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  1. Hi, Its OK now with the last MX6 PC Beta Release version portable, thanks.
  2. I can confirm also and me.
  3. With IObit uninstaller you mean? I try uninstall the shortcut with the Your Uninstaller prog and I noticed that it took a while, but in the end it only removed the shortcut, it didn't bother maxthon at all (I haven't tried it with the windows 10 uninstaller). Hi, Sorry i cant help you.
  4. Hi, i tried and uninstalled a shortcut and it doesn't remove maxthon just the shortcut (for me).
  5. Hi, In this version and the before version (portable) i have problem with the shortcuts. Every time I make a shortcut in the desktop an entry is created in "Programs and futures / Uninstall" (photos). Windows 10 Enterprise/21H2/x64 Maxthon Port/last version Thanks.
  6. Hi, right click / save as PDF - NOT WORK
  7. Hi, I can not download the portable x64 version, the first link starts downloading slowly and after a while it stops, with the second link it does not start at all. Thanks.
  8. Hi, i try download all links and my Kaspersky says WARNING WEB PHISHING etc.
  9. Hi, crashes without leaving reports.
  10. Hi, and in this version none of the problems I have have been fixed. Αll the problems I had in the previous versions I have in this one as well. Lots of crashes a day for no reason, etc.....
  11. Hi, i have send before without solution, i wait for the next version to try.
  12. Hi and thanks for your answer but i have try all methods without any result (I have said it many times, maybe also be a problem with the my "user data" folder). They also sent me and I tried the chromium 96 with which I did not have any problems, so there is poor memory management I think or something wrong in my "user data" folder, because also the YouTube problem continued in me (crash if i try to make shortcut). I wait try it the next version.
  13. Thanks, I use portable only, but i have try installed version also with the same prob.
  14. Hi, the crashing's continued 2 times in one hour.