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  1. Hi Poizon, we have already feedback to the development team. This issue should be fixed in the next release version.
  2. Hi projektilski, it is still advisable to check under 'release notes' for any latest version. Usually a new version will be released at the end of the week.
  3. @pipinn @Doyen59 @1bit, could you download the attached test version and try logging into websites again? maxthon_1123.zip
  4. Hi SirNasso, could you check your Quick Save Image settings? You could disable that feature so it doesn't interfere with your Ctrl key.
  5. Hi TheWhippinpost, we tried to test on our end but could not reproduce the same issue. Are you able to send us a short video on this problem you encountered so we could forward to the engineers to look into it?
  6. Hi pipinn, could you disable all extensions and try again? If problem persist, kindly send us a short video on this issue and we will check further.
  7. Hi The Whippinpost, did you update to the latest MX6 portable version and lost your Last session URLs? Or where do you intend to import the URLs from?
  8. Hi TheWhippinpost, if you update portable MX6 version, it will not import the data from MX5.
  9. Hi TheWhippinpost, you could update to the latest version V6.2.0.2400 and no importing is required. You can go under Settings < About Maxthon < click Update button
  10. Hi emiliano76, welcome to Maxthon Forum There is a pop-up button for videos in MX6 as well. MX5 will not be updated and that is why we are encouraging users to download MX6 instead. You could download the latest version V6.2.0.2400 and post your suggestion or feedback in this forum if there's any.
  11. Hi projektilski, usually beta version will not be updated automatically unless there was a bigger bug issue that was fixed. However, the development team will be pushing the update for V6.2.0.2400 by tonight.
  12. Hi grisp1, is it possible if we debug this issue remotely?
  13. Hi hu.antonio, this issue has been fixed by the engineers. Please download the latest version V6.2.0.2300 and test out this translate again.