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  1. So have several hundred other requests, so please be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Maxthon.
  2. Delete it and then add it in again. I just did it and it works.
  3. Similar but not the same. It's located in Settings/Advanced/Privacy and Security.
  4. You say you are not able to save "some" images. Can you explain a little please what images or from where are you having the problem saving?
  5. Ok, did a complete clean install removing all user data and it now works properly.
  6. This is an installed, overwrite version. I will uninstall completely and re-install to see if that works and report back.
  7. There are no steps, I just open Maxthon and about:blank always opens along with my customized sites.
  8. Although it is not checked, the About:blank tab still opens every time I start
  9. Snap works fine for me with on Windows 10.
  10. Shift + Middle click opens in new tab.
  11. Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur la barre d’onglets
  12. Why not just right click on the tab bar?