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  1. Hi leeuniverse, could you click on the 'Learn more' to see what did Google prompt for this issue?
  2. Hi Massor, I could not reproduce this issue on my end. Could you try on the installed version and see if this problem persist?
  3. Hi scottchu.tw, I have tried the website in chrome and edge and it all appears the same as Maxthon as per attached. I reckon this is a website issue.
  4. Hi leeuniverse, yes have already recorded this request for the team's planning and consideration.
  5. Hi scottchu.tw, this is a known bug and the development team is working on it.
  6. Hi leeuniverse, Edge browser might have some encryption involved which is why it is not appearing in the importing list. I have already informed the development team about this and they will require more time to look into it.
  7. Hi grisp1, may I know which application in specific? Hi MichaelC362, that is only a test version. The development team is working on V109 and will try to release as soon as possible. Hi leeuniverse, I do have Chrome as an option for importing like what @Magdalene has shown. Maybe you would like to check on your Chrome browser instead?
  8. Hi alexzhus, feedback recorded.
  9. Hi Magdalene, could you try installing in another drive and try again?
  10. Hi Magdalene, I have tried adding this extension and also relaunch the browser a few times to test on this issue but could not reproduce the same error. Could you backup your user data and login again to see if this issue persist?
  11. Hi Rainman, could you take a screenshot or video on this issue?
  12. Hi Refix2, our apologies. I have reported this bug to the team for them to look into it. They will try to fix and optimize this section as soon as possible.
  13. Hi leeuniverse, currently we support the importing of saved passwords from other browsers. You can go to Settings > General > Account Information > Import local data and html file > select the browser and click on saved passwords to import the data over. As for exporting, I have already put in the request for the team's planning and discussion.
  14. Hi Ben.L.Salomon, could you test out skyshowtime issue with the test version attached? Chromium_108(1).zip
  15. Hi capota, yes this feature has been removed. I will add in your request for the team's consideration.
  16. + MaxNote: Added adjust sidebar and list view width+ MaxNote: Added drag to move item and reorder+ MaxNote: Added on/off button for the toolbar+ Added "pin current window" to menu->more tools+ Added shortcut for "pin current window"* Updated Translations- maxnote: Fixed toolbar did not update after multi-selection- Fixed "could not replace current browser during installation" problem- Fixed a sync caused crash
  17. Hi Massor, could you disable all extensions and try again?
  18. Hi Kelvin, there's no definite time for this as it still requires further planning and discussion from the team.
  19. Hi MichaelC362, bug reported.
  20. Hi MichaelC362, uumail will be optimized and improved in time to come.
  21. Hi hometownweather, on the weather widget you can click on the drop-down arrow that is right beside the city indicated, then click 'select location'. You will be able to change from degree celsius to fahrenheit from there.
  22. Hi alexzhus, noted on this. Have already feedback to the team on this lagging issue and they will look into optimizing the QA page.
  23. Hi Leon II, could you try out with the attached test version? mini_installer(1)(1).exe
  24. Hi Massor, kindly try with the latest version V7.0.0.1801
  25. Hi Pablo(92131), could you provide me with 2 of your log files? 1) Past 2 days user data log: User Data\Log Files 2) User Data\Log Files\mxservice.log