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  1. Yes. This is very important for those that have so many bookmarks It's a lot easier and more convenient At least you make it an option so that those that don't like it could easily uncheck it
  2. Good to see that this version doesn't open locked tabs blank And that opening thunderbird's links is not broken Thanks
  3. That's not true My default browser was always maxthon some new betas break the links when updating some don't
  4. The issue of Maxthon not opening links from thunderbird is present in this beta .1703 I had to make Chrome default and opening links with it then closing maxthon and making it default to get it to work
  5. Very strange I had disabled all extension before I report this and even tried the portable with and without extensions enabled But when today I disabled all extensions it worked Now it is fixed even when I reenabled all extensions back The only difference is that Maxthon used to open that maxnote in my tray after I disabled all extensions and restarted maxthon it no longer starts with maxthon So I guess the problem was with the Maxnote not the extensions
  6. It behaves the same whether disabled or enabled I get the same result The problem is not in opening in a new tab it's in opening in foreground
  7. The issue with the mouse middle click still exists in this version actually now anything I click with the left mouse button opens in a new tab regardless of the setting
  8. I tried everything from clean install to disabling all extensions to no avail I even tried the portable versions Only maxthon_portable_7.1.6.1201_beta_x64 worked fine All newer versions had the issue Edit: Even the latest .1700
  9. done that not working too When I click with the middle mouse button it still opens in new foreground tab
  10. Hi everyone How can I open tabs with middle click without opening in forground tabs Now whenever I click anything it opens in a new forground tab and swiched to it immediately
  11. This is google's translation You can contribute and fix it What I understood by that phrase is: I die for you, that was nothing. In English what is the equivelent of I humbly sacrifice my life for you what I did was nothing compared to that Or to put in other words Everything else besides what I would do for you is nothing
  12. I found out that when the translate icon popup and I try to choose extension option I get a blocked tab
  13. No This was an old bug Where installing Maxthon as default won't open links from thunderbird I haven't seen it for many past versions But returned with this one
  14. Unfortunately although Maxthon is set as default browser it broke opening links from thunderbird This has almost gone from Maxthon Now it's back Edit: I had to do the old fix to the issue Which is to close all instances of maxthon then make chrome the default browser open the thunderbird link with chrome reset maxthon as default browser then it works
  15. Good to see that updating to this version didn't open my locked tabs blank
  16. But I had 8 locked tabs All opened locked but blank tabs
  17. When installing this latest version I faced the old bug where it restarted with all my locked tabs blank
  18. I confirm not working on installed version on win11 too for a workaround you can click on the 3 dots and open in new tab this will open the videos but for the popup it's not working
  19. is working fine here in windows 11 and maxthon 64 installed
  20. I used to like them at the bottom too but I got used to them on top I don't think I'm going to go back to liking them on the bottom anymore I'll have to get used to it again
  21. I wish you have the time to fix Netflix
  22. I see now Once you choose Continue where you left off You will get But all other choices are OK So BugSirs it's a bug that needs a fix
  23. In my case Maxthon will always open a new window with a blank tab if I click Ctrl+N even though my default home page is set to But it will open if I click on maxthon.exe Edit: After I changed my homepage to It's now opening if I click the maxthon.exe and opening a new blank tab when I click ctrl+N