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  1. Because, on new OS ( >W8, W7?), you do not have the right to write in C:\, these needs a "Rights Elevation", as far as you are "Administrator". Matxthon has the same rights as yourself.
  2. may i correct you, @MaxthonJeff ? " Sorry to not have been so elegant you deserve to, as your contributions to this forum were and stays invaluable" sounds better to an "elegant" french man, or in this case to an "elegant" french lady..
  3. Hello, As says @karajan, the certificate ends 02/07/2020, it has to be renewed, it's the job of the web master of vidlii.com. The use of a certificate is to certify that the Web page you want to acces is genuine, so that the domain is not faked, but you always keep the right to bypass this, at your own risk !! So send a mail to the webmaster.
  4. Each password saver follows its own rules, they can be complex or as simple as Maxthon passkeeper's ones that works on text chains parsing. in your case, it's clearly not enough.
  5. Hello -ody- , Seems that Passkeeper works the "right" way : Its rule is based on the fact that "Account" as to be the field (chain) "username" , as Password should be the field "password" In your case, as "Adresse email" is just a label, the field itself is "login" but not "username". to the opposite, the field "Mot de Passe" is well labelled as field "password". Seems that someone does not know his job ( the web designer of this new web page imo), as it seems that "username" as to be the right field chain (conjecture), in other way we would have to consider that Account for Passkeeper as to be " username" or "login" or what else ? on impots.gouv.fr , the first field is a correct "username".
  6. Hello -ody-, I've made a check yet , but despite the fact that you have to manually register each field, it works the same way than https://impots.gouv.fr, so double click on each field and choose the right saved field.
  7. The Maxthon_portable V5.1.7.2000.7z is corrupted  , can you reload ?

    1. BugSir006


      You mean in News Section? I can download it, the package is normal.

  8. for sure Odyssée , all done !!
  9. Did you pklan to support XP , because all seems to install correctly , but after login to passport no htlm link works , so internal same problmes . Something forgotten ?