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  1. Hi brian67, thanks for the suggestion. Request has already been put up to the development team
  2. Hi Sergey_K, we have already reported this bug to the development team and they are looking into it. It will be optimized in the next version.
  3. Hi Mr. SS, are you able to provide a video to show us which website you encounter the error at? Hi Rainman, we will record your request and put it up to the development team for their consideration.
  4. Hi Mr. SS, could you try to disable all these extensions and see if you still experience the same error?
  5. Hi Jus5631410, we did further testing on our end and experience the same issue. We have reported this bug to the development team for them to look into it.
  6. Hi Jus5631410, could you provide a video to show us your steps of logging in and encounter this issue even after changing the settings for startup?
  7. Hi Mr. SS, just to check if you have installed any extensions regarding proxy?
  8. Hi Jus5631410, are you currently using guest account for the portable version? If yes, could you register for an account under MX6? Then your data can be sync in the account and in cloud. Alternatively, maybe you could do a backup on your end to save all the data? Main thing we just wish to confirm if the old account data has been causing this problem.
  9. Hi Rambo, the mute tab function will be added in the future version. Request for status bar has already been recorded for the development team's consideration. Hi Dong Dong, all these requests has been recorded for the development team's consideration to add it in for future versions. Does this problem occurs when you restart the browser?
  10. Hi Mr. SS, thanks for your feedback. We have reported this bug to the development team
  11. Hi darknessblade, I tried on my end but could not reproduce the same issue. Could you download the latest version V6.1.2.1500 and try again?
  12. Hi Jus5631410, you might have copied the old user data from the previous version thus causing this issue. Could you reinstall the portable version and login by keying in your username and password and sync your data?
  13. Hi Jus5631410, could you download the 64bit install version and try?
  14. Hi Jus5631410, could you try and download the latest version: https://dl.maxthon.com/mx6/maxthon_6.1.2.1500_beta_x64.exe and see if you still encounter the same issue? I have tried on my end and the new tab shows the quick access page.
  15. Hi darknessblade, our development team are working on this now. Will keep you updated once it is rolled out.