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  2. Got in but not sure what should look for Marcus Got in now but not sure what need to look for Marcus
  3. Hey all... why is it not possible to get the search engine Google to be chosen as the first choice instead of Google-max which always comes back as the default engine in version 3300 ... thanks you from // Hampus
  4. Hello! From the download manager, I open the folder for each download & delete the old version (e.g. whatever-v1.1.exe & whatever-v1.2.exe, the older version is deleted or whatever.exe & whatever (1).exe, the older version is deleted & the new version renamed without the (1))... Once they've all been processed, I then tell the download manager to 'Clear all records' & it's this which often fails, leaving some, which, if I exit & reload, are not present, confirming a cache issue. So, some files no longer match the download list entry (e.g. whatever (1).exe), but others are still present (e.g. whatever-v1.2.exe). The duplicate entries are ALWAYS from the same day, but it isn't always from today, they can appear from a previous day if I haven't yet had time to process the downloads
  5. Hi TheWhippinpost, thank you for your reply. We have tried to test this issue. The browse core of Maxthon 5 is lower. Currently, Maxthon doesn't plan to update Maxthon 5.😥 So I recommend you to use Maxthon 6 browser to access this website.
  6. Hi, My browser lang is Greek, and i use Windows 10 last version [21H1]
  7. Yes, although you need to be logged-in: https://discord.com/channels/@me
  8. Hi migel, could you let me know your browser language? Are you using the Windows 7 system?
  9. Hi maccafan1, could you logon to uu.me and see if the notes saved are reflected in there?
  10. Hi migel, regarding the password issue, it has been fixed in our internal version, would you like to have a try? Please backup the local file then update 3100 to this version directly.😊 mini_installer_pwd_1025.zip
  11. Hi MichaelC362, thank you for your reply. Did you delete the download records from the download manager? Or you just deleted the downloaded files from local?
  12. Hi TheWhippinpost, could you provide the specific URL of this issue?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi all, i have some problems....
  15. Version6.1.2.3000(64-bit)1013 This is my version which has dropped the saved notes etc within surveys that I do, can this be sorted please
  16. Hello, @BugSir006. There's really nothing to show - it's a blank page.
  17. Hi TheWhippinpost, could you provide me a video of this issue?
  18. Hello! Version (64-bit) 1022 (installed) Still getting duplicates in download manager, which when cleared aren't, confirming once again, it's still a caching issue that's been present for many months now! It does seem, if I leave entries from the previous day in the list, it's more common they can't be deleted or are shown twice, but I can't say this is always the case. Clearly, there's zero point in keep asking me to send a video as: 1. I'm not going to create a new video everyday just in case it happens, 2. The video will show absolutely nothing out of the ordinary... it is simply as I say it is
  19. I think I can rule-out a User Agent issue: I've tried using the same one as MX6 (where Discord works), without success.
  20. Thank you, @BugSir009. But as my post above says, I got it working by rolling-back the User Agent, although my issue with Discord (in the link above) is still the same: a blank screen. Regarding your recommendation to upgrade to MX6, it's only been a few weeks since MX5 was forcibly updated.
  21. Hi TheWhippinpost, it may be due to the Chromium in MX5 does not support these chat functions. We would highly recommend you to use V6.1.2.3300
  22. Hi nogain, this function has been changed. In the previous version, you could press Ctrl/Shift then left-click to open the bookmark in the background. In the new version, the bookmark will be opened in the foreground page when you press Ctrl then left-click on it. You could press Shift then left-click on it to open the bookmark in the background page.
  23. Last week
  24. Huh, I rolled-back the UA to the pre-built Chrome one that comes with MX and chat is back. But Discord is still blank.
  25. Similar to my other thread (below), today Youtube live chat no longer works. Windows 10 Pro MX v5.3.8.2100 I've updated the UA using the latest one found in this forum.
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