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  1. Another thing that will be usefull is to be able to login in 2 accounts, in different tabs, but in the same Maxthon window. There are some sites - e-mail, some goverment agencies, etc., that we use at work, and sometimes I need to be logged with 2 different accounts. Some of them use certificates tied to external usb readers with personal digital signatures. And when I login with one certificate it stays logged even if I open a new tab, and so cannot use another one. So it will be great if there can be a way to opne new tab, and login with another user account, certificate, etc.
  2. Another issue (don't know if I should call it a problem) continues. I think it has been like this even in the old versions, before v7. When I open a link which leads to pdf file, and chose to Open it instead of Download, it is shown in the new tab via the PDF plugin. I want to make it open the Acrobat reader I have installed in the PC, not hte extension, but could'nt find a working option for that. When the file is downloaded everything is fine. Not sure what will happen if I just remove the extension, but there are some cases when it is helpfull.
  3. Upon first impressions if this version, it takes about 30-50% less ram, than the previous ones. So we may count this is fixed, for now.
  4. Thanks for that, will be waiting for an outcome. Just wanted to add than on my home pc with i7-13700K and 32gb of ram, Maxthon takes more than 4GB ram with only 3 tabs open. Also Maxthon shows in task manager a lot of processes runing (around 30+). Not sure why that is for, with just Facebook and this forum open.
  5. I don't know for him, but mine uses more than 2GB of ram with only 3 tabs open. If I open 5+ tabs it jumps to 2.5-3GB+ (depends on the sites open in these tabs), that is on a 8GB work pc. So this is way too much.
  6. I install every version that comes out. But not realy sure exactly when this started.
  7. I too notice increased ram usage and slowing down of the whole browser work. THe more I use it without restarting it, the more it slows down. After restart of browser everything is back to normal. But after prolonged use, it starts slowing down and eating system resources. It started few versions back, but can't recall when exactly.
  8. Hi BugSir009, Looks good for now. Thank you.
  9. Hi BugSir009, Mi nickname is SirNasso, or for login I use: If there is some other ID, just tell me where to find it.
  10. Hi BugSir009, Just installed the 1700 beta and the problem remains. 1-2 days ago I have also tried the 1700 portable and there was no change. Now I also notice that the passwords started missing on my mobile too. And it looks like all my passwords, before this issue appeared, are gone. Only the ones I saved after that are present.
  11. Tried that too. Even in portable the situation is the same. The usernames are there, but the passwords are gone. Only the ones I saved after this started happening are in place, all the others are missing.
  12. No. But having the same problem on 3 separate devices, using totaly different networks, and different Maxthon versions, shows enough. Atleast I think so.
  13. Did a clean install, disabled all exentensions, and nothing changed. Still no passwords. I tried relogging in some sites, and Passkeeper asked to update the stored passwords. So something is lost/not syncing correctly, I think. edit: Now, strangely enough, some passwords are starting to dissappear from my mobile too. The usernames are there, only the passwords are missing. edit2: Just got home from work. Maxthon on my homePC is behaving the same way. Passwords missing. Also when I click to check for new version, I get: "Update failed, please try again later." Is it possible there is some issue on the servers?
  14. I did an upgrade. But as I said, the old 1500 version did the same thing this morning. And nothing is changed on the PC or network. That is why I decided to upgrade to 1602. But it didn't change anything. Will try a bit later to do a clean install and see if it still behaves this way.
  15. No. This network I set-up myself, and there are no blocks of any sort. And yesterday everything was working normaly.