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  1. Why are we still on version 103 on Windows
  2. I don't know how Devs go about prioritizing their bug fixes but I'm sure if they don't try to have the beta channel set to engine updating first, they will only keep regetting bugs that relate to core browser engine. Please have a stable version channel and prioritize updating core browser engine for the beta channel and build from there. This way users that use beta versions won't keep complainig about old bugs reappearing
  3. what about trying with a guest account not your user account? in Maxthon gpu you get the log Log Messages [8660:17880:1124/054904.312:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:174 (getProgram): Failed to load binary from cache
  4. I recommend to try this issue in the portable version to see if it behaves the same and you could also try to check it with a guest account to make sure it is not related to your user account data
  5. I can confirm this too on windows 10 maxthon installed version Paypal working in other browsers
  6. The white page is still happening with this latest ver .2400 the screen stays white as if it's waiting for a mouse click which went away as soon as I clicked that white page
  7. Sorry about recording a video for the sensitive info to be revealed also happening with the latest ver .2400 the screen stays white as if it's waiting for a mouse click which went away as soon as I clicked that white page
  8. The white page when openning links from thunderbird is still present in this version with and without hardware acceleration
  9. Check that windows defender is not enabled too when disabling Kaspersky
  10. Working fine here with me keeps the width
  11. It happens even after unchecking hardware acceleration and restarting browser It happens after a full system shut down too
  12. For now try to use the portable maybe your AV will only remove the file without removing the rest
  13. My 360 total security also blocks it but it only remove this plu1.exe only and I can install maxthon without it
  14. I couldn't reproduce too did the steps as told Is acceleration mode turned off with you? It's checked with me I'm using installed version on windows 10 pro 21H2 19044.2130
  15. Well said thanks blaming someone else is usually the easiest way instead of blaming oneself I found out that whenever I see a problem I first check if it's related to me specificly Usually I try to reproduce it on another pc or other systems if it happens then I report it sometimes that causes me to clean reinstall or update or downgrade It's not just simply a bug to report I wish there would be a way to check Maxthon purely without any user data involved so problems are easier to spot
  16. Devs should make transition to new builds smooth instead of trying to fix minor bugs that can be fixed solely by updating the browser they should impliment a way to update the core ingine immediately and make the beta channel for more recent chromium version 108 and on This way those that like to stay on the build channel stick to it and guys like me who like to always use the latest builds get their chance with the latest Chromium betas
  17. Have you checked if there are duplicate intries for this site in passkeeper I had a similar issue I deleted all instances of the site and recreated it then worked perfectly
  18. When not all users see it then it might be due to a specific os or version or user data I never had this bug too what os version are you using installed or portable? Seems OK here I had that problem in one of the last betas but not this one
  19. I recommend a full windows shutdown and restart to make sure it's not a cache isuue first
  20. not working on the latest beta .1101 Edit: working but after a refresh
  21. Is it possible to have the reopen last closed tab in the right click action on the tabs toolbar
  22. Sorry But the steps are easy Just open Maxnote search for any thing in the search box click on any note with the search text to open it Now the search box is not there You have to click on far left bigger sign next to the +new to go back to the search searched text There is no text to till you click here to go back though it's there