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  1. With Mx6 in French, Vbox is in Chinese on some tabs and in English on others:
  2. - Fixed the issue that the label of the button out of the frame under some languages - Fixed the issue that the text of settings could not display properly under some languages Thanks
  3. Could you make an effort to ensure that translations are not cut off in the middle of a word in Mx6 dialog boxes and windows?
  4. Try to desactivate hardware acceleration in Advanced Parameter
  5. Some more informations : https://coingeek.com/maxthon-announces-worlds-first-bitcoin-sv-bsv-powered-internet-blockchain-browser/ https://coingeek.com/maxthon-ceo-jeff-chen-reveals-bsv-features-of-maxthon-6/
  6. Dear Jeff, I like your Dev Team. ;)


  7. Thanks a lot for the support and updates.
  8. Sharing on the French Maxthon Support Forum : http://www.maxthon-fr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10864-skins-personnalisables-pour-mx5/
  9. Thank you, Synchro works also at home.;)
  10. Hello BugSir006, I retry today and synchro work fine, I'll try it on my home PC after work.;)
  11. Hello BugSir006, I try to sync and I have sync error all time.
  12. Sync of my favorite stops working. It work from fav.maxthon.com to my PC, but when I change one, sync from my PC to fav.maxthon.com fails. I tried with Maxthon and with a new installation without old data. I also tried using a VPN access from several countries without succès. The last archived version on http://fav.maxthon.com/api/fav/manager dated 2016.09.21.
  13. Here's a tip for those who, like me, still juggling between Mx5 and Maxthon Cloud. It is possible to have access to new Mx5 features from Maxthon Cloud 4.4.x. To do this, simply go to this site: https://www.uu.me/ and connect with your Maxthon Passport identifiers. You will find the left Mx5 tab.
  14. I don't understand reasons for this delay. I just received only 3 links in an email.
  15. Ldfa

    Try this URL : http://www.maxthon-fr.com/dev/ftp_maxthon_portable_4.9.0.2200-beta.7z

  16. For emergency request, please feel free to contact our US team at International@maxthon.com Source : http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-14580-1-1.html