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  1. As soon as it happens again, I'll record a video. Now, after creating the shortcut manually, everything is fine.
  2. I know how to install. The point is that with this method, the Maxton shortcut is not automatically created in the taskbar. If you create a shortcut manually, everything works well. The problem is with the automatically created shortcut.
  3. So the test version does not automatically create a shortcut in the fast start -up panel. Not suitable for verification.
  4. The old problem is repeated. The MX7 label takes the extreme right position on the taskbar and cannot be transferred to another place. You can move it only when the browser works. If you close the browser after that - he is still there, you must try to move his 1 position - it immediately takes the extreme right position. If, while the browser works, you put it in another place, and then turn it off and turn on the computer, it will again appear in the right law on the taskbar. Wrote about this earlier:
  5. I automatically updated from 6400 to 6600. And from 6600 to 6601 after clicking reboot. No problem. Win 7 pro 64 bit
  6. Additionally, the BrightVPN extension cannot be removed from the browser. To delete it, I had to replace the User Data folder with a backup copy.
  7. BrightVPN doesn't work. Installed the extension, installed the desktop version. When you turn on VPN, it turns off immediately.
  8. There are no problems with synchronization.
  9. Confusion about gold. Shows that +600 has been added to me. In fact, +60 was added (screen for February 8, where there is 10,300 gold and a screen for February 9, where there is 10,360 gold). At the same time, when I extended my VIP for 3 months, exactly the amount indicated in January was written off -8940. What kind of deception?
  10. Yesterday there were more than 10,000 coins, today there are more than 6,000. Where did the others go? Today some kind of table started popping up, white, nothing on it, impossible to close. When you close the browser, this sign still remains. UPD: The window is gone.
  11. Agree. Before the rules came out, I had 65670 coins. In theory, this amount does not and did not fall under the rules that were published on April 28, 2023.
  12. I took and invested the coins in VIP status until May 2025. Still better than just disappearing.