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  1. Why are site icons updated every time you go to the quick access panel? Usually icons are placed on the site once, when creating a site and that's it. YouTube, tiktok.com video autoplay stopped working. In ok.ru, vk.com video playback starts with the sound turned off, before it turned on immediately with the sound. There are no such problems in mx 5 and other browsers.
  2. Hi. The set of extensions is unchanged from previous versions. In earlier versions with the same set of extensions, it worked without problems.
  3. Not fixed in this version either. When you try to take a screenshot through a site from which you can print a receipt by clicking the button, the browser is guaranteed to crash (close).
  4. One more problem. In extreme versions, it is impossible to visit sites with an invalid certificate. Previously, it was possible to agree and continue, now there is no such possibility.
  5. Hi, BugSir006. nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  6. What's with Hardware Acceleration enabled, what's not enabled, there is a bug.
  7. There is also such a bug. When scrolling the page, a strip of squares jumps. Moreover, it does not appear immediately after launching the browser, but after some time (I could not catch the pattern) The video below can be seen, you can watch it in slow motion. Filmed on the phone, as the bandicam does not pick it up. Rather, when the recording is in bandicam, this strip is not visible. Video This bug appeared about 5 versions ago.
  8. In this version good. Are you planning to fix the problem in the developer tools?
  9. Unfortunately, it doesn't help ttps://www.facebook.com/ , https://woocommerce.com/ , https://vk.com/ and others. On the previous, above-mentioned sites, the same situation is repeated. Unfortunately, will have to go back to the previous version, since it is impossible to work.