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  1. Hi, i try but i say before i dont know English i use Google translate....
  2. Ηι, I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just trying to facilitate, sorry if you understood that I'm attacking you.
  3. I dont agree, this version is nice (portable x64 v6.1.2.800 (64-bit) 0417). Still has some problems but i hope they are solved in the future. PS: 1. I download portable version x64 2. extract the files 3. delete all [exept folder "User Data"] in the folder I have it the ΜΧ6. 4. Copy all from extract folder and paste in the MX6 folder. This is it. Agree. I agree, e.g. I open 2 tabs from Youtube with different songs and select "mute site" from one tab, the songs stop playing (mute) on both tabs directly. I would also like the change from "
  4. Ηι, I have a suggestion: I would like to have the option to "create a shortcut" on every new tab that I open on the right click ..... I would also like there to be mute (left click on the speaker) on every tab that plays music (like on the MX5). Thanks. Hi, sorry i ilke the small tabs. Thanks. Agree!
  5. Hi, i have serious problem with PIN tabs....
  6. Ηι, I think you should keep and copy the "userdata" folder on all 3 computers. I have the portable version and every time to update I delete everything except the "userdata" folder, and I do not lose anything from settings etc.
  7. Also me. Hi, I have 2 graphic cards "Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB".
  8. Hi, i have some problems.. Thanks for yr work.
  9. Hi and thanks for: + Close/minimize to the system tray + Show the download progress on the toolbar