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  1. HMMM am playing a 4K video @2160 on 34" monitor without a problem on my 1Gig internet with multiple windows open.
  2. 64bit 32bit
  3. Don't have that problem at all. Can go to pages 2,3,4 etc. without a problem in version on Windows 10 Insider version
  4. Just tried your the above video and soundwave on with several other tabs open and did not experience any stuttering at all. And I have those same options checked in Settings. Don't know what to suggest, sorry.
  5. What part of Google Maps doesn't work for you? I'm on there right now and satellite view and street view are working fine.
  6. As a workaround, you can right click on the speaker icon on the tab and then on "Mute Site". I'm sure they will fix it in the next version.
  7. Similar but not the same. It's located in Settings/Advanced/Privacy and Security.
  8. Snap works fine for me with on Windows 10.