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  1. They've said their "Engineers are working on updating to the latest"... It takes time to add all the customizations, to test things to make sure they still work, etc. Even then there will be new bugs. So, they know already, we keep telling them to update.
  2. That's a good idea using "Github" now.... You can actually be tracking everything, providing support, etc. through Github. We can actually SEE what's happening, what's being fixed, how things are rated, we can comment and discuss issues. I think if you start using Github in which Maxthon Development is "public" there can be better interaction between devs and users so those things that most need to be addressed can be etc.
  3. I don't know much about the code, but I don't even know if they could have done that? If I remember right it was like a combo monster of Trident and Webkit. I suspect given how they've done things they've had to "rewrite" everything from scratch, and so they've been focusing on what they think are the most important features and bugs, as well trying to make MX6 "look" and function like the previous in UI and most of the basic features. I think their Dev team is really small now which is why development is just so slow, or they are trying to do too much at once. For example, making a Mac version, that's going to take a bunch of resources away from Windows and Android development. LOL... Nope, I don't use Vbox, don't really see the point. But, I think it's mostly just a plugin etc., don't know that it's taking very much away from regular development? Anyway, I pray the biggest things get addressed soon.... I really don't want to wait "5 Years" or something given the current rate of things. That will help... So, much appeciated. Ya, I want to be faithful again, do appreciate you all, it's just hard... As a user you want things like they used to be, the things that brought us all to Maxthon originally. Those are really my ONLY requests... Some of them were lost when Maxthon became standalone instead of a shell browser using IE. For example, Devs never added the "Middle Tab Bar" (aka tab bar above page) back to Maxthon, when it used to be in Maxthon Classic. The Middle Tab Bar, loss of good plugin support, and Maxthon becoming a "hog" caused me to go to 360Chrome cause they had most of the main functionality of the original Maxthon Classic. Anyway... Try to fix our "little things", the little functionalities that irritate us, many of which won't take long to fix or add. Quality of Life focus in using the browser is important too. It's like I mentioned above, I don't know how you guys haven't added back the feature for clicking a favorite replaces the Start Page, instead of opening a New Page. I mean, don't you guys ever click favorites and are irritated you then have to close the useless Start Page that's still open? Maxthon Classic used to do this....
  4. To be fair, I think the bigger problem is that it's been two years and yet so many BASIC things aren't take care of, simple things even. For example, - Why aren't Locked Tabs the normal "pinned" size? - Why when I have the Start Page open, and I click a Favorite, that Favorite doesn't open replacing the Start Page? I have to waste time closing the Start Page, a useless tab being open. - Why do I still get the "Do not properly support message" on Amazon Prime, so I don't think I'm actually viewing the videos in the highest output? - Why doesn't the New Tab + open the new tab right there, but doesn't for those of us who like new tabs otherwise to open next to the current tab, cause we are opening actual content, but the + button should open a new blank tab there, not next to our current viewed tab which could be far away. - Why is there no EXPORT yet for Logins/PW? I mean, if there weren't a few things that tick me off even worse with Vivaldi, - Hate the Menu being on the Left. - Hate their Bookmark Folder Icons aren't normal colored icons. - Hate the Bookmarks dropdown being in a single column "long-list" instead of multi-columns like Maxthon does. - I also have to carefully try to do the UI colors etc. like Maxthons, cause it looks really good. If it wasn't for these massive irritations for me with Vivaldi, I wouldn't even be using Maxthon right now, because it HAS and DOES EVERYTHING else a person could even want. I mean, it astounds me how far Maxthon is behind in necessary features. For example, I was using 360Chrome for years when Maxthon Classic could no longer be used on the Web because even the Standalone Maxthon was incomplete. It makes me so sad that if Maxthon had went Chromium from the beginning IT would be Vivaldi. I also only stopped using 360Chrome cause they are going to a new Chromium which hasn't been translated, and the older one stopped working properly on YouTube, wouldn't play if I remember right now 720p & 1080p videos, they would freeze. 360Chrome had almost ALL the customization features I came to love with Maxthon Classic, and MX6 simply doesn't have many of them. So, I know they are likely working on the Mac version to try and get more users, cause it's clear they've lost so many people. But, you get people by making a superior product people actually want to use. You don't try to do "everything", cause then you don't get a firm base. I mean, it's amazing the long-time Maxthon users who were dedicated on this forum who are now using Vivaldi. People who stayed even when I left originally. Ultimately, people are complaining because they CARE.... They want the superior product that brought them to Maxthon in the first place over everything else. I'm hoping they fix the biggest complaints I still have with the browser, which are the things above soon, or I might just go to Vivaldi anyway, figuring out how to live with the problems I have with it. I'm trying to be here and support Maxthon, cause I want to come back forever, but really only what's keeping me now over Vivaldi is those problems and the fact that I just enjoy Maxthon's UI. I think what would stop the complaints is if the Devs focused on US vocal users for a couple of weeks, fixing ALL of our problems and feature requests, and then we wouldn't be really complaining as much. So, I get you love Maxthon, seen you here for what 20+ years now? But, this browser is supposed to be for us, so if our needs aren't being met, you can't expect us "not" to complain. I miss Maxthon, I had hoped to come back since switching to Chromium, cause finally we have the great plugin support again, which was one of the big reasons I left because that was lost when Maxthon went standalone. With Maxthon Classic "I" even created a few plugins it was that easy. Anyway, how about Maxthon addressing our issues FIRST.... instead of less wanted things, and then we wouldn't be complaining?
