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Community Answers

  1. Maxthon beta * Optimized the positioning directory opening for the super favorites bookmarks bar menu * Improved the default browser file association in the settings page * Updated multi-language translations - Fixed the issue of blank page when opening in note editing mode - Fixed the garbled text issue in loud reading - Fixed the security issue of using the browser without logging in - Fixed the issue of being unable to save pages as pictures in incognito mode - Fixed the error in the initial page when creating a new window from the taskbar right-click menu
  2. beta + Added read aloud feature + Added Lab - Smooth webpage scrolling feature * Optimized saving webpage with a different filename * Updated translations for multiple languages - Fixed the issue of browser freezing when closing tabs
  3. May I ask where did you get these information? we would love to verify them.
  4. Hi zion7, it's better to provide a screenshot of the popup.
  5. It's explained here if you care to read
  6. beta + Added Maxthon Note upgrade dialog * Improved search speed for Maxthon Notes - Fixed the issue where ‘Web Indexing by Bright Data’ couldn’t obtain coins - Fixed the problem with disordered installation path logic - Fixed the issue where the note’s URL decoding failure caused the list to not load - Fixed the issue of infinite coin-adding animation displayed on the new tab page
  7. Thanks everyone for the report and discussion. We always put the users' safety as 1st priority and we will reconsider the way to work with brightdata.
  8. beta + Added the feature to acquire Maxthon gold - Web Indexing by Bright Data + Added support for saving web images in png, jpg formats * Optimized the note search interaction * Updated multilingual translation - Fixed the issue where submitting changes on a new tab page caused errors and couldn't save - Fixed a potential crash when querying notes - Fixed a crash issue when clicking on notification pop-ups
  9. beta + Added toggle for 'Lock Browser' feature + Added go back button to the settings->lab * Optimized display of full path in recent list for Little Bee * Optimized sync logic for PassKeeper * Updated multi-language translations * Fixed the issue where two-factor authentication in PassKeeper prevents access * Fixed the occasional issue of the settings page displaying the feature management page content
  10. You can enable the switch core button and change the core engine on the fly.
  11. beta + Added Settings - Advanced Settings - Laboratory + Added mouse gesture switch and blacklist settings + Added switch for always opening links in a new tab * Installation logic optimization * Multilingual translation updates - Fixed abnormal exit issue when closing the browser - Fixed issue where the new tab doesn't display quick access - Fixed abnormal note-sharing issue
  12. beta* Fixed "New tab page was blank on startup" problem* Fixed " Close a new window would close existing window" problem
  13. beta+ Added feature: Double-click the top of the webpage scrollbar to scroll to the top, and double-click the bottom to scroll to the end.* Unified note URL type operation.* New tab page background image logic optimization, adjusted default width of the site list.* Password Master page startup optimization.* Multilingual translation update.- Fixed the issue of incorrect web page form filling.- Fixed the issue where the new tab page did not load correctly.
  14. 1000 Gold sent for ( 1uehaggjm ) 1000 Gold sent for ( 1ug4sc7rh )