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  1. Just checked it again and.............all bookmarks have now synced perfectly. I presume it was a problem with your server which you have now put right. Thanks anyway.
  2. Just done that - no change whatsoever. Still cannot sync bookmarks. On a different note - did you know that one can only reply to this forum on the PC version. There is no way to reply on the Andoid version!
  3. Sorry, still cannot sync even with wifi turned off and "only sync on wifi" turned off. No change at all. Thanks for your efforts! Regards, Nigel
  4. No change I'm afraid! It doesn't work. I stopped Maxthon, cleared the cache, restarted and tried to sync - it still does nothing.
  5. Installed this one. No change. Cannot sync Bookmarks. Any further ideas?
  6. Just installed Android v. Bookmarks wlll not sync. Everything else syncs fine - just nothing in bookmarks. This seems to be an on going problem with v 6.0.2.xxxx Can you please fix this?