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  1. the same problems that I wrote about continue in version ...1400 and version ...1500
  2. Addition to the problem on the "quick access" page. Not only sorting does not work, but also other functions. For example, if you change what to display on the page - "image" or "block color" - apply and update, after 2 seconds 2 pages of the same site appear, one with a picture, the second without it. If you delete the element that is without a picture, everything returns to its place, the picture also disappears from the other ..... Changes do not apply! As always, I'll add the video right away. Conclusion - you did something wrong with the quick access page. She is almost out of service. Rec002.avi
  3. Hello! There is a problem on the "quick access" page. It is not possible to sort windows of sites and folders manually. After permutation, everything returns to its place or jumps arbitrarily. I'll add a video right away. Rec001.avi
  4. Hello! Please tell me why in version 6 they removed the "screenshot" in the display of blocks, and left only the "block color"? It was very convenient and visual! Return this option if possible.
  5. Hi, my name is Volodymyr, I am from Ukraine. I have been using Maxthon since version 2.