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  1. Hello, I believe I've got the search engines defined correctly - please check the screenshot below. More importantly though, I'm not talking about functionality of the Default search engine. The Default one works just fine, no matter which search engine I choose to promote to the default. I'm talking about non-functional MX6 engine keywords of all the rest of (non-default) search engines. These keywords no longer trigger appropriate search actions like they used to in previous MX6 releases. Example: I have "My Google" set as a default search engine but want to invoke search for "Can
  2. Hi BugSir, this is the search string I've been using for Google Maps and this is the resulting flawed url: https://www.google.com/search?q=gmap+berlin. As you can see the Google Maps search engine does not pick up the "Berlin" string, instead my primary Google search engine searches for the whole "gmap berlin" string. The problem is general, has started with release and is affecting all custom search engine definitions, i.e. it's not specific to Google Maps search engine. Secondary, would it be possible to have the search engine definitions synchronized to Maxthon account so users
  3. Hello, using custom search engines is broken in, custom engine keywords do not automatically trigger search through predefined engines. Example: I've got "gmap" keyword mapped to Google Maps search engine: Expected behavior valid through all MX version until Typing "gmap Berlin" and pressing Enter automatically searches Berlin location in Google Maps. Behavior of Typing "gmap Berlin" and pressing Enter searches the "gmap Berlin" string using my primary search engine (Google). Thanks in advance for having this corrected.