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  1. So, while I'm absolutely FOR you working on "little features" which give us users actual ISSUES when using the browser, that we need fixed or added, I don't understand why you're working on "non-priority" Features, like the ones you added to Maxnote, and others you've done? I mean, just one BIG Feature you need to Add is Password Import & Export. I don't think you realize how many users you likely lose because they can't "import" their YEARS of passwords with another browser that allows export at least. I mean, I almost didn't start using Maxthon because of this, having to entirely start over. There are of course other little nuances I'm STILL needing fixed that irritate me, though you have gotten most of the biggest (see the Features Suggestion Forum for what I still need mostly), but something as BIG as the above missing Feature, should be a priority. There are several browsers now that have this feature, you can just look at them to see how they do it.
  2. Are you using Install or Portable, 64bit or 32bit, Windows 10 fully updated, Fresh Install or installed over existing install, etc. etc.? I'm on Win10 Pro fully updated, never had "white tabs" with any version of Maxthon using 64 bit Install version, always do a fresh install.
  3. This version .1804 is working fine for me in Syncing, though didn't test the original .1801. Outlook is also working fine for me, Sent Folder, and Opening Emails, and ALL of my common extensions used are installed. I'm on Win10 Pro, 64bit, using the above .1804 version attached.
  4. Don't have either of those problems and I'm constantly doing ALL of those things. Using 64bit Install version, Win10 Pro.
  5. 1. Are you meaning the Quick Launch "Page", aka the QA page? Are you also meaning it takes 3-5 seconds for it to "load" after browser launch? If so, I'm not noticing this issue? 2. Are you saying you're "logged out" of your Account 2 times just at random? I'm also not having this issue. I'm using 64bit Install version, on Win 10 Pro, and I do have a bunch of extensions installed. What are your aspects, are you using 64 or 32bit, portable, do you have any extensions installed, etc. They need all the details you can provide in order to troubleshoot.
  6. Ya, there was one time in this version of the browser .1500, I just saw it totally MISSING in the Incognito Window I had open. First time I've seen that.
  7. Ya, I know for a lot of programs problems don't "generally" happen, but sometimes they do, that's why the general rule has always been to do fresh installs, same for Drivers often even, though with them you can generally get away with it more because they are specifically designed to check everything etc., look for problems before installs etc. Anyway, for me fresh installs are something I almost always do cause I tend to install a lot of programs on the regular, doing this generally prevents problems, prevents bug reports etc. Just been my practice from years of computer troubleshooting. Something can always end up different, like you've now encountered. LOL
  8. That's always been "normal" for me, even a couple of times I set the Uninstall to "not" remove Data Files etc. When you say "upgrade" how are you doing so? Are you just installing "over" an existing Install? If so, that's normal for weird things to happen, which is why it's generally not recommended for programs. Uninstalling and then Installing is generally the recommended procedure.
  9. 1. Choosing Temp Unit on QA & Paste as Plain Text seems to be working. Thanks 2. There's a BUG that I've noticed for awhile now, I think only with 7.0. I don't know how you're going to troubleshoot it, but I'll just mention it. On the occasional "start" of the browser, the QA page shows the "Default Tiles" rather than what we have saved. And it continues to do so with each open of the QA page. Only a browser "shutdown" and startup again fixes it. It ONLY does it on very rare occasion so have no idea what could be causing it. Maybe it's an extension interfering with the QA page, but would have to be running without extensions forever to test this. Anyway, just an FYI.
  10. Thanks, but like I mentioned in the post, the Website DOES indicate Fahrenheit correctly like it should. It's the QA page that's displaying Celsius when it shouldn't.
  11. But, the Website "itself" is indicating Fahrenheit like it should for Salt Lake City, Utah. In other words, it's NOT using "Celsius" as the QA page is. So, this needs to be figured out, whatever is causing the issue, whether it's an issue on the Websites end or whatever. It wouldn't be a big deal if Celsius was "consistent", like we could always add a certain amount to know the Fahrenheit, but for some reason it doesn't work like that. I've seen it widely vary, anywhere from like 10-50 Degrees compared to Fahrenheit, which is just crazy and must be why we in America use Fahrenheit because it is a standard consistent measure from one degree to the next.
  12. 1. Thank you for finally fixing for the "+" finally opening at the END of the Tabs no matter what we have set as our Tab opening option. Wait, what happened...? I tested it right after installing, and then now it's not working? 2. The "Weather" stuff on the Start Page is finally working, thank you. However, it's still showing "Celsius" on the page, even though when I click the link it's showing the correct area and Fahrenheit like it should? 3. Also, an issue that's been happening for awhile that I would like to see fixed. When you highlight a word that the "Spellcheck" is highlighting, there is no "Paste as Plain Text" option when you Right-Click like there would be if you just highlight a normal word and Right-Click. Thanks
  13. Ya, this is an irritation for me... I have used the setting "To the Right of Current Tab" since Maxthon Classic. And forever the "+" has always opened at the END of all Tabs, where the + button is. But since 6.0 Maxthon if you have the "to the Right of Current Tab" set, the stupid + button opens to the Right of current tab which is entirely NOT intuitive. So, currently I'm forced to use the "To the Right of ALL Tabs" in order to make the + open at the end like it should. This needs to be fixed... The + should open at the END of ALL Tabs no matter what setting we have set in where we like the Tabs to open, next to current tab or at the end or otherwise.
  14. Just saying that isn't helpful to them to try and troubleshoot. You need to give them your: - OS and version # - Install or Portable version - If you did a fresh install or installed over an existing install of Maxthon - Provide Crash files, Logs, etc. etc. etc. You need to give any and all information you can so they can figure it out. There are so many possibilities of WHY this could be happening to you including third party software like Anti-Virus programs, it could be a particular Extension you've installed, etc.
  15. Issues...? 1. How do you show "All Bookmarks"... It's ONLY showing the bookmarks in the "Favorites Bar"? 2. Is there no way to install Extensions? 3. Why is the Quick Access Page not synced with the Desktops Quick Access page? I.e. we have to create all new links for the Android version. 4. What is BBEP...?