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  1. It's even not started Your download link may be outdated, so download manager can not continue downloading.
  2. no but I can try, if you decribe the issue.
  3. I observe no issues with v2605 since Thursday. I use "Continue where you left of" setting. Win11 x64 (beta channel). No flags altered. As far as I remember, I have 48 tabs in use now.
  4. @BugSir006, I'm just curious. Does the option "automatically send fault reports to Maxthon" work?
  5. Had one (or two, I don't remember when I installed it) day(s) of successful run of v2601. Then continuous crash. Reverted to v2400.
  6. Let me continue the thread. While there was a bug with e-mail confirmations, I've made three attempts to register. And now I'm VIP2. Why the second attempt played I don't know.
  7. lol yesterday I was a VIP3 68-th member, now I'm VIP1 and 20774th :) "fixed" yes, I tried yesterday several times, and always it was the same number. yes, e-mail was the same every time. but today I received the e-mail immidietely.
  8. this is how it should be. but it is not. there are a few persons on the forum (including me) who didn't receive a word.