  5. This is actually something that I hope they address soon... All the Bugs and Feature Requests that the "active users" report and need should at some point be a focus rather than LOST in the million and one requests/reports and end up never being gotten to or taking forever to get to. To be fair they DO try to fix some issues, like they did fix one bug I reported very quickly, but indeed they do miss alot. Anyway, I do hope they focus more on these things we regulars deal with, our biggest concerns.... I'm still being tempted by Vivaldi, and really the biggest thing stopping me is Maxthon is very clean looking, a well designed UI, even though Vivaldi has FAR more features, some important big ones.
  6. I often login to Paypal and I've never had the issue you're reporting... though I'm still using the last version, not this one yet, and I'm loggin into the U.S. Paypal. Also, I'm not having the issue you're reporting for ebay uk but you said that's a new bug with 3000, so can't verify. Report the version you're using, your OS, and also if you're using any "Ad-Blockers". I know that ad-blockers do weird stuff such as you're reporting. As an example, Ad-block Plus which usually doesn't give me problems on a recent update caused like 6 of the last several posts on a Facebook Group I'm in to not show. Other ad-blockers often do stuff. Does Maxthon still have an internal ad-blocker?
  7. I think the system was down for a bit because I couldn't even login to edit my passwords, not even at UU.me. Of course, I can't login to passkeeper, it keeps saying "success" and then it just goes back to the login. It does this often, but generally it will eventually accept my login. Not doing so this time.
  8. This must have recently changed.... because ALL browsers used to have it. Maybe it's a change done in Chromium itself. It's a change that needs to be reversed. "Inspect" is useful, but it's NOT the same as Properties, each is useful. The exception would be if they would "redesign" Inspect some so it showed those "basic" Properties in a quick way, close to how Properties would. Otherwise, for now they should put Properties back.
  9. Hey Bug... He's talking about on a Webpage when you "Right-Click" an Image, in a normal browser at the very bottom (where you have "Inspect") there is normally a PROPERTIES option there. This allows you to see the - size of images, - their name, - their URL, etc. I'm totally with Scottchu.... This is bad this is missing. I use this sometimes myself, and I don't want have have to find these things by "hunting for wears Waldo" in the plethora of info in the Property Inspector. I'm all for having "Inspect" there for those other situations, but we also NEED Properties back for the simple info etc. I just listed. Thanks
  10. Locked Tabs showing in Incognito Mode issue is FIXED. Thanks
  11. The download speed for the Beta files have ALWAYS been "slow" (at least at first) for me. I think they do eventually speed up generally. Maybe it's just a protection mechanism they are using for their download server?
  12. Issue is NOT fixed on my end... Again, this only occurs when Right-Clicking the Maxthon Icon in the Windows Taskbar opening Incognito Window there. Clicking Incognito in the Maxthon Menu (top right of browser) this issue doesn't occur. Again, I have TWO pinned tabs (haven't tested otherwise), and they show in the Incognito Window when they shouldn't. Windows 10 Pro 64bit, fully updated, 64bit Maxthon Install.
  13. Good heavens... What are the Dev's doing? Can't "Resume" downloads and can't download EXE's? I mean, I don't get how they take a browser that already works, and then break multiple basic functions and aspects? It's almost as if they are completely "replacing" key aspects of the browser? Why?
  14. Spacing Issue.... BUG. Install, 64bit, v2601. Many Tabs open, and there is this big space on the Right. This issue only occurs when there are so many tabs and the last tab is a "dropdown". Doesn't occur when the bar is simply filled up with tabs, ONLY when they go OVER the amount the bar can fit.