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  1. Hi scottchu.tw, thank you for your feedback and we have already taken note of your suggestion. In the meantime could you login to uu.me and check the Maxnote online?
  2. Hi suphamster, are you able to provide us with a video on this issue so we could look through and check?
  3. Hi MichaelC362, we are unable to do testing on our end since we are not registered customer. Are you able to provide us your login details for us to try it out? Or do you encounter same issue on other websites? If yes, do let us know which website so we could do testing on our end.
  4. Hi Mr. SS, thanks for your feedback. We have noted down your request for our team's consideration to add this feature in the near future version.
  5. Hi Mr. SS, you could go to Settings in MX6 to change your selection for cookies. Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > Cookies and Site Data
  6. Hi MichaelC362 and Jus5631410, please bear with us while our team look into this. Our engineers are already working on it and will roll out this function once it is ready.
  7. Hi Timmy Merritt, you can go under Settings to edit the selection.
  8. Hi lejolipoulpe, may I first check with you if there's any anti virus software installed on your computer? Did you install any extensions as well? Would appreciate if you could provide us a crash data to look into this issue. https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/25031-how-to-get-your-crash-data-of-maxthon-6/
  9. Hi Mr. SS, thank you for your suggestion. We will add in this feature to the future version as soon as possible.
  10. Hi Ldfa, thank you for your feedback. We have already flagged out this bug to the development team. They will look into it and try to resolve as soon as possible
  11. Hi Dong Dong, please be assured that we have noted down your request. Currently, the engineers are working on optimizing a few functions and fixing bugs. Sidebar and status bar are on the request list and pending for schedule. Would really appreciate your patience while our team work on it. Thank you
  12. Hi Sublustris, thank you for your feedback and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will inform our engineers about this login function and ask them to look into it. Our engineers will make sure that users' privacy are protected. Hi skidude1758732, we would like to apologize for the late reply. Do be assured that we will let our engineers know about this issue. Engineers are still working on optimizing the login function; and will make sure these functions are added to protect users' privacy.
  13. Hi Waras, if you have previously downloaded version, then it wouldn't auto update to this latest version. The latest version requires manual update.
  14. Hi observer, may I know your previous version number? Is it fresh installation or overwrite installation?
  15. Hi 9441761, thank you for your suggestion. The product team will consider adding this function to the future version.
  16. Hi grisp1, would like to ask if this error only occur in MX6 browser? Any issue if you try with other browser? Also, did you download any extension?
  17. Hi gazumba, sure we will check on the issue.
  18. Hi observer, kindly logon to your Maxthon passport and you will see your UID under Dashboard.
  19. Hi observer, can we have your uid so that we could check for you? Hi gazumba, could you kindly provide us with your uid so that we could check for you?
  20. Hi anokas, noted on your feedback. I will let the development team know
  21. Hi Mr. SS, noted on your suggestion. We will feedback to the development team
  22. Hi suphamster, could you kindly provide us with the crash data?
  23. Hi MichaelC362, can you try installing the latest version through this link again? https://dl.maxthon.cn/mx6/maxthon_6.1.2.1000_x64.exe
  24. Hi Poizon, thank you for your video. As what I have mentioned before, this is not a bug but an updated version. MX6 is different from MX5 with regards to this 'last session'. It will not reflect all the previous sites history but only the very last session recorded. Which is why after you close the browser without visiting any sites, the next session did not capture any 'last session'. I will forward your request for this last session and the top line shortcuts to the development team for their consideration
  25. Hi ONE, welcome to Maxthon 😊 Yes this forum is for Maxthon browser, so feel free to post questions or suggestions pertaining to the browser.