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  1. Just watched that entire video without any problem on on Windows 10 Insider version 21337 on 34" monitor.
  2. Ignore that McAfee popup, it's a scam, they are trying to get your information.
  3. It's on the right side of the Tab next to the Close icon. But, you have to Right Click and then click on "Mute Site", then if you want to un-mute, you have to right click again and then click on "Unmute Site"
  4. Just watched over 30 minutes of full screen videos on both YouTube and Rumble and not one glitch, but on 64bit, on 34" monitor. Maybe try that latest version.
  5. My answer wasn't good enough Jeff?
  6. Yes, it will overwrite the previous version. You will not have 2 installations.
  7. Odd, I played a video just fine on that site, but when I tried to play another one, I got that same error message. Strange.
  8. HMMM am playing a 4K video @2160 on 34" monitor without a problem on my 1Gig internet with multiple windows open.
  9. Don't have that problem at all. Can go to pages 2,3,4 etc. without a problem in version on Windows 10 Insider version 21277.rs-prelease.