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  1. Issue reported. 😊 This known bug is still being analyzed. Suggestion reported. 😊
  2. Hi there, log in to uu.me then open Passkeeper, click Exceptions, delete that website, please.
  3. Thank you for your video. This known bug will be fixed as soon as possible. Yes, it will be added to the future version. Known bugs are still being analyzed.
  4. Suggestion recorded. Thank you! Bug reported.
  5. We will continue optimizing the Maxthon 6 browser, this function will not be added lately.
  6. Could you provide a screenshot of it? Suggestion recorded.
  7. @projektilskisent the private messages to me said he/she reinstalled the Windows system and issue solved. Could you provide a short video of this issue? Or could we check this issue remotely?
  8. Hi there, we recommend you to use the Maxthon 6 browser, the kernel of Maxthon 3 is too low. The data of Maxthon 3 cannot be pasted to Maxthon 6, it will cause crash. You can log in to Maxthon 6, the data will be imported automatically to Maxthon 6 at the first login.
  9. I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced. It would be appreciated if you can provide a short video of it. Attached screenshots for your reference.
  10. Could you describe this issue in detail? It would be appreciated if you can provide a screenshot or short video. Suggestion recorded. Try to download again, please. Could you provide a short video of this issue? I will forward it to the dev team.
  11. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website https://www.maxthon.com/ Happy browser and leave your comment!
  12. - Chromium 85 - Compatible with the Chrome extension center - Built in the Vbox plugin for managing blockchain identities - Compatible with the user data of Maxthon 5 - Popular functions of previous versions
  13. Hi there, camera and microphone settings will be added to the future version.
  14. Hi there, suggestion recorded. Currently, you can go to mx://history/ for checking the data.
  15. Hi there, you can back up the files then replace them.
  16. Could you provide a screenshot or short video of this issue? The passwords data haven't been imported fully? Maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6 are different browsers, so the data could not be pasted directly, it probably cause the crash issue. To find the folder "AppData," you can press the keyboard "Win+R," run "%appdata%."