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  1. Thanks for clarifying that BUT I think that building something over an old engine is sure to always get you in trouble The MX6 should be build using the latest engine and future engines in mind so that all your efforts of fixing old bugs might be lost because of the new core introduced I think the idea of having a beta testing channel is all about that You must keep your stable version intact and build the betas version using the latest chromium core so that we will only complain about minor problems and you will be ahead of all other browsers
  2. Why aren't Devs just answer this simply? Why aren't you updating the core engine to the latest chromium? The truth is always the best answer even if it's bitter. Hey Bugsirs PLEASE do answer this
  3. I wish they clarify why they are so way behind with the Chromium Build version I think many bugs and issues will be fixed as soon as they use the latest chromium but still they're trying to fix issues that will be reported over and over because of not fixing the main engine
  4. Tried this the results depend on the country for Saudi Arabia it only gave me 530 But for the UK it gave me 773 and I could see all results fine You could be right I'm not using any ad-blocker extension with Maxthon just relying on my Internet Security
  5. I tried every browser I have none could download it
  6. The old link was OK for me but this is much faster
  7. Though it's nice I don't think Mx5 will live up to the upcoming Tech hype with its current engine and upgrading the engine to Chrome based is what they thought of when they introduced Mx6 And they had a big challenge of impleminting Mx5's best features into Mx6 which is why we're in this delimna
  8. This is a mega link https://mega.nz/file/soBUgRaI#0HUsJNfnUowDDqKvZ20GcvkQolVpRmcXAhE0sLG29e8 Hope it helps same here
  9. I recommend you to try with a new test account to check if it's a Maxthon internal issue I think it's always a good idea to specify your Windows and install or Portable version so that others with the same specs could help
  10. May I recommend installing Maxthon with a clean fresh new user account ( test one) to see if it's an account user issue not related to Maxthon itself
  11. Have you tried logging out then in?
  12. Do you have any locked tabs?
  13. I'll check my extensions maybe they are the cause
  14. Hello Maxthon users Do you have this too? Clicking the arrow takes me nowhere
  15. confirmed here too only clicking the pin twice will close it
  16. Thanks BugSir006 The problem seems to be from my site All other sites detected my location correctly Time to send the developer a bug report
  17. The location prompt is there I don't have to force refresh to get it The site doesn't detect my location I need it to detect my location because my city isn't in there manual list And it used to work in one earlier version but I don't know which one
  18. This new version isn't detecting my location just like the previous one https://sabti-h.com/prayer/ Note: It seems all chromium based browsers are not detecting my location with this site further inspection is on
  19. Not happening here everything looks OK
  20. Could you please check if you have a windows cleaner app that is deleting Maxthon cached files I think it's an external issue not Maxthon's
  21. My last issue I reported with the previous version of Mx6 not detecting my location is still present in this new version It's happening to me too Can't explain it though I recommend you to send it to any social app to get your self more interested people this is not a thread of such things
  22. Have you tried it without all extensions ? and have you tried it with a guest account ?
  23. This is Google translation PEOPLE! RUSSIANS! PLEASE STOP THE WAR!!! Kiev Kharkiv, Odessa, peaceful cities throughout Ukraine - ik Russian soldiers kill and shell, Die civilians, we sit in basements!!! Contact relatives, friends, acquaintances in Ukraine - find out that is actually happening firsthand! do not close eyes, otherwise we will finally lose everything human in People!
  24. Try the portable too if you are using installed version