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  1. it works but when you play it then stop it then play it
  2. May be it has to do with Hardware Acceleration check to see if it's checked or not
  3. Very strange they all worked here except vk.com not reachable Edit: Vk.com is blocked in my country
  4. This site is being blocked for malware threat
  5. Try even if you don't get what you want , at least you got yourself heard
  6. Have you done a clean uninstall of Maxthon with a dedicated uninstaller like Iobit Uninstaller that removes all leftovers of a software if Brave works then it's a cache issue in your laptop I would recommend you to use a cleaner like Ccleaner to have your laptop in top shape
  7. Well Chrome puts extension in C:\Users\"your-user"\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions Maxthon in C:\Users\"your-user"\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Profile 1\Local Extension Settings
  8. In Mx5 is not possible because of the different engines But in chrome you can pack extensions
  9. You can download it from pc then send it to your mobile using Bluetooth or whatever way you prefer
  10. https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes6/
  11. Go to settings about and check at the bottom if it says relaunch otherwise close Maxthon and all instances of it then reinstall
  12. Maybe there's a Maxthon process that is still running Try closing all instances of Maxthon then reinstall
  13. I had the same thing but next underneath it was asking for relaunch now it reads .600
  14. Try downloading the latest beta Google drive accepted it with me
  15. Thank you for enabling ctrl + numeric keypad plus and minus for zooming and ctrl 0 for resetting zoom to 100%
  16. I have an adobe account and It gave me the same result with cent browser and firefox too
  17. Firefox is not a chromium based browser And I also checked that site with Internet Explorer not edge the chromium based browser All gave me the same result Looks OK here no errors everything's fine That is right. It used to work so what happened? Why is it not working now? BTW: It works with all other browsers I tested on
  18. I used to reset zoom size to 100% by clicking ctrl + keypad 0 It no longer works Just the ctrl + 0 on the numbers row works Edit: All the zoom increase and decrease size also don't work from the keypad
  19. Yes it doesn't save it as .jpg but when downloading it was OK But for that site all other browser save it as .webp format too I tried Firefox , Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi
  20. me too Mx6 has a symbol top right corner