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  1. Google maps and all sites using it still cannot detect my location This is a chromium bug whic is not present in Canary builds. But all Devs ignore this remark every time I post it as if they don't see it
  2. How can you get Maxthon to Customize User Agent string?
  3. Html5test and Css3test Comparison between MX6 PC Beta Release Chrome Chromium Dev 85.0.4174.0 and Chrome Canary Dev 87.0.4266.0
  4.\maps Still not able to detect my location which is not a Maxthon bug but a chromium bug though it does not occur with the Canary channel. Can any Dev tell me if it's possible to switch Maxthon core to Chrome Canary instead which will save them them from that bug
  5. Can't you just make them included automatically without asking for them
  6. Google maps bug still exist with this release It's still a bug with chromium but not canary dev Why don't you use canary instead of chromium channel
  7. Thanks for the tips You're cool. 👍👌
  8. Export your favourite and import it in Chrome to see the difference Then export it from Chrome and import it in Maxthon see if that changes anything BTW you have to clear your favourites before you import so you don't get duplicates
  9. My main problem is not yet fixed which is a chromium issue too Any site that uses google maps can not detect my location
  10. They're OK in my PC to my eyes Check if you have changed your default theme by any means What do you mean I can change them I confirm
  11. Do you mean you want an extension that lets you open a group of sites all at once if so you don't have to just put all links in 1 bookmark folder then right click over it you have the option to open them all at once
  12. Try this 1. login as a guest and bookmark some sites 2. login into your account you won't see your bookmarks but only those guest bookmarks I had to clean uninstall maxthon then reinstall to get my account bookmarks back Update: I think you mean that if I don't want to sign in I should make a normal account but not sign in with any account with it but that's a waste of time and effort just let Maxthon make a local account for those that won't sign into an account
  13. I see what you mean. Unfortunately you are right after signing in with my account Maxthon kept my guest bookmarks instead of showing me my account bookmarks
  14. Update when I tried to logout it gave me the option to keep the bookmarks If you wish to clear everything then just export the bookmarks then logout and in the guest account import them back
  15. It's already available Just hit ctrl+f1 ctrl+f2 .. What do you mean by Mx6 folders? which folders?
  16. I used to click shft+Enter to get to any .net site What has happened to it? It no longer works
  17. Hey I'm really sorry and thank you for your short answer 😁. And BTW always keep in mind to never put all the eggs in one basket
  18. This is not a final app it's beta, if you are going to leave just because of this then farewell. You are new to this browser and haven't seen all the treasures within that other browsers lack Good luck and goodbye
  19. I actually deleted the google entry and modified another one and made it default
  20. Just modify any search engine with and you're good to go
  21. Hello Google maps still not working in this version too Though it's working with standard Chrome it's not working with Chromium
  22. This is enable right click extension here is reload failed images extension