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  1. May I ask why are you using the 32 bit version not the 64 bit? and BTW there is a newer version Version6.1.2.2200(64-bit)0801
  2. I recommend you to fully uninstall Mx6 with a good uninstaller like Iobit Uninstaller to clean all leftovers Then install Mx6 after a cold reboot of the system
  3. Confirmed When Maxthon is running, it takes over ctrl+f1 even if it's in the background
  4. You're right confirmed the behavior is to search for copied words just like dragging them to the ttolbar confirmed multiple tab bars is much better I think this happens to almost all new chrome developer and betas releases too Just ignore it exclude it from your antivirus check and install the beta it's a false alarm for sure
  5. You can only set it to 999 only not more than that I'm already logged in I cannot find the password generator when there is a password filling form Try this I went to acer.com tried to create an account in the form there isn't any suggestion for passwords like it used to be with MX5 here is Maxthon 5
  6. Does anyone know where has the suggest password gone?
  7. You are right but they must test new alphas and betas to get a stable version for you to like So You are not forced to update if you don't want to participate and bear the trouble
  8. Try this one then https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/handy-tab/clgckgfbhciacomhlchmgdnplmdiadbj/related
  9. Why don't you just stick to the old color choice instead until they give us the option to put our own thumbnails
  10. It's now working but after a complete shut down and restart to the PC
  11. maxthon 1700 cannot open links from external sources I got the old problem back in this version 1700 it was ok in 1600 I had it in some earlier versions too 2098574578_bandicam2021-06-2520-33-42-438.mp4
  12. You can use the command prompt copy /b command I think
  13. They are compressed in your user profile under c:\Users\???\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\\webui\newtab.7z\static\img\bg\ ??? = your user
  14. The best thing about this ver is that I now can open external links with maxthon It stopped working with 1400 though this version after updating and reopening closed all my pinned tabs that were open when it asked me to relaunch
  15. I have checked both but still no use
  16. I have installed it a clean install and now I have to login to my account every time I restart Maxthon
  17. Try the portable too to see if it does the same
  18. Thank you Dong Dong But that's not so easy for newbies I wanted them to put it on the bookmark toolbar right click for easier access
  19. What is the easiest way to export bookmarks I found it not easy I had to go to mx://bookmarks/ to export which is not available at hand Could you please add import and export to the right click of the bookmarks toolbar And it is a good idea to add a shortcut to go to mx://bookmarks/ too
  20. You're welcome You surely mean Unless there is a newer version