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  1. Hi skidude1758732, we managed to reproduce this issue on our end. We will be reporting this bug to the development team for them to look into it.
  2. Hi DARKSTORM, may I know your UUMail domain name? Which email you are sending from and to which email? Also, did the forwarded emails number increase?
  3. Hi skidude1758732, could you click on "Restore settings to default settings" on the top right corner under the settings page to see if the Backspace appears? This backspace function should be restored after you have done the selection.
  4. Hi skidude1758732, thanks for pointing this out. This will be fixed in the next version
  5. Hi skidude1758732, you could click on the space beside to add in another shortcut. You could key in the following
  6. Hi rex, there is an option of "Show Bookmark Button" in the list. Just click on it and you should be able to see the hotkey appearing at the left side of the address bar.
  7. Hi Rainx1929, currently MX6 supports chrome extensions. You may proceed to Chrome Web Store to download any extension you like.
  8. Hi Rainx1929, are you using the retro mode? We recommend users to use the ultra mode. Please refer to attached and try again.
  9. Hi rex, you can click the icon on the top right corner to select.
  10. Hi skidude1758732, could you send us a video on this issue?
  11. Hi skidude1758732, can you check on your settings for this? Go to Mouse Gesture < Shortcut Management < More shortcuts Request recorded.
  12. Hi Max, welcome to Maxthon forum! Feel free to post your questions or suggestions to us for discussion:)
  13. Hi observer, I believed it's because you have too many tabs opened which is why there is no space for the "x" to show. I did a test and the maximum tabs allowed for the "x" to show is 13 tabs.
  14. No it doesn't. It should reflect immediately upon checking or unchecking the box.
  15. Hi observer, it does change the tab appearance when you checked Show the tab close button. Upon checking, the "x" sign will appear on all tabs. If it is unchecked, the "x" sign will only appear when you hover near the tab or when you have selected the tab itself.
  16. Hi 14615246, you could try to customize User Agent or try to login using MX6 instead? https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/25261-mx-6-mx-5-updated-user-agent/ Thank you for your feedback, we will record your request for the development team's consideration.
  17. Hi darknessblade, the development team is looking to optimize this feature.
  18. Hi scottchu.tw, we have recorded this issue for the development team to review.
  19. Hi DONG DONG, does the auto refresh applies to all the tabs? Or just on certain websites?
  20. Hi scottchu.tw, unfortunately the user data will only show the file but you will not be able to apply the theme from there. Currently Maxthon only support to show the 2 latest themes installed. If you wish to apply the theme that is not reflected in the settings, you may go to the theme store to install and apply again.
  21. Hi scottchu.tw, we have reported this bug and the development team will look into it.
  22. Hi DONG DONG @Jane, could you check if your Refresh setting for tab is disabled?
  23. Hi scottchu.tw, you can find the files at User Data\Profile 1\Mx Theme. Currently it will only show 3 default and 2 installed themes. This bug has been reported and the development team will look into it.
  24. Hi una00, you could go to Settings > General > On Startup to select other options to be displayed upon startup of the browser.