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  1. Yes. I copied that folder under my own account. I don't use guest account. Username and passowrd are my browser info.
  2. The problem occurred when installing beta version 1400 (portable) over version 1305. The following occurred: 1. I always use the portable x64 versions on Windows 7 x64 on 2 computers (A, B) at home and a third computer (C) at work with Windows 10 x64. 2. On computer A, I installed version 1400 (over the previous 1305). Maxthon stopped remembering automatic login and asked for username and password. After 3 seconds, it closed automatically. I proceeded to manually copy an older date backup of the bookmarks onto the BOOKMARKS file and it worked. Maxthon started successfully. 3. The same thing happened on computer B. I installed version 1400 (over 1305) and maxthon asked for username and password. Once opened, it closed automatically after 3 seconds. I then proceeded to manually copy all the files from computer A to computer B (deleting all of the above). Maxthon started normally, but had lost the passwords stored in Passkeeper. 4. I went back to computer A and found that I had also lost the Passkeeper passwords. 5. I manually recovered the Passkeeper passwords from an earlier date on computer B and then noticed that computer A had successfully synchronized and recovered the passwords automatically. 6. Computer C with Windows 10 is still with version 1305 and does not synchronize bookmarks and has not lost Passkeeper passwords, but I have not dared to install version 1400 on it because this computer is from work and is very far from those of the home. 7. I have observed that computers A and B (with version 1400) now correctly synchronize the bookmarks with each other, but do not take into account what was added on computer C (version 1305).
  3. Maxthon starts and disappear within 3 seconds. Here is the last attached files in "Crashpad\reports" folder. reports.rar
  4. Where must I send the compressed folder "reports"?