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  1. Hi, i try but i say before i dont know English i use Google translate.... Hi, I have finished translating all the files 100%. As I said I do not know English, the translation was done with the help of google translate. Εάν κάποιος Έλληνας ξέρει Αγγλικά και θέλει να διορθώσει τα πολλά λάθη μου, μπορεί να το κάνει πατώντας εδώ: https://crowdin.com/project/maxthon-for-pc-translation/el# Thanks Maxthon team for the good work!
  2. Hi, i try but i say before i dont know English i use Google translate....
  3. Ηι, I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just trying to facilitate, sorry if you understood that I'm attacking you.
  4. I dont agree, this version is nice (portable x64 v6.1.2.800 (64-bit) 0417). Still has some problems but i hope they are solved in the future. PS: 1. I download portable version x64 2. extract the files 3. delete all [exept folder "User Data"] in the folder I have it the ΜΧ6. 4. Copy all from extract folder and paste in the MX6 folder. This is it. Agree. I agree, e.g. I open 2 tabs from Youtube with different songs and select "mute site" from one tab, the songs stop playing (mute) on both tabs directly. I would also like the change from "Mute site" to "Mute tab".
  5. Ηι, I have a suggestion: I would like to have the option to "create a shortcut" on every new tab that I open on the right click ..... I would also like there to be mute (left click on the speaker) on every tab that plays music (like on the MX5). Thanks. Hi, sorry i ilke the small tabs. Thanks. Agree!
  6. Hi, i have serious problem with PIN tabs....
  7. Hi and thanks BugSir006 and MX team!