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  1. OK update: Apparently the exception needed to be more specific: https://[*.]teams.microsoft.com:443 The more general exceptions teams.microsoft.com or [*.]microsoft.com did not suffice.
  2. I think there might be a conflict between the global cookies definitions and the exceptions. Basically it seems like the exceptions don't work when you don't allow 3-rd party cookies (and again, I had all of them in the excepetions list) Are you allowing all cookies? Could you try blocking 3-rd party cookies but put all the needed ones in exceptions? Namely: [*.]microsoft.com [*.]microsoftonline.com [*.]teams.skype.com [*.]teams.microsoft.com [*.]sfbassets.com [*.]skypeforbusiness.com you can either find these in the Microsoft website or see the list of cookies when you open it yourself:
  3. I was trying to use https://teams.microsoft.com/ and I keep getting this error. I verified that the cookies are allowed and in particular appear in the whitelist (Settings -> advanced -> site settings). There seems to be an app that has issues to be opened, but I don't have any indication that anything was blocked or prevented from Maxthon side...
  4. My uBlock Origin blocked this thread, possible because of the "push notifications" phrase 😅
  5. So many websites add a referral link (usually with "?ref_src=..." structure) when using links to other websites. Is there a way using uBlock or some other extension to remove these from links automatically - that is when you click the link or copy it, it will remove the extra BS from the link and just go to the proper address? i.e. for the <www.website.com/something> one would be sent to <www.website.com/something>?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5... while I want it to simply send to <www.website.com/something>
  6. Hello, I like the option to auto-clean on exit ("Clear browsing data") and would like to have more functionalities added to it - I think it's super useful and most people don't understand how much it can do. One specific request is to have the download list cleared as well (same as the existing "clear all records" in the download manager), such that every time Maxthon is closed, the list of all downloaded stuff is emptied.
  7. Is there any follow-up on this? Is there a plan to make the clean-up automatic when closing the browser? Honestly, this is one of the main issues that prevent me from fully transitioning from MX5 to MX6...
  8. With one crucial difference: there's no auto-clean on exit. I can find extensions that do this automatically when opening the browser, but that's not what I want.
  9. Hello, I couldn't find this issue anywhere else so I'll ask it here: MX5 had a simple yet very useful feature of clearing data (history, address bar, cache, etc.) on exit. This feature really helps keeping everything clean and tidy - is it available on MX6 and if not, will it be? Image from MX5:
  10. This is a post that warms my heart. I'm so happy to see this statement!
  11. So I've been trying a few extensions and noticed that the address bar gets filled pretty quick with icons. In fact, just using all the built-in ones (Adblock, Resource sniffer, Developer tools etc') already takes alot of space. Is it possible to control the amount of icons shown? Maybe add a show/hide option in the extension manager? Or group them up somehow? Also, when clocking "remove" on the icon of addons/extensions it says "You can hide the button of this extension in Customize UI". Well I looked for it, don't know where that is... I can only find the extension manager and enable/disable them...
  12. So I've noticed that there are issues when trying to use http://musicovery.com/ I'm guessing this is a flash compatibility issue, but it repeats on several versions of flash from old to new, but not on Chrome or Firefox. It is as if the flash is "unresponsive" although it works... i.e: When logging in, it doesn't do anything, but when canceling using the X and reloading the page, it does sign-up Using play/stop buttons feels buggy and the same with the "like" and "unlike" buttons. Again, this does not happen with Chrome/Firefox using same flash version