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  1. I'm using 360 total security never had any issues with it on that site (the old site) I guess
  2. It keeps spinning and never loads on all browsers I have
  3. It is still doing the same it saves the mouse gesture and continue it on other tabs It does that in Chrome too
  4. The mouse when using the middle scrolling wheel then trying to use the mouse in any other tabs it will make gestures that would send you somewhere else
  5. It's now this
  6. Yes they're working but not hard enough upgrading to the latest core must be their first and most priority just trying to fix bugs and adding unimportant features made Maxthon just another browser when alas it used to lead the competition
  7. We still hope what a beautiful dream
  8. Looks like you have a problem with your sites Everything is fine here
  9. I think it's not happening to everyone It's for specific people
  10. Devs should have already accepted that their video downloader is a waste of time They should just implement a known and working one instead
  11. looks OK with me I'm on win11 installed version You're right It flickers then disappears just hit F5 to refresh it will surely flicker then disappear
  12. Here is the setup file extracted from the above x64 I think you need to experiment with it the compressed chrome folder is so huge to upload here setup.exe
  13. I could download the video with Maxthon downloader But was so slow and the file size was way bigger like a 100 mb more than what IDM got and video downloader extension It's not downloading the actual file just getting it streamed to a capture device wich results in a distorted file not as smooth as the original
  14. When I came back to my Maxthon it needed just a restart It autoupdated to this latest beta everything's OK
  15. Then there's only 1 suggestion It could be a none completed download Download the same file from a different source I suggest you download it from a mobile then copy it to your windows and run it
  16. Could be because of your Antivirus The inclusion of BrightVPN which seems to be treated as malicious in some antivirus databases might be the cause
  17. Well Once you get to use it you can't live without it It's a must for me especially getting those sound files not just videos
  18. Install Internetdownload manager and it will capture videos in so many sites
  19. Maxthon just auto-updated to v7.1.8.6001 (64-bit)
  20. On my win11 installed version I can
  21. On my win11 installed version everything looks normal with ABP installed and active too
  22. You can use chrome task manager to check which one is using up more memmory just click shift+esc and you can see details not present with the windows task manager This is my task manager
  23. I'm on the installed version on win11 I watched a whole youtube movie without any lagging You can try in safe mode to check if it's an extension issue