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  1. Just intalled the new .2.2100 version, and they now open next to the new tab, in the same window. So this bug is fixed.
  2. A bug still remains. When I close Maxhton with some tabs open, relaunch it, it starts with new tab (which is normal, since I don't enable it to remember last opened tabs), then pres to reopen last tabs, it opens them in a new window, not in the current one. I think it is behaving like that in all versions of MX7.
  3. Still closes after random times. Sometimes even with no page open. Same as before.
  4. Still closes after random times. Sometimes even with no page open. Same as before.
  5. I have the same problem last few days. Maxthon just closes itself randomly. But when I reopen it, it loads with the the page opened. I guess this might have something to do with the latest Android update. I use Huawei Mate 40 Pro and have MX7 verison7.0.1.1000 installed.
  6. Hi BugSir009, Looks good for now. Thank you.
  7. Hi BugSir009, Mi nickname is SirNasso, or for login I use: atanas_ganeff@hotmail.com. If there is some other ID, just tell me where to find it.
  8. Hi BugSir009, Just installed the 1700 beta and the problem remains. 1-2 days ago I have also tried the 1700 portable and there was no change. Now I also notice that the passwords started missing on my mobile too. And it looks like all my passwords, before this issue appeared, are gone. Only the ones I saved after that are present.
  9. Tried that too. Even in portable the situation is the same. The usernames are there, but the passwords are gone. Only the ones I saved after this started happening are in place, all the others are missing.
  10. No. But having the same problem on 3 separate devices, using totaly different networks, and different Maxthon versions, shows enough. Atleast I think so.
  11. Did a clean install, disabled all exentensions, and nothing changed. Still no passwords. I tried relogging in some sites, and Passkeeper asked to update the stored passwords. So something is lost/not syncing correctly, I think. edit: Now, strangely enough, some passwords are starting to dissappear from my mobile too. The usernames are there, only the passwords are missing. edit2: Just got home from work. Maxthon on my homePC is behaving the same way. Passwords missing. Also when I click to check for new version, I get: "Update failed, please try again later." Is it possible there is some issue on the servers?
  12. I did an upgrade. But as I said, the old 1500 version did the same thing this morning. And nothing is changed on the PC or network. That is why I decided to upgrade to 1602. But it didn't change anything. Will try a bit later to do a clean install and see if it still behaves this way.
  13. No. This network I set-up myself, and there are no blocks of any sort. And yesterday everything was working normaly.
  14. Suddenly, this morning, on my office pc, a new problem appeared. I was using .1500 version and autofill passwords doesn't work. I click the username, it appears, but no password is filled. As if the passwords are all gone. In passkeeper, it shows there are passwords saved, but when triyng to view it, the field becomes empty. On my home pc and on my mobile it works normaly. Updated to version 1602, but nothing changed. Tried resyncing, logging out and back in, no change. What could be the issue? Also if I login to Passkeeper and then close the tab, it stays logged-in. It is not safe that way. Before it required to enter password for it each time I reopen Passkeeper.
  15. I also don't have Default, and it is using Max Ask.