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  1. It looks like Maxthon doesn't take over default browser completely somehow I got the thunderbird links not opening with this update I had to go to windows settings changed default to chrome opened the link was ok I then made maxthon default browser and it was fixed So there is something to be done about that behaviour
  2. Thank you for helping others and being patient about those that try to help Being humble and considering others will get you what you want The users here are trying their best to make Maxthon the browser we all want
  3. check hardware aceleration in setting disable it if it's enabled or enable it if it's disabled then restart maxthon to see if it fixes your bug
  4. Have you tried changing the UA?
  5. You mean this site What is the problem with it?
  6. links from thunderbird not opening in maxthon now after updating to this latest version Update: after changing default browser to Chrome and clicking links in thunderbird that worked setting Maxthon as default browser fixed the problem
  7. I am having trouble downloading anything from maxthon forum through internet download manager after updating to the last betas starting with 801 when I disable the idm extension maxthon gets the link and downloads the file Is it only me? this file is an example
  8. I think you have a point there But once they think of implementing new chromium core engine more users are goint to be happy
  9. Have you tried using the portable version?
  10. I get an icon if I choose no image in QA page
  11. QA weather widget doesn't respond to what is used in accuweather settings Here I've changed it from celsius to Fahrenheit and it's not reflected on the QA page
  12. Bugsir009 To reproduce this issue I did this started Maxthon portable with the guest account closed all open tabs exited Maxthon started it again opened one extra tab closed that extra tab Exited Maxthon agin restarted it clicked on the restore closed tab another instance of Maxthon appears If I closed more than one tab more than two instances of Maxthon appear This also happens with the installed version aith and without user account Edit: had only two instances of Maxthon when many tabs were closed but the forground instance of Maxthon will keep restoring closed tabs untill there are no more tabs to restore
  13. Sorry I was just trying to help So why don't you give it a shot and scan your computer for malwares as Bugsir suggested
  14. Yes it also appears with the portable version You may by mistake clicked on a link to install by accident
  15. I already mentioned this a while ago They're doing it the other way around Fixing issues should always be after updating the core Google udates the core fixing issues of old versions You should do the same This was my suggestion 1. Make a channel of a stable version 2. Make a beta channel with the latest chromium This way users won't blame you for bugs that appear with the betas because it's mostly chromium's fault When you are finally satisfied with the beta, you can release it as a stable version in the stable channel and keep releasing betas with the latest chromium Everybody will be happy It's a win win situation I'm using the installed version You're welcome
  16. I think autoupdating for beta versions is still not reliable
  17. You set msn as the start page in customize It will always open as the start page I customized my start page to https://www.kooora.com/default.aspx?region=-1&area=0 and was set to it correctly What exactly is wrong then? Check this one
  18. A very strange started happening on this version I clicked the restore last closed page while I was playing a youtube video and a new Maxthon window with all my opened tabs opened with both youtube pages playing Edit: I tried this with and without extensions enabled 1434516237_bandicam2023-02-0415-38-06-418.mp4
  19. I agree and the only way to bypass this is to copy and past sp to the search box where then you can type the rest to get a good result
  20. I was referring to the Maxthon Desktop version not the android version Sorry about that