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Community Answers

  1. It must be where you are located. I can watch HBO Max without any problem. I'm in the United States.
  2. You posted this before and I tested and, on my system, Maxthon, it remembers size and position on my 34" monitor.
  3. Yes, good heavens, I just barely click the link and it was done, didn't even show me the download speed. 😁
  4. Well apparently I'm doing something wrong because I can change to any search engine in the list, close Maxthon, re-open Maxthon and it stays to what I have changed it to. I'm on on Windows 11 Insider build 25126
  5. Not bad here, anywhere from 95Mbps to 138Mbps on all 4 downloads.
  6. Doesn't seem to be a problem here.
  7. I just logged in and it is working for me. I'm in the U.S.A.
  8. It's additional work, but you could save it to your desktop and then check the properties. It appears that Vivaldi is the only one who still has it. Firefox doesn't have it either.
  9. I watch HBO Max without any problem. I'm in the USA, maybe that could be the problem?
  10. Sorry, well I hope BugSir006 sees your messages and gets back to you.
  11. Ok, then click on name and go directly to their page and see if it's there.
  12. Hover over BugSir006's name and click on Message