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  1. Hi MichaelC362, noted on this. In case if it happens again, do let us know and I will get the development team to check on it. Thanks MichaelC362, I have tried accessing the website but wasn't prompted for cookie action; neither when downloading. In case same thing happens after you disable the extensions, do let us know and we will perform further testing to check.
  2. Hi Firge, kindly make sure you exit the browser before deleting all the files in VBox folder under your local drive. Do look under the 'Roaming' folder and search for VBox as well. Delete all files in there if there are any. After deleting, launch the browser again and you should be able to reset the PIN.
  3. Hi MichaelC362, there's a possibility that some interference occurred between a certain extension and the loading of websites / certain features. Which is why we usually advise user to disable all extensions and try again before determining if it is a bug.
  4. Hi fir, kindly go to your local drive and delete the account file folder in VBox ---> C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\VBox
  5. Hi MichaelC362, could you disable all extensions and relaunch the browser to see if this issue persist?
  6. Hi Firge, do you mean you are able to login to VBox but you do not remember the PIN code? Could you send a screenshot of what you see so I could check further for you?
  7. Hi veljo, seems like you are using retro mode, could you switch back to ultra mode and try again?
  8. Hi zork, noted will report this to the development team.
  9. Hi veljo, could you try with the latest V7.1.6.1800 version and kindly disable all extensions and try again.
  10. * Optimized the positioning directory opening for the super favorites bookmarks bar menu * Improved the default browser file association in the settings page * Updated multi-language translations - Fixed the issue of blank page when opening in note editing mode - Fixed the garbled text issue in loud reading - Fixed the security issue of using the browser without logging in - Fixed the issue of being unable to save pages as pictures in incognito mode - Fixed the error in the initial page when creating a new window from the taskbar right-click menu
  11. Hi TVGSTR, the development team are working on it and will roll out the products/services for purchase once it is ready.
  12. Hi zzxxhhzxh, I have tested out the website link and could see the scroll bar. Could you disable all extensions and try again?
  13. Hi veljo, kindly download and install the latest version V7.1.6.1700 and try again.
  14. Hi Mhzayer, I have checked on this issue with the development team and was informed this could be caused by other software, which is why manual switching is required on your end to make it work.