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  1. I use 2 different Local State files; one with altered flags the other with default flags. When using the default flag file MX6 opens the last session perfectly. The altered flag file uses the settings I would use in Chrome (the version used in MX6 not the most upto date one).
  2. Works fine here. No crashing. Still have Last Session (Sleeping Tab) after altering flags bug.
  3. Perhaps this is related to the "Last Session tab not opening (tab is sleeping) when Flags have been altered" bug I keep reporting?
  4. Haven't had any crashes in any 64 bit exe or portable versions.
  5. Still no Widget on Bottom of sidebar like MX5 (can't hide it). Still problem with Last session page when flags have been altered.
  6. I still use MX5. I only use MX6 for testing. It's development has been the slowest of any version so far.
  7. And you can't import extensions from other browsers like Edge and Opera can or import old mx extensions or change the User Agent as was possible before or have a completely clean New tab page and the sidebar is unusable for anything etc etc.
  8. Maxthon Downloader in previous versions always had a resume point when a download was paused or interrupted.
  9. Last Session not loading bug still present.
  10. Go to mx://flags/ type in "Tabs" in the search box. You should get 2 Flags, "Tab Scrolling" and "Tab Scrolling Buttons". I think you have to have the first one set to Enabled or Enabled-Tabs shrink to Pinned Tabs width. The second you need to be Enabled.
  11. Go into mx //flags you can change tab layout and tab strip there.
  12. Last Session loading bug has returned in X64 .exe version. Was fine in previous version.
  13. Will we be getting the Config Widget cog on the bottom of the sidebar back? As it was in MX 5.
  14. You fixed the Last session not loading when flags had been altered error bug. Thanks
  15. Split screen was always in the lower status bar.