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  1. And it'ss fixed in new version Thank you!
  2. I've set https://www.football-italia.net/clubs/Inter/news but I tried other sites and every time I try to exit Maxthon with Alt+F4 it opens F4 alias. Are you sure you tried it. I think it's Maxthon issue. Otherwise I fix it if only I don't use F4 for alias. :S
  3. New issue (maybe it's just me). I set F4 alias and now when I use global shurtcut ALt+F4 to exit Maxthon it ignores Alt and instead opens alias set by F4. Can someone try this? Is it just me or it's Maxthon issue?
  4. Thank you very much for adding Past and Go (or Paste and Open) shortcut. I needed time to set it because did'nt acccept it but later I was fast after clicking F12 I entered very fast ENTER and it accepted. Now I think Maxthon 6 is just like 5 for my needs. I already disabled F12 shortcut for Development Tools bëcause I don't use often them. But Development Tools have other shortcut so I will use that shortcut. Thanks again! Maxthon the best!💣 Edit: oh by the way this version is mine too:
  5. Awesome! Now I know aliases are back. Now Maxthon 6 has all I need. 😉 Thanksssssssssssss! Edit: just one more thing I wish. Shortcut for Paste and Go. I had F12 in Maxthon 5.
  6. Thanks for new version. Only thing I miss from version 5 are aliases.
  7. Awesome. I love new feature, download progress from toolbar. I hated Chrome's progress bar in bottom of every page. Thank you very much! You made Maxthon 6 even better. 😉
  8. Using latest Beta.

    1. Xahi4475


      Nope, using :D

    2. Xahi4475


      Aaaaaand now using last 5 version ( :)

  9. BugMiss006, can you guess what menus are these? They are myMX5 menus. I deleted shortkeys for Save As..., Print, Back, Forward, Refresh, Add to Maxnote etc. Only I miss F5 for Refresh but I'm fine, I use mouse guesture. Now I'm almost ready to make maxthon 5 my default browser.
  10. It's fixed? Oh, yeah I tried it. Very nice. No need to use UA IE11 anymore. Thanks, man.
  11. Hm, I understand, too bad. I will use version 4.4 until no more pages are loading with it. The only reason why I use 4.4 and not 4.9 is really stupid reason but this is how I feel better and comfortable. It's context menu, 4.9 has Chrome menu, wide long menu (included shortcuts) and 4.4 has original Maxthon narrow menu. Narrow menu is cute and comfortable or how to say. Have a great day!
  12. Maybe you could make small update for 4.4 version to fix Facebook. ;) Edit: Change User agent to IE11 and FB works but then I can't edit this post. Too bad.