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  1. I automatically updated from 6400 to 6600. And from 6600 to 6601 after clicking reboot. No problem. Win 7 pro 64 bit
  2. Additionally, the BrightVPN extension cannot be removed from the browser. To delete it, I had to replace the User Data folder with a backup copy.
  3. BrightVPN doesn't work. Installed the extension, installed the desktop version. When you turn on VPN, it turns off immediately.
  4. There are no problems with synchronization.
  5. Confusion about gold. Shows that +600 has been added to me. In fact, +60 was added (screen for February 8, where there is 10,300 gold and a screen for February 9, where there is 10,360 gold). At the same time, when I extended my VIP for 3 months, exactly the amount indicated in January was written off -8940. What kind of deception?
  6. Yesterday there were more than 10,000 coins, today there are more than 6,000. Where did the others go? Today some kind of table started popping up, white, nothing on it, impossible to close. When you close the browser, this sign still remains. UPD: The window is gone.
  7. Agree. Before the rules came out, I had 65670 coins. In theory, this amount does not and did not fall under the rules that were published on April 28, 2023.
  8. I took and invested the coins in VIP status until May 2025. Still better than just disappearing.
  9. Where can I find these rules? I couldn't find them.
  10. On January 24, 2024, 2980 coins were written off for VIP status. After the failure that I wrote about above, the coins returned and the VIP status disappeared. I activated it again, and again 2980 coins were written off. VIP status is back. It is now valid until 24.03.2024. I wonder if the coins will be written off again on 24.02.2024 or now only in March. Why does it now show that the coins will expire on 01.04.2024?
  11. The gold is gone. Don't go to VIP. Nothing opens in the account. Avatar and information are not displayed. The rank - non-Member. Registration date - Invalid Date.
  12. In general.... There are 2 Maxton shortcuts on the taskbar (MX5 and MX7). When installing version 7, the MX5 shortcut stops working, and the MX7 shortcut occupies the far right position on the taskbar. Move the MX7 shortcut when the browser is running to another location. Then, when he clicks on the MX5 shortcut, it displays “Delete shortcut?” - we agree. After this, the MX7 shortcut itself immediately moves to the far right side and cannot be moved to another location. You can move it only when the browser is running. If you close the browser after this - it is still there, you should try to move it 1 position - it immediately occupies the extreme right position. If, while the browser is running, you place it in another place, and then turn off and turn on the computer, it will again appear in the far right position on the taskbar. This was not observed before Maxthon PC beta. I tried to install the Maxthon PC beta version, but the problem with the shortcut remained, which indicates that the installation of the Maxthon PC beta version left some of its settings. I found a way out of the situation: delete the shortcut created by Maxton on the taskbar and install a new shortcut from the desktop on the panel. After this operation there is no problem. But the reason remains...
  13. Reinstalled. Did not help. The shortcut can only be moved when the browser is running. You close the browser, try to move the shortcut and it immediately takes the extreme right position and cannot be moved anywhere else. You launch the browser and you can move it again.
  14. Hi! It is not possible to move the browser shortcut on the taskbar to a position other than the far right position. I installed the browser, the shortcut cannot be moved. After 10 minutes such an opportunity appears. I turned on the computer, the shortcut was again in the far right position on the taskbar, and it was impossible to move it again. After 5-10 minutes it can be moved again to another place. There was no such glitch in earlier versions. I closed and opened the browser and its shortcut is again in the far right position after all the shortcuts on the taskbar and cannot be moved again. After a couple of minutes, its movement is available again.
  15. Hi! This test version works well. The extensions don't disappear. Thanks.
  16. Hi! The problem with the loss of adblock and translator extensions remains. Described earlier in the topic Maxthon PC beta. Win 7 x64.
  17. The same problem remains. Adblock and translator are missing.
  18. Launch the browser in safe mode. Everything is fine - no extensions. We restart the browser - everything is fine, the extensions are in place. Close the browser and launch it again. There are not adblock or translator extensions.
  19. By the way, I noticed that after safe mode the adblock and translator extensions disappeared. After reinstalling the browser they did not appear. Only installing the previously copied browser data folder helped.
  20. Loading time is very long, 3-4 hours. I can't wait that long for it to download. The speed increased, downloaded. Safe mode works well in this version.
  21. After clicking "Confirm" the browser closes, there is not a single running process.