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  1. I wrote about this back in MX6 PC Beta Release
  2. Guys, it's not serious at all! Did you even give a damn about the quick access page?
  3. And again in this version, no one did anything with the quick access page...... This has been going on for a very long time....
  4. All problems with the quick access page are still there!!! No one even thought to fix anything!
  5. the same problems that I wrote about continue in version ...1400 and version ...1500
  6. Hello! Please tell me why in version 6 they removed the "screenshot" in the display of blocks, and left only the "block color"? It was very convenient and visual! Return this option if possible.
  7. Hi, my name is Volodymyr, I am from Ukraine. I have been using Maxthon since version 2.