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  1. Hi, So I've noticed that Maxthon is running chromium with the flag "--disable-client-side-phishing-detection" flag. Why is it not on? How does it protect from phishing anyway?
  2. When updating Maxthon, I realized the cookie and site settings (in the Cookies and site data section) were not saved. Please include these in the update
  3., regular/install. Also, moving stuff around caused some bug where a group of tabs was... frozen? and could be accessed. I don't know what's going on and I don't want to deal with it to be fair. It's just to messy right now. My suggestion is that you add this to MaxNote to allow it to be organized more easily / controllably.
  4. I usually don't change the list of tabs in the "New Tab", I try to keep it minimal. Today I added a new tab and wanted to move it (drag) into a group/folder of related tabs. What ended up happening is that all the tabs started moving around uncontrollably and to stop it I just dropped the dragged tab wherever it's box was. It ended with another link tab and formed a group. While trying to get the tab/link out of the group, again chaos ensued and the tab group ended up in another tab group. I tried to drag it out without the madness, but it just didn't get it out of the subgroup. Now it's chaos. How do we deal with this kind of mess? Could you add simple right-click options of "move up one level" or "Move into group" and such? Maybe add that management as a subsection of the MaxNote feature?
  5. So the pop-up video thing (which allows... popping-up an embedded video) keeps showing up when I don't want it and even if I just scroll through or pass through a video, it appears and stays there. Is there an option to make it vanish after X seconds or whenever the mouse cursor is not on top of the video? It just stays there and sometimes it's really annoying. Thanks!
  6. My issues are not with Maxthon compatibility or such, it's with Windows itself.
  7. Thanks for considering. Just don't end up behind the curve when it happens.
  8. Hello! Given the current status with Windows systems and the path Microsoft is taking, I believe that by the time Win10 is replaced fully with Win11, me and others will be off Windows OS completely. Even now I'm using a somewhat "crippled" Win10 with many horrible "features" removed (Like Cortana). I've been looking as things like Pop!_os and similar Linux distributions which do the work well. Is there going to be a Maxthon version compatible with Linux?
  9. OK update: Apparently the exception needed to be more specific: https://[*.]teams.microsoft.com:443 The more general exceptions teams.microsoft.com or [*.]microsoft.com did not suffice.
  10. I think there might be a conflict between the global cookies definitions and the exceptions. Basically it seems like the exceptions don't work when you don't allow 3-rd party cookies (and again, I had all of them in the excepetions list) Are you allowing all cookies? Could you try blocking 3-rd party cookies but put all the needed ones in exceptions? Namely: [*.]microsoft.com [*.]microsoftonline.com [*.]teams.skype.com [*.]teams.microsoft.com [*.]sfbassets.com [*.]skypeforbusiness.com you can either find these in the Microsoft website or see the list of cookies when you open it yourself:
  11. I was trying to use https://teams.microsoft.com/ and I keep getting this error. I verified that the cookies are allowed and in particular appear in the whitelist (Settings -> advanced -> site settings). There seems to be an app that has issues to be opened, but I don't have any indication that anything was blocked or prevented from Maxthon side...
  12. Is there any follow-up on this? Is there a plan to make the clean-up automatic when closing the browser? Honestly, this is one of the main issues that prevent me from fully transitioning from MX5 to MX6...
  13. With one crucial difference: there's no auto-clean on exit. I can find extensions that do this automatically when opening the browser, but that's not what I want.
  14. Hello, I couldn't find this issue anywhere else so I'll ask it here: MX5 had a simple yet very useful feature of clearing data (history, address bar, cache, etc.) on exit. This feature really helps keeping everything clean and tidy - is it available on MX6 and if not, will it be? Image from MX5:
  15. This is a post that warms my heart. I'm so happy to see this statement!