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  4. I'm trying this browser being I'm still using XP & it works good for most web browsing where I've been having trouble with other browsers, but when I try & view video or audio, nothing plays. So are there some codecs I need to get to add to this browser?
  5. Bugs in site update & detect: The table header is not pinned and scrolls along with the results. The columns are fixed width and cannot be resized. In Russian, the name "icon" is not displayed in full.
  6. Well, I think that this feature inside Maxthon is useless and should be removed. If I have "check for beta versions" checked and Maxthon says I'm up to date, then I should be up to date. I was very excited that no longer I will need to check the daily release page and that Maxthon will download automatically the latest official/beta versions. Boy was I wrong. Knowing that message "Maxthon browser is up to date" might not be true is very disappointing and misleading.
  7. Hi TheWhippinpost, thank you for your video. Could you please help to test this issue in v6.2.0.2400? https://github.com/aoyiteam/maxthon/releases/download/v6.2.0.2600/maxthon_portable_6.2.0.2600_beta_x64.zip
  8. Hi Poizon, we have already feedback to the development team. This issue should be fixed in the next release version.
  9. Hi projektilski, it is still advisable to check under 'release notes' for any latest version. Usually a new version will be released at the end of the week.
  10. Last week
  11. I wrote about this back in MX6 PC Beta Release
  12. Today again the same problem with auto-update. Update beta versions checked and it says "Maxthon browser is up to date". But it isn't, right? The latest beta is .2600 which I have to download manually 😉
  13. Hi Poizon, could you please describe this issue in detail and provide a screenshot of it?
  14. Hi 1bit, could you please provide the specific URL of this issue? It would be appreciated if you can provide a short video of it.
  15. I think people don't realize how "few" people are actually part of this project now to work on it. So, it's a matter of "priority"... "Cosmetic" and little conveniences don't have as big a priority as bugs etc. so they are taking forever to get to. They DO get to them occasionally, but it's a crap shoot when that occurs. Like me, after 2 years they finally got to a couple of my biggest irritations, but there are several others less so they still need to get to. Remember, this was always a browser the CEO made for himself, and it's almost always been just him and a different number of dev's helping him depending on how many users (aka how much money being made). Right now, Maxthon sadly likely has the least amount of users EVER, so Development is going much slower. I always lament if Maxthon had went to Chromium initially instead of Webkit and whatever, it could have been Vivaldi, but Maxthon thus better.
  16. Guys, it's not serious at all! Did you even give a damn about the quick access page?
  17. In the video, I clicked on a Youtube tab at 15-seconds and 38-seconds - the flashing stopped; but notice the YT video screens are white. After posting my reply above, I went back to these tabs and the video screens were still white. When I clicked play the video screen turned black and remained black, although I could hear sound. This was the same with all tabs containing YT videos. I had to restart the browser to get video back.
  18. I caught this today. I 26-11-22--10-56-26.mp4 think it was a video on Twitter that was causing it, though I can't be 100% sure. Hope this helps. So the forum doesn't accept this format - how can I send it you? After restarting the browser I see the video plays fine, so I think it's video-related.
  19. In 2600, the same error: when automatically substituting the login and password on the site, an authorization error occurred. A wildcard username appears on the form's input button instead of "LOGIN".
  20. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  21. + Supported displaying the progress prompt for importing local data and HTML file + Supported displaying the bookmark folder's name when hovering on it + Adjusted the "Inspect" location to the bottom of the webpage right-click menu + Optimized Resource Sniffer default showing option - Fixed the issue that Resource Sniffer could not display the full URL prompt when hovering on it - Fixed the issue that some websites could not log in successfully in some cases
  22. The login to Paypal works with this test version. 👍
  23. This seems to have fixed it. Now I don't need to use the disgusting browser called Edge
  24. Hi darknessblade, have you enabled the Hardware acceleration?
  25. Hi SirNasso, this issue will be fixed in the new core version. The dev team will update the browser core as soon as possible. 😊
  26. I get the following log details after opening Oneshape [on a minisforum hx90]: Will check my other devices as well, Log Messages Log Messages [14344:19980:1123/221156.764:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels [14344:19980:1123/221156.807:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels [14344:19980:1123/221156.999:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels [14344:19980:1123/221157.792:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels (this message will no longer repeat) [14344:19980:1124/083850.479:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:174 (getProgram): Failed to load binary from cache. [14344:19980:1124/083850.480:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:174 (getProgram): Failed to load binary from cache. [14344:19980:1124/083850.481:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:174 (getProgram): Failed to load binary from cache. [14344:19980:1124/083850.481:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:178 (getProgram): Reaching warning limit for cache load failures, silencing subsequent warnings.
  27. As I said, that is what happened with the test version BugSir006 sent me. It was portable, and without any account.
  28. @pipinn @Doyen59 @1bit, could you download the attached test version and try logging into websites again? maxthon_1123.zip
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