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    When it becomes possible to save the page in MHTML and QuickAccess with screenshots in MX6, please remind me of this. Until then, there's no point in even looking. This isn't Maxthon yet.
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    Sorry, but you clearly have problems... First, I've been using Maxthon since 2002, and like I said, I did stop using it when it became a standalone browser a few years after 2010, I continued using Maxthon Classic until eventually it wasn't really compatible with websites anymore. Thus, just because you're a newer user, doesn't mean I wasn't a dedicated user for at least 10 or more years, and like I said having like 3,000 Forum posts before the new forum was put in, and I developed several extensions for the browser, so spare me your Elitism... as if you have more rights to speak than I do. Second, dude, fine... I'm OKAY with it, single click, double-click, whatever. I just stated my opinion that it's of lower priority. Guy, you're the one being the ***, what you said didn't make sense at first, because you weren't clear at first, I thought you were talking about the PW manager being unprotected, and I was looking for clarification and yes, people are allowed to give their opinions. Welcome to the world, you clearly need to learn to live in it. People are going to disagree with you, and in fact I actually ended up supporting your interest, but because you have problems you couldn't see it. Anyway, enjoy...