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  1. I also don't have Default, and it is using Max Ask.
  2. Mhzayer, here we are talking about the mobile version, not the desktop one. And your screenshot looks like is from the desktop version.
  3. Hi BugSir009, Strangely my messenger was disabled, and I didn't do that. Can you try the PM again, I have enabled it? Anyway, IP I can send my current - But I use MX7 here at the office and at home, and these are different ISPs and IPs.
  4. BugSir009 can I get one of those PMs too? Because my weather widget also is not working.
  5. Maybe you haven't read carefully. As I already said, tried everything, and it's not working as it should. No need for any shaman ritual or casting a spell, to change a setting
  6. This one opens new tab and stays that way. No MSN in sight. And if I set it to something else, the setting is remmebered and opens up everythime to that.
  7. I tried that also. When I restart MX7 it is again set to MSN. As for the video, will try a bit later. Here is a short video. It even changes back to msn when I close and reopen settings screen, without restarting the browser. bandicam 2023-01-10 13-31-40-697.mp4
  8. Hi BugSir009. I use installed version. And tried upgrade on one pc and fresh install on another. No difference. I think that by the time this started, there was some windows update. But not completely sure they have any connection, or it was at exactly the same time.
  9. The last couple weeks a trange bug appeared. Everytime I start MX6 and MX7 it opens the MSN page. I change the setting to "New tab", but upon restarting Maxthon, it goes back to "Customize" and with the url "http://www.msn.com/?pc=&ocid=DHP&osmkt=en-us" entered in the box below. Tried deleting the url, changing the setting, get the "Settings saved" message, but again, upon restart it goes back. I even updated to the version, still the same situation.
  10. Hi BugSir009, It's ok about adding it manually, but the old version had it as an option. The new one doesn't. So if they could just add it back will be great.
  11. Hello, Today on my Huawei Mate 40 pro Maxthon got updated to, and now in the search engine setting there is no Google. And I can't find a way to add it manually. Also after the update on some sites videos wouldn't play, that seems to be fixed upon fresh install. But the search engine setting is not fixed that way. So can you help me with that?
  12. As I said, that is what happened with the test version BugSir006 sent me. It was portable, and without any account.
  13. That is exactly what I did with the version BugSir006 sent me.
  14. Hi BugSir006, Still no change in how it behaves. Absolutely the same.
  15. Hi BugSir006, Not completely sure. But I switched full time to MX6 since some official 6.2 version, maybe around, and it's been like that since then. But can't tell if it's been like that before or not.
  16. bandicam 2022-11-23 14-01-33-078.mp4 This is the video of both problems. As you see other windows are closed without problem, just this one isn't. Hope it helps
  17. As for extensions I have only 4 enabled - one 360 Internet protection (from my antivirus), Adblock, Ace script (which might be enabled by default, as I didn't enable it myself) and Google translate. But these were on since the very begging and never seemed to interfere.
  18. Also in the same game, there is a window about cookies, that can't be closed. See the attached image. It is in Bulgarian, so you might not understand what is written. But the small window on the top part is not closing upon pressing the X button. On other browsers and older versions of Maxthon it was working fine. Hi BugSir006, No I'm still with It didn't auto update, and I still haven't updated it manually. Will try a bit later and let you know if it changes anything. But it was behaving like that quite a few versions back.
  19. Hi Hi BugSir006, Restarted the browser and still the same. Holding CTRL and trying to drag mark items is not working. It is as if I'm not holding the CTRL key.
  20. Hi BugSir009, Tried that and it stops the image saving. But now the CTRL key doesn't start the marking. It is like I never press it.
  21. Strange new problem. Since the last 2-3 versions, in a Facebook game I try to hold CTRL and drag to mark several items, but instead of selecting them, MX6 saves a copy of the images of the items. Tried disabling shortcuts, boss key and Super-drag-and-drop, but nothing changed. Is there some other option for this, or is this a bug?
  22. Hi BugSir009, Just to add to that. I tried the same thing with other files and it doesn't happen. Only with PDF files.
  23. I noticed something in the last few versions, not sure from which exactly. When I click to download a PDF file, but then in the Download manger if I click Open, not Download, the file is opened in new tab within Maxthon, not from the default system PDF app. In the settings I have removed all files from the "Open in Maxthon" group, but still no change. When the PDF is downloaded, it opens with the correct app, only when I try to open it directly from the download manager. I am currently using the version of MX6.
  24. Now that is what I was looking for. I guess didn't try clicking on that icon.....my bad. Thanks for the help BugSir006
  25. Hi BugSir00, No I mean to choose which folder to be displayed on the top favorites bar, not the sidebar. Right now it shows the main favorites folder, which holds almost nothing. And I want to switch to one of the subfolders, that holds the most used favorites. In MX5 it was possible and quite easy to do.