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  1. I don't really think you're familiar with how long entirely NEW browser releases take, especially one that's based on an entirely NEW browser core. Especially since Maxthon has some unique features that other Chromium browsers are mostly to lazy to impliment. Maxthon also doesn't have the HUGE tech teams that other company's tend to have.
  2. They will continue to add key extensions to the browser as default. However, you can now use Chrome Extensions, so you have all that you could want doing anything you want. My problem is when they add extensions, they need to make sure they are at least as good with the essentials you'll get from any other chrome extension. For example, they've added "Snap Screen" to Maxthon 6, however, it won't "edit" full page snaps, it only saves them (and not well, there's a bug), and I mostly save and edit full pages, so that's a serious limitation with this default extension that's in the browser.
  3. 1. Snap Screen you can't "edit" the Page. So, you can "save" a copy of the page, but you can't edit it. ALL of the major screenshot extensions can do this. Further, there is a bug in snap screen. My testing it it only properly saved half the page on the one page I tried, the last half of the page was missing it's images. Now, it's possible I wasn't on the page long enough, or maybe it's something how the page loads images, etc. But, other Screenshot tools will "scroll" the page before you save and/or edit it and then saving it. 2. I do get the benefits of having some key tools in Maxthon whether it's privacy, stability, etc. I just think we should be making sure is an extension isn't added unless it's at least better than pretty much ALL similar extensions. One thing I had forgotten is that one good thing about having some extensions in the browser, is that like with Snap Screen, it allows you to save to MaxNote. So, that's certainly a benefit. But, it's really flawed to me, because I primarily save "pages", thus not being able to "edit" a saved page is a BIG missing feature for me. 1. You're likely right, and I'm not discounting that as a benefit, but it's missing a big feature, and that is being able to edit the snapped page. And like I mentioned above, I had forgotten the ability to save to MaxNote, that's a good thing. 2. I don't disagree that there should be integrated features, I'm all for it. Again, I'm just stating that for big features like a snapping tool, it needs to be at least as good as the big ones. 3. For me, the big things old Maxthon/MIE2 used to give me other than easy to make extensions, was Drag & Drop, Middle Tab Bar, & controlling how Tabs Open. So, for me, those are the biggest things that differentiate Maxthon from any other browser. Sure, in the old days having integrate extensions was valuable, but once we got Chrome store, that became not as necessary. However, again, I do see the necessity in certain ways and things I've already mentioned. Btw, I've had to use 360Chrome to get my old Classic Maxthon/MyIE2 full features (though it didn't have MaxNote), which allowed me to use Chrome Extensions. So, I'm glad Maxthon is using Chromium now, they just need to add my 3 MUST features I listed above, and I'm golden. I'm of course happy to have other key common extensions Maxthon has always had, just wanting them to be the best, not missing key features Chrome Store ones have. I agree, I hate Chrome... I just want my old Maxthon back, before it became standalone, bloated, and lost good extension support. So, I'm really happy they've went to Chromium, so I want ALL the features of old Maxthon, which 360Chrome has had as a replacement, but with the couple it didn't have, Maxthon specific I'm looking forward to getting back.
  4. Developer Question: Why are you adding old Maxthon Extensions to the new Maxthon 6? The Chrome Extension Store has just as good and even BETTER extensions than Maxthons for example your "Snap Screen". There are like 3 Snapshot Extensions at least in the Chrome Store way better than it. This seems like a waste of time? I mean, I get adding it maybe in the future if you make a super duper one, that's the best of any or as good as anything anyone else has made, then I can see adding it. But Snap Screen is WAY less featured than the 2 or 3 best page snapping extensions in the Store. I think you should be spending time on other things. A chromium browser isn't the old Maxthon, so needing to have default extensions in the browser itself shouldn't be a priority in my view since we have all the extensions we want, but BETTER, in the Chrome Store. Make a better extension then I can see adding it to the browser, but I don't want to use Snap Screen, it's WAY less featured for example. You are taking up space on my Toolbar and making things inconvenient for me. If you "really" want to add your own extensions (which again I don't recommend, save as I already indicated), they need to be added to the Extension section so we can remove them, or have some other way to remove them. p.s. I get if you're adding an extension that doesn't exist or is as good in the Chrome Store, but again, your ad blocker and your page snapping tool isn't even as good/featured as Ad Block Plus or Nimbus Screenshot for example.
  5. Seriously? I don't want to join another GIMMICK thing... Just use DISCORD like normal people will you all... Make a MAXTHON Discord Server, and we can all join it... FYI, it's free... (though, not 100% sure it's free for "mass" users, like a business, that would have 1,000's join the server? That would need to be checked.)
  6. OMG.... It's a MIRACLE! 1. Will I finally be able to come back to Maxthon, after stopping usage of Maxthon after "Maxthon Classic" due to the program becoming fat/slow/bloated, and losing good plugin support? This all caused me to stop using Maxthon and start using "360Chrome" instead which provided most of the features I needed in a Browser, i.e. much like Maxthon and nothing else out there, but also had Chrome plugin support. 2. The moment I saw the result of the new Maxthon I knew you guys needed to switch to Chromium instead due to the above reasons, but sadly it took you YEARS to do so, and I haven't been using Maxthon since Maxthon Classic. So, I'm very happy to see the change. I've been wanting my Maxthon back, 360Chrome was obviously missing a couple of things I liked with Maxthon. 3. Wth is with the "Bitcoin" gimmick? Guess I'll have to read through the thread to see, but honestly, this just seems dorky. Personally, I think you should just focus on making a BETTER Microsoft Chromium, stand above the rest like Maxthon/MyIE2 used to. Though, I'm okay with not being a shell anymore like they were, as long as we don't have the bloated crap of the recent Maxthon, as well the crashing crap of Googles Chrome, etc. 4. Microsoft Chrome Edge if they actually listen to me (unlike the ****'s of Google Chrome), implementing the missing features of Maxthon and 360Chrome, are you worried Maxthon will die? Is this part why the change, cause you've finally realized you've lost a lot of people, and seeing how the market's going? Of course, that's assuming the jerkwads will listen, but I suspect they won't like Google didn't, and the fact that Microsoft won't listen to people in relation to how we want Windows Updates to work, doing what THEY want instead. Anyway, looking REALLY forward to this.... I hope Maxthon can be my LOVE again like it used to be before the last several years crapshow. Thanks much...