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  4. It's not even funny anymore. As there was a problem, and has remained. It is not clear what the developers are doing with this start page. Why doesn’t this happen in other browsers, but this one stubbornly cannot be made normal? Now, in order for the site tiles to appear, I need to click on the split screen button.
  5. noticed in some earlier 7 versions, and still persists. i rarely turn off/reboot my pc, maybe once a month, just to install windows updates or some other maintenance. during this time, several dozen "useful/interesting, will read later" tabs accumulate in the browser... 1. closing tabs: a tab opened recently tends to close fairly quickly. a tab that has been open for a long time can take a very long time to close: minutes, hours, or even days. 2. last session: if the browser freezes (or is busy closing the tab), and I forcibly closed it, then after restarting it, there are no tabs from the last session on the mx://last-visit/ page. f5 / page refresh doesn't help. i need to restart browser for them to appear.
  6. Hi. i mean shortcut in desktop.......
  7. Still deleting extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sponsorblock-for-youtube/mnjggcdmjocbbbhaepdhchncahnbgone/related at startup.
  8. This version also has the thunderbird links problem when updating I had to switch default browser to chrome then back to be able to open links with it
  9. There are still parts of the program without translation, being seen only in English permanently.
  10. The last 2 final versions are very fast for me! Thanks to the development team!💯
  11. - Fixed sometimes new tab page became blank problem- Fixed several crashes
  12. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ - Fixed sometimes new tab page became blank problem - Fixed several crashes
  13. Hello.. Is it possible to set the bookmark bar at the bottom of the screen??
  14. worked here with youtube, facebook and google maps Windows 10 Version 21H2 (Build 19044.2728) / maxthon (Official Build) (64-bit)
  15. tried your steps yes you're right this version isn't enabling paste to folders I tried version 5 portable worked fine not acceptable this function works with pasting to chat applications
  16. Last week
  17. Do you mean on Quick Access or in Bookmarks? I can make all those in QA using the provided icons/links already there.
  18. Hi, I can't make a shortcut from Facebook, Google maps, Youtube and some other sites. Maxthon hangs and closes without report Maxthon last version / windows 10 ent.
  19. Win7 x64... I'm trying the x86 portable version. The quick access page is now always empty. If earlier it was enough to press + for a new tab and it loaded, now it does not work at all. Cleared all data - no result. I completely deleted the folder with version 7 and started again. I waited for the profile to load, disabled unnecessary extensions, configured qa ... But after closing the browser and restarting, I again get an empty QA page. upd Same thing with the x64 portable version.
  20. @ Dragoncho That is indeed what UA spoofing does. Websites stop working when browser cores get to old i.e. Youtube So you have to spoof the UA to get them to work. The present Maxthon core (Chrome 103) is now obsolete in browser terms but still works. I still use MX5 with a spoofed UA but that is becoming slowly unusable. With chrome no longer supporting Win 7 and 8 (version 109 is the last supported version for these OS's) we need to upgrade the core. Jeff has stated he wants MX to continue supporting Win 7 and 8. This means any website built for Chrome 110 (i.e Win 10 and 11) onwards won't function correctly so you will have to use a spoofed UA. This is the problem Ben.L.Salomen is having with Skyshowtime.com (see other threads).
  21. Hi Massor, yes the developers have since removed this function as they have shifted their focus of pasting to chat applications instead. It is advisable to save the screenshots to your local folders.
  22. Again, about Snap Screen. It's the same with version, not being able to paste the screenshot as a file. I already tried on 4 different computers, with Maxthon from version 1602 to 2000. Just to explain my procedure: I use Ctrl+F1 to capture, then on the toolbar that shows i press "Copy" button, an then go to a folder (e.g. Downloads) and try to paste (Ctrl+V). Nothing happens anymore! All versions, from 4, 5, 6, and 7 (until 1602) worked very fine. So now I'm forced to use the "Save" button instead of "Copy", but like this I cannot quicly paste it to multiple destinations (e.g. on a file AND on a website AND in a word document). It seems that Copy command is not loading the screenshot into clipboard anymone (at least not as a file). On one of my test PC I tried both the portable and the installed versions.
  23. Thank you, but isn't this just a way to trick the server you are using a different version? In the case of Shopify it works with the current one, but issues a warning. Not seeing the warning won't update the engine and provide the functionality and security of the newer versions.
  24. Hi Rainman, glad to hear it solve your issue You may have to observe if it affects the videos cause not all users are recommended to enable the hardware acceleration mode. This have been feedback to the development team and they will how they could optimize this feature.
  25. Yes! It seems to work without it. I'll see if everything is fine. Does this mean I have a problem with the video drivers?
  26. Hi Rainman, could you try out the hardware acceleration setting as recommended by Mhzayer? If it doesn't work, kindly let me know your Tab Settings and did this issue occurs once you launch your browser? Was your setting on startup set to: "continue where you left off "? We need to know the steps for you to reproduce this issue before we could check with the developers and see how we could resolve this
  27. This looks like a hardware acceleration isuue Have you tried to disable it in settings if it's disabled try enabling it
  28. Thanks, working in guest account but not with my maxthon account. I haven't found the problematic extension yet.
  29. Hi, Work fine in me [maxthon portable last version / windows 10 Ent.]
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