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Community Answers

  1. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  2. + New Help Center + Optimized tab display + Optimized Maxnote loading speed - Fixed the issue that Maxnote's images could not display under some cases - Fixed the issue that the extensions could not work correctly under some cases - Fixed the issue that the retro mode could not be kept after restarting the browser - Fixed the issue that the page zoomed wrongly when using screen capture - Fixed the issue that the input method could not work correctly in some cases - Fixed the issue that the tab could not be closed when opening many tabs - Fixed the issue that the drop-down tab list could not display correctly - Fixed the issue that the tabs could not scroll correctly - Fixed crashes
  3. Hi jinoman, could you let me know the version number of your browser? This issue has been fixed please try to update. 😊 https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes6/
  4. In the portable test version? Hi observer, are you still experiencing this issue in the portable test version?
  5. Hi scottchu.tw, could you let me know how to enter this interface? I tried to open the Windows Firewall and checked the settings but haven't found this interface. 😥 Could you do me a favor to help us to check the specific version number of this folder?
  6. Hi scottchu.tw, have you ever installed the Maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6? On your device, currently, you only have portable Maxthon 5 and portable Maxthon 6?
  7. Hi rambo, did you install any extensions? Try to disable the extensions then try this issue again, please.
  8. Hi darknessblade, you could use the attached file as a separate test version and not overwrite any other versions. Just extract it as the portable test version. You could copy your current History file, paste it to this test version, and continue using it to observe the History. If you update it to the latest version 2901, it will affect the test result. Copy the file History from your current browser, paste it to the test version, then use the test version to observe the History. The test version is only used for the test regarding the History loss issue. It needn't update or overwrite other versions. Just extract it, then use it as the portable test version.
  9. Please try to disable the hardware acceleration then try this issue again.
  10. Hi 15675297, could you let me know your system theme? Did you use the latest version Please try this issue in the fresh portable version: https://dl.maxthon.com/mx6/maxthon_portable_6.1.2.2901_beta_x64.zip
  11. Hi beatreefs, could you describe this issue in detail? It would be appreciated if you could provide me a video of it.