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  3. Hello. When I try to synch Passkeeper it is successful but no autosaved passwords get restored. I've had a problem, where opening two incognito windows caused the ones after the first to not correctly display pages (missing items, font not fitting, etc.) and installing the new versions on top hadn't helped to fix this problem for a few months now (It turned out to have been a "Dark Reader" extension issue). I therefore finally decided to uninstall Maxthon and keep my settings and afterwards install beta again. I did so and noticed that my settings basically seem to have been wiped anyway, but more importantly synching with Passkeeper did not work. Maxnote and synching add-ons seems to work fine. I also tried using the portable version and the release version but neither have worked. I therefore assume the passwords might even be deleted on the cloud, which would be quite problematic for me. I have pressed the button to synch in Passkeeper and while it takes quite a while it does return with successful but nothing is there. I have Maxthon on my phone as well and the passwords there seem to be fine. I used it to check wether I could synch Maxnote and that seemed fine between each other. Do I just need to wait maybe or can I do anything? I don't see an option to save and restore my passwords locally, otherwise I could have transfered them from my phone, I hoped. Btw, when I try to synch via clicking the small down arrow on my profile it succeeds but still shows an error from MaxNote. In my test however, Maxnote works and in pressing the sync button in Maxnote also has it says that it synced. Also possibly related, I have another computer that one day suddendly logged out and had everything wiped after logging in again. I managed to fix that by moving folders between profiles and things seemed to be fine but now I can't synch my Maxnote there. I think passwords were fine there but I'd have to check that later. EDIT: I seem to not get the synchinc error in the picture anymore and instead can't log in to Passkeeper on my PC anymore. I can log into my account and I can also open Passkeeper on my Android phone but I can't open it on my PC. This is very strange. EDIT 2: I won't have access to this computer till Monday. If log files are necessary, I'll upload them then. EDIT3: Checked passkeeper on the other computer and while I can log into it, it shows me that a network error has occured and pressing ok does not remove the error message. I can see however the saved passwords behind it.
  4. Hi einherz, you might have to wait for the chromium update.
  5. any chance to see new chrome features, like upscaling video and rtx hdr? last one can be optional, because not all videos need to be hdring:) thank you
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  7. Well nothing, I guess. But that is not the problem. I want to point that an option has gone missing all of a sudden, and that a setting in my browser was changed not by me. So they can look into it, and eventualy fix this.
  8. What prevents you from selecting all the bookmarks at once with Ctrl+A and dragging them all at once?
  9. Pretty much yes. Or to put it in another way, I want in the Favorites bar to be shown not the Bookmarks folder (like it is today), but it's content. Before the last 2-3 version it was like that. It started with the four sub-folders of Bookmarks (from left to right) - Links, WebGames, Torrents, 6630 software, and then all the other separate bookmarks. I'm sorry I don't have a screenshot like it was before. But I hope you understand what I mean.
  10. Hi SirNasso, so you actually want each and every bookmark in this bookmarks folder to be shown on the bookmarks bar?
  11. Yes, but most of my favorites are not in a folder. Just look at the attached image. And to drag each individual bookmark will too much of struggle. All I want is to change the display folder to go one level down and show that list inside the Favorites bar. It was like that 2-3 MX verisons back, not sure why it changed by itself.
  12. Hi PonzioPilato, could you send a screenshot of this backup server checkbox so we could do a further check? And which version are you currently using?
  13. Hi SirNasso, you could try to drag and drop the folder in bookmark manager ( Ctrl + Shift + O )
  14. Hello, what 'Backup server' checkbox means in the login modal form? I'm pretty sure it was added recently. Thanks.
  15. Still the "problem" with showing Bookmarks in the Bookmarks bar is present. I can't change the shown folder.
  16. Maxthon PC beta * Optimized the size of input logs. - Fixed the 'need authenticate' error during login. - Fixed a clock error prompt when opening certain websites. - Fixed incorrect time display issues in sync.
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  18. I normally use Duck Duck Go but today it stopped functioning so I tried to switch to Google. After changing the search engine remained DDG even when browsing data was cleared and the browser closed down and reopened. Is anybody else having problems with DDG or other search engines? EDIT It's working again now. But MX is crashing a lot today.
  19. Hi VirusTest, you could add this extension to your browser:
  20. Are there any reliable alternatives to the TCS tracking website for real-time updates?
  21. Hi VirusTest, you could translate the page to chinese.
  22. If I would like to make a report and I speak / read English, what should I do to learn Chinese? it's not easier to put an English / Chinese / ETC button. ?
  23. Thank you. I uninstalled the Bright VPN from Windows and then I could add the extension to Maxthon, (and it did the re-installed of the VPN too). As an alternative, I found that I could get the extension direct from the Chrome store, without having to do the uninstall first.
  24. Hi Zura Chelidze, version is not an official beta release.
  25. Something strange, yesterday I update to version thera are
  26. Something strange, yesterday I update to version thera are
  27. Hi new user, do you already have BrightVPN installed when you download and install this new version? Could you try uninstalling BrightVPN and install it again and see if this issue persist?
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