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Community Answers

  1. This issue will be fixed in the next version. 😊
  2. Hi Greek, could you please provide a short video of this issue?
  3. + Added page pull-down refresh + Optimized the tab switching animation effect + Optimized night mode + Optimized Adblock + Updated Vbox - Fixed the issue that the address bar could not display correctly in some cases
  4. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  5. + Added DNS settings + Added the manager for the auto-added search engines + Supported the shortcut to hide the download manager window + Adjusted the save image shortcut in some languages - Fixed the issue that Maxnote sorting could not work correctly in some cases - Fixed the issue that QuickAccess data loss in some cases
  6. Hi DONG DONG, could you please try to download it via another browser?
  7. Hi phoenix-76, please try this issue in the attached version.
  8. Hi scottchu.tw, the engineers adjusted the download link of v6.1.3.2703 to optimize the download speed. 😊
  9. Hi ZorMi, could you please provide a screenshot or a short video of this issue?
  10. Hi leeuniverse, it has been optimized in 😊
  11. Hi alexzhus, this issue has been optimized in version 😊 Hi Tuchola, please try this issue in v6.1.3.2703.
  12. Hi scottchu.tw, I tried to test this issue on my end but haven't reproduced it, could you please provide a short video of it?
  13. Hi scottchu.tw, could you please let me know your location country? Hi Foo Bar, could you please provide a short video of this issue?