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  1. Unfortunately, something "stuck" in the system, today attempts to install the new version ... 3.505 (x64 installation version) from version 3.409 but without success. I uninstalled Maxthon to do a clean install but unfortunately Maxthon doesn't install at all. Creates a directory in the selected folder "Temp" but ultimately does not install anything, does not create a folder at all "Maxthon" and the temporary Temp deletes after the alleged installation. I admit that I have never had such a phenomenon with any program, especially Maxthon, since I used MyIE2
  2. I did the installations on my laptop, I will repeat it again tomorrow. Now I have done an installation on a PC and it's OK, the version is correct.
  3. After installing the new version "... 3505", the program information reads "Version6.1.2.3400 (64-bit) 1029"? is an entry error or an older version of Maxthon? Also the folder in Mathon's directory is named ...?
  4. I confirm the previous entries After starting Maxthon without opening any web page, Maxthon runs a dozen or so threads in the background? temperature CPU rises to 80 degrees and the fan shows approx. 5000 RPM ... ??? I do the same on IE11 and here the temperature CPU remains at 40 degrees and the fan shows 0.0 RPM (DELL-7440 i7-4600 win'10 Pro)
  5. I was making a shortcut to the desktop of Maxthon's website and the one you linked to. Both pages open without any problems, although there is an entry in the properties "chrome_proxy.exe" Check if you have the file "chrome_proxy.exe" in the Maxthon root directory ... anyway you can reinstall Maxthon
  6. another version and the same? !!! massacre