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  1. In addition to the post above... This is fine? This was not the case in the 1500 version.
  2. The icons on the Quick Access Toolbar appear with a pause of a few seconds. If you look closely, you will notice that they appear after the appearance of the temperature in the weather widget. And the temperature in the weather widget also appears with the same delay. It all started with version Wrote about it once in the topic.
  3. I know what they need.
  4. When launching the browser, it is quite common for the Quick Launch bar to load after only 3-5 seconds. In the 30 minutes that I updated the browser, I was already thrown out of my account 2 times.
  5. This version of 1601 also has random crashes. Everything is like in version 1600: for example, I opened a tab-one-two, then you click on the second tab to go to it, and the browser crashes. Back to version 1500.
  6. Hi! In this version, periodic, spontaneous crashes appeared. For example, I opened a tab-one-two, then you click on the second tab to go to it, and the browser crashes. Back to the previous version.
  7. If you open 1 any tab, then close and reopen the browser, click the restore closed tabs button, then the closed tab opens in the same browser window. If you do everything again, but there are 2 or more open tabs, then the next time you close the browser and then open it, when you click the button to restore closed tabs, 2 browser windows open. One window with open tabs, and the second window is just blank. This problem has been happening for quite some time.
  8. Hi! Belarus, city Pruzhany. At the moment, the discrepancy is a couple of degrees, but sometimes it happens many times more, as I wrote above.
  9. Also clicked, entered the name of the city. The city is saved, and the weather shows incorrectly, as I wrote above.
  10. The weather widget displays completely incorrect data. When I have -1 in my city, for example, it shows -9-10. Turned it off. Most likely the fault is not in him, but in the site from where he takes this data.
  11. Remove the padding between the tab and the browser window. Why did you bring it back?
  12. Fix the specified bug. \Maxthon\Application\\webui unpack the download archive, open the css folder and look for the line in the index.css file .download-header-remove-menu{position:fixed;top:60px;right:10px;width:150px; in it we change width: 150px; on width:250px; save, archive with the 7z archiver and get the result. I am attaching the already corrected archive download.7z
  13. The weather widget works. Thank you. Download мanager menu cleanup needs to be fixed. Site icons are missing. Clearing the cache doesn't help.
  14. Try to disable the items indicated on the screenshot and check. Helped me. chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-encode