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  1. It happens with several latest versions... When I try to close a normally working Maxthon instance (Pic1), the CPU utilization jumps high (Pic2) and stays there. If I kill that process, another one appears (Pic3). After killing that one also - CPU utilization finally drops. (I'm using auto-refresh for some tabs, if that matters.)
  2. This is what I have (Samsung A70). So I made my own quick actions page ("Home" icon at the bottom)...
  3. To make the Android version practical on small screens: Full screen view should be default when opening pages (swipe-down from the top to show address/status/menu bars) Allow home page option in settings, so we can use/define more useful initial screen (quick actions is not visible in landscape)
  4. Save Image As... was saving image to the Quick Save path, in Maxthon 5.3.8. and earlier.
  5. Yes, but that only works with the "Quick save images" Ctrl+click shortcut enabled (which is more useful for opening links in the background). When saving an image from the right-click menu, it goes to the download folder also. In version v5 it was saved to this (quick save images) folder, which is more convenient. We could set a separate location for images album.
  6. I know that. At least in Maxthon v5 pictures were (manually) saved to the configured quick save images folder, now images go to the same download folder.
  7. Can we be able to change the "Quick Save Images" hot key? Ctrl + click is already useful to open a link in the background tab (Shift + click in foreground).