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  1. When did this start Sergey? Can you send a link? It works on this. It might just be a YT upgrade. Areyou using MX 5 or 6?
  2. Opera has been updated as well.
  3. @Mhzayer I can't yet. I enable a lot of Flags. Here's some extensions for the Chrome store that can change UA
  4. Thanks Zork. Maxthon seem to use the terms Theme and Skin interchangeably.
  5. In Mx release notes it says you can set the local images as the browser skins. How do you do this? In Mx 5 In Mx 6 Also bug with Snap screen/snap page palette (will not hide and no snap region) Also how do you import the account data from Maxthon 5 manually?
  6. @projektilski Upgrade to 600 it fixes the problem.
  7. Thanks LeeUniverse. Problem solved 😀
  8. @mhZayer The Google engine url won't modify or save. @AaronX I'm getting it on Chrome today as well.
  9. With MX I get 473 on HTML5Test and 66% on css3test whichever variation I try.
  10. @ MHZayer. Google Maps geolocation working fine here. @ BugSir006. You can't save mx://flags, mx://about or mx://components etc to Favourites.
  11. The default Google search engine is - Hong Kong version. This can be deleted but not modified to local version i.e UK. Any other version (international or local) of Google search does not search in address bar (omnibox) but only in Search panel on New Tab Page
  12. Big jump to Chrome 85. Thanks.
  13. Upgrade to this
  14. Can I install this 64 bit version over my 32 bit or do I need to do a clean install.
  15. Probably a different setting in the browser rather than the PC.
  16. @ MartinB, Here
  17. @BennReiley Try this downloader for YT
  18. Night Mode extension is disabled in Extensions and can't be re-enabled.
  19. Where's the uninstaller in MX6? I want to do a clean install of the Beta.
  20. Can we switch this stuff off if we don't want it?