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  1. Hi, After various that have happened to me, I keep a backup from the "User Data" folder (which contains my profile), a while ago I restored my backup and everything is fine. The issue now is what has happened to my normal profile and I can not log in, what files may have got something? what to check? Thanks for your help.
  2. A while ago Maxthon stopped for no reason for being logged in, and I do not have passwords etc. I try to log in to my profile but it does not log in. Is there any problem?
  3. Ηι, you have right I did not notice, exactly what I needed! Thanks!
  4. Hi, the problems i have continued.... Thanks for any help.
  5. Ok I did some tests, in the first video as you can see I have closed all the extensions, and I make shortcuts to many sites without any problem, (I also did it on TikTok to see that my problem only exists on YouTube) and as soon as I do a shortcut on YouTube it sticks and after the Maxthon crashes without any report file. In the second video I have closed all the extensions and I try with the latest test version (64-bit) 0119 and it still crashes with the same problem as shown in the video. I also created the dump file but it is too big for me to send it to you, it is 676MB (709,468,160 bytes) and compressed with 7zip it is 172MB and with WinRAR it is 196MB (if you absolutely need it then let me try to send it to you). 1835244027_bandicam2022-01-1913-48-04-758.mp4 2065290508_bandicam2022-01-1914-16-43-635.mp4
  6. Hi again! the memory error + YouTube error i have it and in the previous versions, the biggest problem for my is the memory error (the explorer crushed many times in one day). Thanks for your help. PS: I try the test version....
  7. Hi migel, I tried to test this issue many times but haven't reproduced it, could you provide a video of it? 535603083_bandicam2022-01-1719-03-26-253.mp4
  8. I try again many times and i saw what you means, you have right the problem exist also in my. (i don't know, before I tried its no problem).
  9. Hi, the memory error continued. Also, 1. Open any YouTube video and try to make shortcut in desktop (right click in the tab etc...) and you will see maxthon sticks and then crashing without error report. Does it do it to you? 2. If you finally manage to make shortcut from YouTube video and you click the shortcut goes in the central YouTube page and NOT in the video you chose. Does it do it to you? PS: I try also without any extension. Hi, i try and work fine in my. (maybe some extension make this problem).
  10. Hi, does not work for me (does not let με write). bandicam 2022-01-10 14-42-59-096.mp4