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  1. @BugSir006 Sorry I've tried several times to make a scrolling screenshot with different apps but none of them work correctly. Close MX6. Go to C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data rename your Local State file to Local State 1. Replace this file with the file I posted then open MX6. Open mx://flags to view my settings. When finished close MX6, delete the Local State file and rename your original Local State 1 file back to Local State.
  2. @ BugSir006. No I'm sorry it's not possible. I've altered a lot of flags to the same as I use in Chrome. See attached Local State file. When I delete that file from C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data a new Local State file is spawned with default flag settings. Last Session page then opens perfectly. So it's a flag setting. Try out the attached file (just rename your own Local State file) to find the bug/conflict. If you need more info/help just post. Local State
  3. @scottchu.tw I used to update my portable version the same as you. Now I unzip the new version into a new folder and copy and paste the User Data folder from the old version into the new version.
  4. @ BugSir006 Hi Magdalene, I tried to test this issue on my end but haven't reproduced it. Could you send a video of it to me? There's no video to send. The Last Session page never loads in the x64 exe version the x64 portable version loads very quickly. When I mouse over tab its says "This Tab is Sleeping". I've gone into MX://Flags to see if there are any I should enable or disable but can't find any. Flag settings in exe and Portable are the same.
  5. @ Kachmar Can you give a link(s) to try out. Then we might be able to help.
  6. Last Session tab still continues to never finish loading in x64 exe version. When I mouse over tab its says "This Tab is Sleeping". X64 portable version works fine.
  7. Can't get x64 .exe version to install. x64 Portable version is fine. Redownloaded unblocked, took ownership and inherited permissions. Now installed. How do I get Dark Mode? Last session never finishes loading.
  8. Thanks Mhzayer. I'll try this out. Tried again. Still can't import extensions from Chrome. Thanks again. Will have to copy extensions 1 by 1 from Chrome Store.
  9. @Mhzayer. Tried that. Didn't work. Couldn't find any extensions in Google/Chromium/Extensions. Have you got a Directory address? Thanks.
  10. Tried Toros37's method and it still won't import extensions(addons/addon data) from MX5. What's the method from Chrome? Opera and Comodo Dragon import extensions from Chrome easy
  11. How do I export extensions from Chrome or MX5 so I can import them to MX6
  12. Tried. Can't import anything either from Chrome or MX5! Anybody else tried. Can of the BugSirs give a demo or a walk through?
  13. How do I import extensions fron Chrome or MX 5?
  14. Have redownloaded and installed the new versions of x64 .600 exe and Portable and bothe work fine. Thanks BugSir006
  15. @alex31964 Confirmed for exe x64 version @Mhzayer Thanks. Tried your tip but have no "relaunch/restart" notification.
  16. Tried relaunching but it's still .505.
  17. Exe version .600 is showing up as version .505 in "Help/About Maxthon" Portable version refuses to open and gives this message
  18. @suphamster Maxthon isn't using Chromium it's using Chrome.
  19. @MichaelC362 96.0.4664.45 is the latest Chrome Stable. 98.0.4731.0 is the latest Chrome Canary.
  20. Should i try it ? and tell u ? Yes for testing if possible. It works for me.