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  1. BugSir009 It says which I assume was installed from PlayStore following my reset.
  2. I had to do a factory reset on my phone a few days ago. Whilst my Favorites have all synced Passkeeper has not and shows no inclination to do so. I have logged in at but it will not sync from there. Auto Sync is on as is only WiFi Sync. What is the official syncing method?
  3. An easy method is to search the History to find when you last visited the link URL. Ctrl+H
  4. I run a daily backup of the history file and keep the copies for a month. This is following some episodes where the history was disappearing due to corruption of some sort. The path on my PC is \Maxthon7\MaxthonPortable\User Data\Profile1\History. I also save the file History-journal as well just in case it is needed. The zipped size together is less than 30MB