browser.
  18. Hi Luisoff, welcome to the Maxthon community. Feel free to download this latest version and try it out
  19. Hi manpreetrockerji, welcome to the Maxthon community! We welcome you to try out the latest version of MX6 (V6.1.2.2901) and give us your feedback/suggestions
  20. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been using Maxthon since it was called MyIE. Thanks.
  21. Hi thereddevilrulez, thanks for your feedback. I will note it down and put up to the development team.
  22. Note:I use Win7 Chinese version I'll do my best to translate them to English, the name here might be a bit different from that in English version but the meaning should be same. 1.Open Control Panel>Click Windows Firewall>Click advanced setting on left panel> Click input rule> Find MX5 item> Click properties/contents on right panel and you'll see the interfaces. 2. I always try to update Maxthon 6 to newest one. Currently it is Mx6
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  24. I did notice that the History deletion does not only happen on the affected version after closing. [Which was my original thought] it can also happen during usage. as [GMT+1 times] around 6:00PM i still had 4 days in the history Around 8:00PM i also had 4 days in the history but around 10:00-11:00PM it became 3 days. Gonna look if i can find the exact timeframe/moment it happens. ---------------------- Will also check what AVAST does with the portable launcher. if it also goes haywire with the Debug version.
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