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  1. The Last Session issue (multiple Tabs that were not actually open when the browser was closed showing in the Last Session list) is still occurring. BTW, I've only been having just "one" Tab open so far when closing the browser, haven't tested yet with more than one to see if the issue still occurs.
  2. Well, I don't know what I can "record"... It's simply that sometimes when I open the browser, the Last Session page will show previous sessions or Tabs or something, not just the last one. Like I showed in the pic above, the ONLY link that should have showed in that particular last session was the one I underlined. It was the ONLY Tab I had open when I last closed the browser. Like I stated, I'm "thinking" it's grabbing multiple "previous last sessions". Cause, I remember closing the browser with those particular pages open in other last sessions. It doesn't do it every time yo
  3. BUG REPORT.... "Last Session" is putting old tabs into the Last Session, not simply the last session. For example, as shown in the pic, the one underlined was the only Tab that was open when I closed the browser. Further, the other links were NOT separate tabs that I had opened during the last session. They might have been "individual" tabs I once had open in previous sessions, but not separate ones I had closed in the last session. It's almost as if the browser is sometimes grabbing "previous" last sessions individual tabs I've had open before when closing the browser. This
  4. Well, this is a new browser, so hopefully it will at some point. BTW, they've accepted my Feature Request for a "Manual" Update Button to be added to the Update section in Settings. So, it's understandable why they don't want an auto update for developmental reasons or whatever, but they might add the manual button. Let's hope...
  5. I don't use the browser much, save mostly on Amazon video, and when I "mouse-over" stuff, and scroll the page, I too am having "speed" decrease, a LAG in page elements operating. So, something's definitely going on.
  6. LOL... That was totally entertaining. Goodness
  7. Exactly... As others have mentioned, you can't "modify" the default Google Search option link yet. So, what I do is "rename" the current Google search, you CAN edit those fields, and then I create a NEW Search with the https://www.google.com/search?q=%s Then delete the old Google search and the new link is now default, or you can make it default if need.
  8. Video won't really show anything special... 1. Open a normal Maxthon Browser Window. 2. Go to Settings/On Startup/Select "Last Session Page" 3. Right Click Maxthon in the Task Bar or in the Start Menu and select "New Incognito Window" This will open a new Window in Incognito Mode, but it actually will NOT open, it will CRASH both browsers (normal and incognito) immediately as the window is attempting to open. That's it, easy to reproduce, easy instructions.
  9. BUG REPORT... .500 & .600 Windows 10 64 Bit & Maxthon 64 Bit Incognito mode crashing again when opening as a second browser. I now know why it's occurring after a bunch of testing. In Settings the "On Startup" section, when you switch it from Homepage to "Last Session Page" then the crashing occurs. The crashing doesn't occur otherwise. I haven't tested the other Startup options to see if the crashing still occurs. But it DOES occur when Last Session Page is selected.
  10. How come "Update" is not working yet...? I'm at .500 and Update says the browser is Up-to-Date. I can actually understand if you don't want it to be "automatic" during this initial major development, that would make sense so people can "revert", test different versions etc. However, you should give us a "Button" to hit in the Update section so we can update the Browser manually if we want to.
  11. Nothing like that happening on my end... Haven't tested Facebook, but I've watched a few videos on YouTube, and I've watched several videos on Amazon. The only thing I'm still wondering about is if I'm actually getting HD on Amazon, since it gives me a notice saying my browser doesn't support it. So, I'm not sure if they are disabling it or not, the video doesn't seen "that" clear, not bad, but for some reason I feel like HD should be a bit more clear, though I'm just not sure if it's a stupid notice or if they've actually downgraded the video. The download quality option is on Be
  12. Crashing in Incognito is no longer occurring in .500. FIXED, thanks. BTW, can you give me any estimate on when you can make a setting that allows the Tab Bar to be in the middle (i.e. above the page itself) like Maxthon Classic used to do, and 360Chrome and some others do? When Maxthon became standalone, after YEARS of faithful support I had to go to 360Chrome to get close to our Maxthon Classic again due to the loss of the middle Tab Bar and good plugin support (which if you remember I made a few myself cause it was so easy). That feature is so important to me, that I can't yet co
  13. 1. Yes, Incognito crashes every single time immediately upon attempted opening. Note also if the Regular browser is open, it crashes too when Incognito window/instance is attempted to be opened. 2. Video won't really show anything, it just crashes upon selecting Incognito mode, no matter within the browser or outside link. UPDATE: Actually, selecting the link within the browser it doesn't crash. So it only crashes when Right Clicking on the Maxthon Link. 3. Crash Reports attached.... reports.zip
  14. Thanks for the info, learned something new... LOL ----- BUG REPORT... I'm sure it's known already... Opening Incognito mode immediately crashes the browser, including if you have another browser instance open. On a Fresh Install too...