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  2. Nope. I always remember that Snap Region is Ctrl+F1. I haven't even tried Ctrl+F2 outside the browser since it is, as the description says, Snap Whole Page.
  3. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
  4. BugSir006


    + Added the search function to the page of settings + Allow extensions in the incognito mode + Optimized the installation process + Optimized Vbox + Updated some new icons in UI - Fixed crashes - Fixed the issue that some labels covered by the messy code - Fixed the issue that the search engine could not be added - Fixed the issue that the account could not be logged in after logging in to it under the guest window - Fixed the issue that URL could not be opened in the background by using the middle mouse button - Fixed the issue that the Boss key could not be customized - Fixed the issue that Vbox could not display properly - Fixed the issue that some long labels could not display properly - Fixed the issue that “push to talk” could not open tabs more than three - Fixed the issue that passwords data could not be imported properly
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  6. Bonsoir, J'ai bien vu le "Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur la barre d’onglets" mais cela n'ouvre que le dernier onglet fermé. Alors que sous mx5 cela montre une liste de d'onglet fermé, ce qui est plus intéressant pour retrouver un site vu plus tôt dans la session.
  7. I've had a few sudden, random crashes in the last couple of days; and a couple of occasions when I've closed the browser completely normally, but on launching it again it's reported that it didn't shut down properly and I've had to press the restore button. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it at all. Sometimes I have quite a number of tabs open, sometimes just a few; sometimes I've been in the middle of using Maxthon, sometimes I've been in another program. Anyone else experiencing these odd crashes?
  8. Issue fixed! As usual, using the old programmers trick..... Just rebooted the computer, and next setup works fine.
  9. Thanx for french support @No.1MaxthonFan.
  10. Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur la barre d’onglets
  11. @BennReiley Try this downloader for YT
  12. Why not just right click on the tab bar?
  13. Hi Dan, these requests have been submitted to the product team and will be added to the future version. 😊
  14. Bonjour, aura-t-on le retour du bouton pour ré-ouvrir des pages fermé plus tôt.
  15. "NEVER MIND" HAHAHHAHAHA i googled online to see why my "dictionary feedback box" and it showed that it was an extension and i clicked them all off and clicked them on one by one and i found out it was my "Video Downloader Professional" extension... oooh man the things i install to have my old MX4 grabber back... chrome extension store also prohibits me from downloading from youtube which is irritating.. they wanna stop me from grabbing what i feel like grabbing but it was my own fault which is weird cause i have been using "Video Downloader Professional" extension for a while now and this never happened... But sorry for the inconvenience and this problem is now solved... i hope you can forgive me for submitting things so fast... next time i will try and work out my own problems first before i come here and ask random questions i mean you guys are not "not" busy.. you guys actually have A LOT of work to do so random people coming asking random stuff all the time will be irritating and annoying and overwhelming so i will be more careful next time "THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE" i really appreciate it... have a better day I will be patiently waiting for the MX6 build in downloader or grabber as other people have named/called it... good bye...
  16. Hello and good day.. i would like to report a bug with google definition of words (dictionary) which i use daily "the feedback bar" disappears can this be fixed please or is it just me? cause if i use another browser it stays but with MX6 it comes and disappears and this happened yesterday for the first time and before that? it just worked.. so something happened... (i hope i am not being a burden reporting this bug that just developed out of the blue.. i have been using this browser now for weeks with no problems.. "nothing" what so ever)
  17. Last week
  18. There is no much to show... - double click on the mx6.0.0.2200_beta.exe - 2 seconds of modified mouse pointer icon (from arrow to 'waiting arrow') - done No error message, nothing happens. The reported registry key was while I was looking to delete some traces from previus failed install
  19. I tried your method BugSir006 but all the favorites and extensions, bookmarks for the guest account are gone. I think I have to go back to Mx5 because there all the accounts were very well separated.
  20. I put in this request before -- it seems simple to add auto-refresh for tabs. Also, on sites with audio, the audio icon on tabs does not appear to work -- you can mute a site but can't just click the audio icon on or off. Thanks -- still pleased with the speed/responsiveness of latest beta...
  21. Hi, we need Mx for Chromebooks I first opened the Play Store to install Maxthon - no way 😕 did you plan to bring MX to chromebooks soon?
  22. Please add "Set Bookmarks Bar display folder" option to MX6 to act as "Set Favorites Bar display folder" in MX5.
  23. Thank you for your feedback. It has been reported to the dev team. 😊 We will add them to the future version, so stay tuned! 🤗
  24. Hi there, we have forwarded your suggestions to the product team, Maxthon 6 browser is still being optimized, so stay tuned!
  25. Can small page buttons be reinsered in the new tab page, and i would like the "add to favorites" gesture to be readded and the last session tab to be more persistent (when i close MX with only last session tab it won't be reopened at restart) and the possibility to remove some of the pages like it is on MX5. Also i wolud like to set the favorites bar defalut folder, and an option to disable pages notifications requests would be nice and the possibility to mute audio in the tabs clicking on the little volume icon (like MX5). Sorry for the big list, love your efforts to make Maxthon always better.
  26. Hi there, could you send a short video of this issue to me?
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