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  1. I made translations according to the filter. In maxthon_portable_6.1.3.3000_x86 the image from the camera is displayed correctly, but I do not use this version only Maxthon Browser V6.1.3.3000_x64
  2. I already belong to the translation project group and sometimes I fill in the gaps. A short video is attached. 919923473_bandicam2022-06-0619-50-39-015.mp4
  3. Lack of translations of some options, the matter does not only apply to this version, but there was this lack in the earlier versions. I did not report it, hoping that it will be corrected in the next one, but unfortunately it did not happen. The second thing is IE mode where I can't display the image from the IP camera. IE and Edge deal with it without a problem, while Maxthon reports a message about the lack of a plug-in, but its installation does not solve the problem :(. (Win'10, Win'11 x64)
  4. I confirm what the predecessors wrote, Maxthon in this version and the previous one generates a startup error, it fires only 3-4 times. Win'10x64