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  1. MX doesn't work on anymore either.
  2. Finally got it to install. Moved entire Maxthon folder out of C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon. Installed 6200. It added a Maxthon.exe folder inside Maxthon folder. Moved my old User Data folder over and it works fine.
  3. Still can't get 6200 to install. I've looked into C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon and in the folder is a manifest for Maxthon dated 29 Jan 2024. Has anybody else got this? Manifest for is not present.
  4. Thanks for the file. It still doesn't install. Goes to 39% then 59% then jumps to end.
  5. Still can't get .6200 X64 exe to install even with Antivirus disabled. Update from .6001 doesn't work either. Do I need to go back to .6000? X64 Portable works fine. @BugSir009 "Hi Magdalene, 6200 has been pushed through the backend. Has your version been updated?" No.
  6. Can't get .6200 x64 exe version to install. It goes through installation process but doesn't reopen automatically. When I reopen manually it is still .6001. 6200 does not appear in AppData.
  7. Versions for 7.1.6 series removed. Versions for 7.1.8 series added
  8. Change your Adblock Extension to UBlock Origin
  9. "I can do it on win11" I can do it on Win 10
  10. This one
  11. Versions for 7.0.0 series removed. Versions for 7.1.6 series added.
  12. It will reduce the resources used and may help tab shutdown.