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  2. I had the same thing but next underneath it was asking for relaunch now it reads .600
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  4. Thanks for the unexpectedly encouraging update. I have installed v600 and will see what happens to the History over the next few days. I am grateful for the quick turnaround of my request. Maxthon rocks!
  5. V6.1.3.600 have downloaded, will let you know Marcus
  6. Exe version .600 is showing up as version .505 in "Help/About Maxthon" Portable version refuses to open and gives this message
  7. Hi skidude1758732, the development team has optimized the history function in the latest version Could you download and install this latest version and look through the history list?
  8. @BugSir006, after switching to the latest desktop versions (505/600) I don't see any favourites in MX for Android (but they are fine in desktop builds). Please advice. Thanks. Upd. Favourites are back after 2 day absense. Weird.
  9. Hello! Version (64-bit) 1130 - installed Just to let you know, the minimize + reload via taskbar shortcut, where the previously opened tabs are lost (in another session?) is still present in this version too
  10. This known bug is still being analyzed. Hello! Update: It's actually a slightly more interesting bug... although it appears all previous tabs are lost when opening via the taskbar shortcut (which doesn't open maximized), when opening via the system tray shortcut, one can see multiple instances of Maxthon running (as shown by 'echoes' of the Maxthon icon on taskbar), one per previous minimize, each with the tabs open at that time!
  11. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  12. + Added new version prompt to the main menu + Supported night mode in the main menu + Double-click on the scrollbar to go to the page top or the page bottom quickly + Added the right-click menu option to Maxnote to move the note/folder to QuickNote - Fixed the issue that History records loss - Fixed the issue that the toolbar of the pop-up video window could not show correctly - Fixed the issue that the window could not be moved to the specified window - Fixed the page crash issue - Fixed the crash issue when playing video - Fixed Vbox crash when syncing ID
  13. Hi, How can to export Maxthon extensions for a backup? Thanks.
  14. Just done that - no change whatsoever. Still cannot sync bookmarks. On a different note - did you know that one can only reply to this forum on the PC version. There is no way to reply on the Andoid version!
  15. Hi nigelburge, if possible could you uninstall the version, reinstall and try logging in again?
  16. Sorry, still cannot sync even with wifi turned off and "only sync on wifi" turned off. No change at all. Thanks for your efforts! Regards, Nigel
  17. Hi nigelburge, are you using wifi? Could you try to use mobile data and see if you could sync?
  18. Could you try the bbc website issue in the attached test version? test-12.3.exe This known bug is still being analyzed.
  19. No change I'm afraid! It doesn't work. I stopped Maxthon, cleared the cache, restarted and tried to sync - it still does nothing.
  20. Hi nigelburge, could you relaunch the browser and try to do a manual sync and refresh to see if it works?
  21. Installed this one. No change. Cannot sync Bookmarks. Any further ideas?
  22. Hi nigelburge, please try to install this attached then check the bookmarks again. mx6_6.0.2.3400.apk
  23. Hello! Looks like was about that time (20211202-0738)... here's the reports Also, as reported before, when minimize to system tray & then later click the taskbar shortcut (i.e. NOT the icon in system tray) to relaunch, Maxthon is not full screen... but, today noticed also lost open tab (this one where I was typing this message!) too. reports.7z Just confirmed, loses ALL open tabs when minimize to system tray & then reload from taskbar shortcut
  24. Just installed Android v. Bookmarks wlll not sync. Everything else syncs fine - just nothing in bookmarks. This seems to be an on going problem with v 6.0.2.xxxx Can you please fix this?
  25. Hi skidude1758732, recently there were more issues with the kernel version so the development team are placing more focus on the browser crashing and data syncing issues. Do be assured that the team are looking into this history logs as well. However, they will require more time since there are more pressing fixes on hand.
  26. Hi maccafan1, could you try downloading the latest version V6.1.3.505 and try it out?
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