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  1. Problem with extensions in the portable version, after importing them from a previously made backup, everything seems OK, but after turning off the browser and restarting, there are no previously imported extensions I also tried to add each extension manually from the Chrome website but the situation is similar to above. After restarting the browser, there are no previously installed extensions.
  2. After installing ver...9400, a guest account and network login are automatically created, but why? If I want to log in, I use the main account. After installing version ...9400, I lost the ability to log in to the local account and thus to all my settings. Why?
  3. The text field is short, so the text does not fit in one line. The author should "wrap the text" or actually use only a short translation like @Mhzayer, because it is actually just a link to the Chrome extensions page.
  4. I have a similar problem but with the Desktop version, the login window often pops up, and when I choose a local account, nothing happens and after logging into the network I lost the opportunity to log in to a local account, I returned to version I have no problem with the portable version, maybe because I only use it on a local account, I never logged in to the network with this version.
  5. I repeat the problem with the default Maxthon page "" which opens in the EN version instead of PL. The second thing about the X.9200 version does not remember the window settings, the next starting of the browser is the centering of the window, it is so making someone happy. I confirm the previous post, "ESET NOD32" detects a potential threatened application.
  6. Unfortunately, after cleaning the Cache Desktop and Portable problem, the problem is still the same. The same problem is also on a laptop In addition, a problem with ver.portable arose. After changing the language to EN, the default page began to display exactly as in ver.Desktop, but after reducing the ver. -language on PL the guessed page remained in ver.EN, ver.PL no longer displayed Cache cleaning does not help.
  7. Why is Maxthon's default page in ver.PC displayed in EN with messages? And in ver.PT in PL without waterwood? How to set, what to change so that in Maxthon PC the default page looks exactly like in Maxthon PT?
  8. The name of the downloaded file is v7.1.7.8000 but after unpacking the archive it is v7.1.7.9000
  9. This problem does not occur for me (Win'11 Pro), try to install Maxthon again but first clear the Cache
  10. Hi @BugSir009 Strange question ... to translate new options/information I have to search for them in the en-us.ini file because unfortunately the PL.ini file does not contain them, only after copying them to my location file I can translate anything, and this means that to the PL file The If something is missing, maybe the result of the error during the recording, so please give specifically what has been removed? PS. I managed to find a few entries, I hope it is the missing, the location file is improved.
  11. Autor Maxthon'a zawsze podaje co zostało zmienione lub dodane w kolejnej wersji, więc co Ja miałbym jeszcze dodawać ? :)) Poza tym tłumaczenie robię na własne potrzeby ale uznałem że mogę się tym również podzielić dlatego publikuję je w tym wątku. To tyle na ten temat.
  12. Nie ma co dodawać, tłumaczony jest plik lokalizacyjny w którym zawarte są sekcje odnoszące się do pliku źródłowego tzn. wykonywalnego. Jakiekolwiek dodatkowe informacje po co? gdzie? i dlaczego? są zbędne. Jeśli korzystasz z Maxthon'a i zauważysz np: jakąś literówkę, lub opcja mogła by mieć lepsze, dokładniejsze słowo tłumaczenia to zawsze można to skorygować.
  13. Hi, my nickname is Refix2 ( 1ur902s2j$mx ), I did the translation as an amateur, so if you encounter any translation errors, please reply in this thread or pm me. pl.iniv7.1.8.9800 pl.iniv7.1.8.9400 pl.iniv7.1.8.9200 pl.iniv7.1.8.8000 pl.iniv7.1.8.7800 pl.iniv7.1.8.7600 pl.iniv7.1.8.7200 pl.iniv7.1.8.7000 pl.iniv7.1.8.6800 pl.iniv7.1.8.6400 pl.iniv7.1.8.6000 pl.ini v7.1.7.9200 pl.iniv7.1.7.8800 pl.iniv7.1.7.8600 pl.iniv7.1.7.8400 pl.iniv. pl.iniv. pl.iniv7.1.7.2200 pl.iniv7.1.7.2100 pl.iniv7.1.6.2100 pl.iniv7.1.6.2000 pl.iniv7.1.6.1900 pl.iniv7.1.6.1800 pl.iniv7.1.6.1700 pl.iniv7.1.6.1600 pl.iniv7.1.6.1500 pl.iniv7.1.6.1400 pl.iniv7.1.6.1300 pl.ini v7.1.6.1201 pl.ini v7.1.6.1100 pl.ini v7.0.2.3000 pl.ini pl.ini pl.ini pl.ini pl.ini pl.ini pl.ini
  14. I know that I should create a new topic but the problem is that I couldn't create it in the "translate" section, this option was unavailable (grayed out) but you can move my post to this section, and I will post (edit) the next translations there.