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  1. Well, another version has come out, probably the fifth or sixth in a row, but the promise is still not being fulfilled. "will be done in the next version" - every time you write, and the start page, as it was with colored squares, remains! Where are the promised "screenshots" instead of the "block color" on the start page?
  2. These are slightly different things. I'm only talking about tiles, their difference in MX5 and MX6. No additional widgets are needed, like weather, etc. Here are screenshots of MX5 and MX6. After all, you can do as in MX5, and not faceless colored squares? They promised to do it in the next version, and this is the "fourth next"
  3. Hey! Guys, well, when you have to change the interface of the start page is already tired of these faceless colored squares !!! Well, do, please, as it was, instead of colored squares screenshots of pages. You all promise to do it, but so far it is not, rather already.
  4. Точно так же, иногда даже не 2-3 дня а один!
  5. So, here's a video about the "last session" bugs: And one more thing, why it was impossible to return the top line to the start page, it was convenient. As in the screenshot.
  6. Yes it works. Thanks, just don't guess, in my opinion it is better to return the triangle with the dropdown list.
  7. And you also misunderstood by the opening window of the last session, I will probably record a video and show it to you.
  8. In Maxthon 6, we have this button to open the selected tabs. I wrote not about this button, which you showed in the screenshot, but about it in my screenshots: MX5 and MX6
  9. Hello. discovered another error. If you close the browser with open pages and open it again, the page with the last session will open. But if you close the page with the last session again, then everything disappears, the main page opens. In version 5, I could leave the page with the last session as many times as I wanted. And one more note: In version 5, the button for opening closed tabs had a drop-down list of closed pages. And in this version, you can open only one, the last tab. Is it possible to return this function somehow?
  10. Hi, when will you return the "screenshot" instead of the "block color" to the first tab? Also, will the "translate page" or "translate selected text" button be returned?
  11. Hello! Please tell me why in version 6 they removed the "screenshot" in the display of blocks, and left only the "block color"? It was very convenient and visual! Return this option if possible.
  12. Hi, my name is Volodymyr, I am from Ukraine. I have been using Maxthon since version 2.