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  1. Hi ligoten, are you open to debug this issue remotely? AnyDesk.exe
  2. How about extensions? Do you have any extensions that could possibly interrupt with the syncing? Could you disable all extensions and try again?
  3. Hi ligoten, engineers looked through your log files and seems like there were connection error while you tried to import. Did you set DNS or extend network?
  4. Hi ligoten, could you go to your User Data/ Log files and send today's file to me? The engineers are trying to look into the issue.
  5. Hi ligoten, the server only has one 2021 version of your bookmarks stored. Could you try importing Maxthon 5 account data again under MX6 settings? I will get the engineers to check again once you are done.
  6. Hi Wisely, request recorded. In the meantime, maybe you would like to install the latest version V7.0.0.500 and see if the themes work for you?
  7. Hi ligoten, could you provide your Maxthon account ID and email so we could do a further check for you?
  8. Hi ligoten, you may go under Settings > General > Open your account local folder and click Profile > Backups > Bookmarks. Select one of the backup file and replace your local bookmark file with it.
  9. Hi Perplexer, you need to download MX6 installed version and the update will not pop-up again.
  10. Hi Wisely, for dark mode maybe you might want to consider changing the theme to Default or Classic? The background colour of the selected page will be more obvious under these two themes.
  11. Hi ligoten, could you provide screenshots so we could look into it?
  12. Hi Natalia A, could you access Passkeeper again and you should be able to see 'visit Passkeeper web version to restore backup data'. Click on the Passkeeper web version and login again. Alternatively, you could go to uu.me and access Passkeeper straight. At the bottom of the page you should be able to click on 'Check backup' or if it's in chinese version, click on '查看备份' and try to restore the entries.
  13. Hi ligoten, bookmarks is different from MaxNote. Once you have imported the data, the bookmarks will show at the address bar and side bar while for MaxNote you will have to access it from the main menu at the top right hand corner or alternatively press ALT + Shift + N
  14. Hi avegaweiss, are you using the installed or portable version? I tried accessing my google drive and could not reproduce same problem. Could you help to record a short video on this issue so we could look into it?
  15. Hi ligoten, you may choose to import MX5 data over to MX6. Imported bookmarks will be in a new folder and these bookmarks will not be affected. In MX6 the bookmarks sequence is still being determined on the date and time created.
  16. Hi Magdalene, are you using the installed or portable version? We could not reproduce this error message while testing out on youtube live videos. Could you disable all extensions and try again?
  17. @Zura Chelidze @Selçuk Subaşı @No.1MaxthonFan @alexzhus, the weather issue is a known problem and the team is working on it to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  18. @Raniw @DiMkA @Ben.L.Salomon @alexzhus, could you download this test version for the tab space issue? mini_installer(1).exe
  19. Hi leeuniverse, request recorded. This will be rectified when the chromium is updated. The engineers are working on it and will try to update it as soon as possible. This is a known issue and the team are working on it. Hi Chemodan, is there any crash report generated? If yes please send it to us so we could look into it. Changing of search engine issue is a known bug and the developers are working on it and it should be fixed in the next version.
  20. Hi radscorpion, even if you upgrade to MX6, MX5 will be retained in your PC and you will be able to use both MX5 and MX6. By upgrading to MX6, you will be able to import all your MX5 data to MX6. Alternatively, you could install MX6 manually and it wouldn't import MX5 data and the update will not pop-up again.
  21. Hi 30887236, once you enable vpn it should work in incognito mode as well.
  22. Hi Natalia A, I have checked with the engineers and they mentioned that there is no record of yours found in the MX5 server. Do make sure that you have sync all entries to the server or else importing will not be possible. In passkeeper, make sure you press the button "Sync" that is located on top of the page.
  23. + Improved UI and theme + New settings page and quick access page - Fixed some known bugs
  24. Hi 30887236, you can click into the menu at the top right hand corner and select Feature Management. Bright VPN can be found in there