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  1. Hi Dragoncho, we have already submitted this request to the development team for their consideration. We manage to reproduce this issue on our end. Have already reported this bug to the team
  2. Hi scottchu.tw @Arcan, for the selection of dates in the history page as shown in pic, do you use the calendar feature frequently?
  3. Hi scottchu.tw, could you tell us an estimation of time you waited for it to load? Bug reported.
  4. Hi Arcan, approximately how much longer does it take in comparison to previous version? Can I check if you are using the latest version V6.1.3.409?
  5. Hi mimesus, please refer to my directions above 👆
  6. Hi rambo, could you try to install the latest version V6.1.3.409 and see if you encounter the same problem?
  7. Hi Dragoncho, may I know which version are you using? Could you install the latest version V6.1.3.409 and try to see if you encounter the same problem? For new tab page, only recommended websites will have the "hot" selection. Other websites that are added by users usually do not have the hot selection. This will be added in the future versions. There's a quick save function. Press "Ctrl" and left click on mouse We will put up this request to the development team for their consideration
  8. Hi scottchu.tw, do you have alot of history records? Could you assist to record a short video for us to look into this?
  9. Hi @alex31964 @Mhzayer, the development team is looking into this issue.
  10. Hi MichaelC362, we have reported this bug to the team.
  11. Could you kindly record a short video of this issue so we could forward it to the team to look further into it?
  12. Request recorded Thanks Zanzibar for informing us. Could you forward us your crash report so we could look further into it?
  13. Hi Mr. SS, could you provide us with a specific image link so we could test it out on our end? Thank you for notifying us. We have already reported this to the development team and they will try to optimize it as soon as possible,
  14. Hi Adminspb, it is difficult for us to give a specific timeframe for each and every requests submitted as the team will have to discuss and work on it. Every single feature or function added/removed/changed will have an impact on the browser's functionality such as bugs occurrence and memory usage; which the team will have to look into it again and make the necessary optimization. Thus, we hope to seek your understanding and patience as the team strives to optimize MX6 to enhance user's experience.
  15. Hi Dan, we were informed about this bug and has reported it to the development team. They are looking into it right now.