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  1. Hi TarMaster, may I check which version were you using previously? And was it the 64 bit or 32 bit version?
  2. Hi Zura Chelidze, you may uncheck the selection in Settings > General > Download Settings > Quick Download. The next time you try to download a file, you will be prompted with the selection to open, download or cancel.
  3. Thanks Refix2 for pointing this out. We will let the development team know about this. May I know which version were you using previously? And is it 64 bit or 32 bit? Request recorded
  4. Hi Arcan, are you using the latest 3200 version? Else could you download and install the latest 3200 version and try again?
  5. Hi Dan, are you using the latest 3200 version?
  6. Hi arken06, currently we do not support this but I will record your request and let the development team know
  7. Hi Toros, I have tried this issue in other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and it shows the same problem where both pic and text could not be copied and paste at the same time to another chat. If you click on forward, it will only forward the pic and not the text. So this is not a browser issue
  8. Hi save, currently there is no setting dedicated for this function. However, we have already informed the development team about this and they will see how they could include it in
  9. Hi save, thanks for pointing this out. We have recorded your request for this and will forward to the development team for them to look into it.
  10. Hi Toros37, may I know the amount of data used for your bookmarks? Could you send us a crash report as well? In the meantime, kindly download and install the latest version V6.1.2.3100 and try it out again. https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/25031-how-to-get-your-crash-data-of-maxthon-6/
  11. Hi pbalazki, you could login to facebook on your computer and go to the address bar to click on the lock icon and select "ask" or "block" under notifications.
  12. BugSir009


    Hi Al, thanks for your support! Do give our latest MX6 version V6.1.2.3100 a try and provide feedback/suggestion to us https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes6/
  13. Hi Reaper1, I will record your requests and let our product team know so they could look into optimizing the feature.
  14. Hi Reaper1, currently we only support Passkeeper. May I know which sites does not auto-fill your passwords?
  15. Hi MichaelC362, I tried downloading a test file but did not reproduce the issue. Could you provide the download link for us to test it out on our end?
  16. Hi skidude1758732, could you download and install V6.1.2.3100 and see if you encounter same error?
  17. Hi mings1, did you change the settings for the search engine? Go to settings > general > search engine and manage search engines if you have not added in DuckDuckGo.
  18. Hi S1v, I tried creating an account and login after that and I encountered the same error in MX6, Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Maybe you would like to contact Adobe and find out the cause of the error?
  19. Hi Alpha07, my apologies as the team was busy fixing up bugs. I will highlight this to them again.
  20. Hi avegaweiss, my apologies. I will highlight this to the development team again.
  21. Hi Magdalene, do you still experience this problem? Did you change the font settings in your PC? Hi animos, did you change the font settings in your PC? Hi Refix2, thanks for pointing this out. I will let the development team know about this. Hi caligula73, this feature will be added in the future version.
  22. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, we tested this issue but are unable to reproduce the same error. Could you provide a video on this issue for us to look into it? On the same note, do you experience the same problem on other browser?
  23. Hi scottchu.tw, I tried downloading a file but could not reproduce this issue. Could you provide us with the download link so we could test it on our end?
  24. Hi scottchu.tw, request recorded. Is your computer setting for underline access keys when available turned on?