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  1. MX6 actually works portable. After installing, copy it to another directory and remove mx6. Then run it from where you copied it.
  2. This version is mx6. But why install mx5 page after installation... ? 👀 Will there be an MX6 page?
  4. -1. The Download List should also have the "clear what is finished downloading" button. Here, however, all those that continue to be downloaded are deleted. -2. How to clear the search list ? ⤵
  5. sometimes it turns off by itself ... 👎
  6. Hello, dear developer engineers 🙂😉 There was a status bar. Enlarge, shrink, and master volume on / off on the status bar, like ip information, but now not available. Also on the tab, there was a site audio on and off. Can we download and add background images. Or can we add it from our own computer?
  7. Hello , On this page, how can we delete call logs. Can this application be removed or hidden?
  8. Browser shuts sometimes itself off
  9. in MX6 directory, in User Data file. Login your self username.... copy this file" User Data file " from 1900 to in 2100
  10. Will there be an external tools button ?
  11. The links in the homepage do not open in the new tab. It opens in the same page. even though I set it to open in new tab