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  1. I was unable to reproduce on my main computer in a day. I can try to reproduce on the second computer much later.
  2. Problem was in (64-bit). Аfter update to it is gone. I assume that root cause was updated the new release information in your updater and my using firewall in block state for all. (64-bit) + firewall before 28.08.2022 was working fine on computer. I think, in order reproduce on version you need set in your updater next version....
  3. No, I mean that browser window diappeared. Then I launch the browser again and nothing do. After a little bit time browser window disappeared again. I will try to reproduce and record a video of the problem later.
  4. On my second computer yesterday, all of a sudden browser (64-bit) started disappearing without any crashes. I am attaching the log. After updating to version (64-bit) everything stopped (On my main machine, (64-bit) was already installed before you updated the new release information in your updater. I guess that's the reason I didn't come across it on it). A firewall is installed on the computer in the block everything mode, except for allowed rules (the request to check for new versions is blocked by the firewall). 20220828.log
  5. I recorded video Before updating the version, I backup the "User Data" folder. In order to restore the data, I copy it back.
  6. Also about how "To the right of all tabs" setting affects on "Last session page" order by links. It will be nice have the same order by pages on "Last session page" how they follow when they already opened. Screen shots for example below:
  7. It will be optimized in the future version. ? In Version6.2.0.1000(64-bit)0819 this problem is exist
  8. @BugSir006 I compared the CPU utilization on the same number of pages when the "Continue where you left off" and "Last session page" browser settings had the "Open All" button pressed. And I see that the first setting loads the computer more softly than the second setting. It will be nice if you optimize the second parameter for the load of the computer.
  9. I restored from backup and I see that there was 55 pages. sreen shot before restored from backup: sreen shot after restored from backup:
  10. No. 1. There are no ideas how to reproduce the bug with a blank "Last session", it happened by accident 2 times, and now I seem to see that not all pages are displayed in the "last session" (I had about 40 pages, now the last ones are lost and 32 pages are left), except for assumptions: a. After updating to the new version, I switched to the "Continue where you left off" parameter in the settings and closed the browser, on the next launch I returned everything as usual to the "Last session" parameter. But I can not confirmed that it affect. b. Usually I click the "Open" button on the "Last session" page and all pages start loading with heavy load on CPU. So I click "Stop all" in the menu to reduce this high load on the computer (until all pages are loaded CPU = 100% utilization and everything slows down), I assume this may affect the saving of data for the "last session". 2. To reproduce the "Earlier session" bug, you do not need to connect remotely, I checked and it is stably reproduced like this: a. take the portable version of the release b. log in as a guest c. in settings set "last session" d. open several pages and close the browser e. open the browser and there is nothing in the "previous" session sorry for english, i use google translator.
  11. Hi, I updated version from portable x64 to new release. I use Guest profile. I notice that "Earlier session" is always empty and never update.
  12. Confirmed. After updated to x64 portable I've faced several times. This happend not always. First case was happened without any visible reasons, just see blank page in Last Session after launch browser and last case was happened after Win BSOD (I use Win7 x64).
  13. This is relevant when internal private company resources are used for work, which for security reasons are prohibited from sharing and searching on Google.
  14. In my honor opinion, for light internet serfing it is OK, however for work it is not enough, when you need work many number links. In this case bookmarks which good catgorized are very helpfull.
  15. As far as I understand, due to the constant change of the port by the browser, the firewall triggers a request to create a new rule. And blocking a large range is not good, as my programs may stop working. It would be nice if the browser didn't try to make incoming TCP connections on random ports on every launch. Or there was a browser setting that disables such connections, since I don’t need features on new tab page or automatic check for updates
  16. Yes, a new tab is launched normally. As you can see in the video, the update check stops working. If click the "Allow" option, then checking for updates works. I figured out, new tab just opens blank when "Block" option is enabled, when "Allow" option is enabled, then the new tab has wallpapers, links, etc. :) I very rarely use new tab, didn't pay attention before :)))
  17. Hi! This has been a problem since the beginning of the MX6, just didn't take the time to ask the question.
  18. I found what causes my firewall to fire when the browser launch. Video below: P.S. I think that when I select "never check for updates" the browser should not try to make any automatically connection.
  19. I tried but without success. Please tell me how to disable resource sniffer
  20. @BugSir006 Hi! I have a question. Why does Maxthon 6 always require to establish an incoming TCP connection on a random port at startup? Below screenshot: It's my local firewall, then I click block and it does not affect the functioning of the browser. There is no such behavior in any other browsers, including Maxthon 5. Here is a screenshot of the many rules that the firewall creates every time Maxthon 6 is launched: