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  1. Hello BugSir/Maxthon staff, has the aforementioned problem with Passkeeper data loss been understood and fixed by now? Is it safe now to upgrade to this MX6 release or do you suggest to those who have not yet upgraded to to take some precautionary measures to prevent us from manually rebuilding password databases on several machines?
  2. Thank you for reintroducing the smart tab lock mechanism! Apart from the new tab position settings not being respected as mentioned by other users in this thread, please look also into the previously reported tab lock malfunction where even a locked tab can still be closed with the "Close current tab" mouse gesture without having the tab unlocked first.
  3. Hello, a question regarding Lock/Pin Tab functionality. Will the tab locking mechanism known from MX5 (and older versions of Maxthon) be implemented at some point in MX6 or is the Pin Tab function supposed to replace the tab locking completely? Being a long-time user of Maxthon I cannot get used to the pin tab functionality which I consider far inferior to the previous tab locking mechanism. Rationale: Locked tab status could be applied and removed very quickly via mouse gesture in MX5. Not possible with MX6 pin tab functionality and given the current implementation of tab pinning I
  4. Hello, is there any way how to backup the search engine settings for later use? Once I installed on my three computers, the search engine lists got completely messed up and I lost majority of preconfigured search engines. Can I somehow ensure that the list of search engines configured on the first PC gets correctly distributed to the other two? What I did is that I installed on the first PC, configured the search engines there, let this PC running and only then moved to the other two machines where I installed the To my surprise when I restarted MX6