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  1. hi, can you ask your company why it blocks maxthon.com? it's really hard for us to fix it without knowing the reason. Thanks
  2. Or you can try mx6 portable which is more compatible to google services.
  3. you don’t have to setup Vbox cloud account to use Vbox ( although it’s recommended to have one ).
  4. Thanks Magdalene, please set the payment address in your profile set we can tip you 😀 ps: do you want this post to be pinned and replace the old one?
  5. Are you using mobile browser? Or 1100 pc version? You can try to increase the tip to 6v which is the lowest payment value in Vbox. We will release a new version to make it to 2 later.
  6. What’s your system language and maxthon language? What OS did you use when you sign up vbox?
  7. Hi Everyone, We always believe Maxthon is made by all users, not just developers and we always believe we shall send thanks to the people who contribute to the community. Now, we have introduced a new forum feature to make a step forward in this direction. If you look at the post, you will find there is a new feature, "Give tips", on every post. When you click 'Give', you will have the chance to send a little reward to the owner of the post to show thanks to him/her. You can use Maxthon Vbox or other wallet to pay the tips. How to receive tips? Ope
  8. Hi, This forum is dedicated to Skin and Extensions of latest Maxthon browser. Maxthon uses the same Skin and Extension format of Google Chrome. Feel free to share any good Skin or Extension that you love. If you are a skin or extension author, feel free to share your work to our community. Cheers~~
  9. Thanks for the clarification my friends. It’s not hard to comprehend. It’s actully a common sense in building good product. Facebook started as a mischief to rate college girls. Google started as an internal tool. You can not design a product to please everyone, but always a certain kind of people, starting from yourself. Back to topic, although not seen by most people, I believe blockchain can help us build a honest world ( I really mean it in my presentation) and also help users get back their data from companies. That’s why we will build MX6. But it does not mean we will aba
  10. Sorry buddy. But it's never the case. I created maxthon to please myself in the first place and there are other people have same taste got attracted. I won't say your understanding about blockchain is wrong, but it's certainly different than mine. I understand there are a lot of people who don't want changes and 100% accept it. But Maxthon is all about embracing new technology and new ideas. It's what drives me continue to build.