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  1. 30 minutes from the start of the download. Awesome... I stopped downloading, because this is not a download, but a mockery.
  2. 15 minutes from the start of the download. Awesome...
  3. What did you do with the download again? Download is not possible. For a couple of seconds, the download resumes at a speed of 1-10 kb / s and stops again. For a couple of seconds, the download resumes at a speed of 1 kb / s and again stands still. Guys who managed to download, please upload to a normal file sharing service.
  4. Are you seriously? Only maxton files download at such a speed, there are no problems with everything else, and because of this I have to do everything that you wrote? Moreover, 30 dead megabytes download at a normal speed, then the speed drops to that indicated on the screen above, so it downloads some more part of the file, then the speed increases to several mb / s. Basically it goes like this: https://youtu.be/bB2f9OooPJI It rarely happens this way, and it should swing all the time: https://youtu.be/QAAQATKIPL4 And you suggest me to dig the network settings or change the provider? I'm fine with this.
  5. Hi. In version v6.1.3.2703, the quick launch bar and download speed work fine. Thank you!
  6. Hi! All the same. Settings do not open, Help-about the browser - does not open, there is no quick launch screen, when you press Ctrl + F1 it freezes tightly. You can see everything on the video. Win 7 64-bit. Maxthon V6.1.3.2701 64-bit.
  7. Mentioned several times before. Win 7 64-bit. Maxthon V6.1.3.2700 64-bit.
  8. Installed a browser. Launched. The quick launch panel disappeared, incomprehensible yellow squares appeared in the menu. When you press Ctrl+F1, the browser freezes tightly. The further, the worse and worse. Problems that were written about in December, January, February, etc. still not corrected. I returned back to version, there are no above problems.
  9. The download speed is very slow, with high-speed Internet. 3.2-10 kb / s is this a normal speed for you?
  10. Try to disable the items indicated on the screenshot and check. Helped me. chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-encode
  11. Hi! This version has not had any crashes on startup yet.
  12. I've been waiting since December
  13. Hi! The problem described here (link below) remains in this version.
  14. Here's a screenshot today. I am attaching 2 files. The first one with an error on the screen should be, the second file is when maxthon launched, and it immediately closed by itself. Crash.rar
  15. I can’t send a video, because this failure happens unpredictably, but I can’t write videos all day. It is necessary to look at the earliest file in time. Crash.rar
  16. Hi! Periodically, when starting Maxthon, it does not start. Windows displays a "Program has stopped working" window. Windows 7, 64-bit. Maxthon Browser V6.1.3.2500 64-bit.
  17. Why not expand this submenu at least like this? Constantly when you try to go to the submenu, it closes, as it is located a little to the left. I suggest either shifting to the right, or expanding the field itself.
  18. Hi! Why, when the download is interrupted, and then when it is resumed, the download starts from scratch, and does not continue from the already downloaded?
  19. Not fixed in this version either. Some issues known since December 2021 are still not fixed. You all promise to fix problems with the new engine. What is the current Chromium, 101? And you still have 96. When will you finally update the Chromium?