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+ Improved search speed of maxnotes
+ Improved downloader drop down menu
+ Improved QA page theme
* Fixed "mouse scroll state problem" on QA page
* Fixed " history page wasn't load while scrolling to the end" problem
* Fixed " Dropped tab did not render" problem
* Fixed " Delete downloaded file caused crash" problem
* Fixed " Could not adjust video play window" problem

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-  Where can I configure my city to show the weather?

- Wrong version number in Settings / About...


-  The integrated translator does not apply line breaks when it finds "+" and "*" signs, as it happens on this same web page in the area of improvements and fixes:


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15 hours ago, Chalie said:

DAZN ask to update my browser

Hi Chalie, I have tested this site out and wasn't prompt any updating of browser. Could you disable all extensions and try again?

15 hours ago, Chalie said:

HOKA doesn't work anymore

Have reported this issue to the engineers for them to check further.

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