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  1. OK, but your reports folder I bet is full of files. 😉
  2. Weird, sometimes Maxthon closes itself (much less than before) but "reports" folder is empty. :S
  3. OK, I try now. Thanks. Edit: unfortunately did not work. Same behavior like in regular version. So, basically I've lost 53 favorites. 😛 Edit 2: I forgot, these favorites still I have in Maxthon 5 (not in single folder) so most of them I can recover. Lucky sync from 5 to 6 not same so we just forget this. Not big deal. Thank you!
  4. My "rerports" folder is still empty. No more crashes since 900 build.
  5. Can you help me to save 53 favorites inside Mix folder? I can't access them. I ws trying to remove some favorites from Mix folder but accidentaly I put inside New Folder and now it's impossible to remove them from folder. Only is possible to delete them. There are 53 favorites and most of them I wil lose, some are saved in Other bookmarks but most are only there. For more details watch video I made with screen recorder. Sorry I had to kill Notepad for some reason was frozen. 😛 Quick_Access.mp4
  6. Here is recorded screen. It happened only once. But, I admit, not happening so often but still sometimes. I send you it in PM.
  7. One more issue in 900 build. Hotmail refresh itself for no reason. I mean I open Hotmail and before I go to Junk Mail it refresh. After refresh I try to check mail but again refresh and so on.
  8. Weird. I guess there were no exits in 900 build or I forgot but since there is no report then no exit. Next exit I will send report immediatelly.
  9. OK, as I previously told you my system is Windows 10 Enterprise x64. I use Maxthon 64bit. I forgot to tell this dialog is appearing on 2 last builds only (801 and 900). Exiting is forever every alpha and beta of Maxthon but since 6.0.2500 exits are much less but still exists. Here are reports. I deleted all these reports from system to leave room for other reports. reports.rar
  10. I think it happens to many users.
  11. Every time I start Maxthon I see this dialog but Maxthon works as usually. There are still unexpected exits. Should I send again reports, no?
  12. Here is crash report. Browser still closes itself but not so often like before 2500 build. In reports file are included crashes from previous builds but now I deleted them so next reports will be from new upcoming builds. reports.rar
  13. Magdalene, I think no need for clear install because I have Maxthon pinned in Taskbar and after installing 2600 build it's open from pinned Taskbar. That means Maxthon first uninstalls 2500 build 32bit then installs 2600 build. Oh, and thanks for the new build. I hope it's awesome like it was 2500 (without crashes).
  14. When I open Google search selected results Maxthon 6 opens them in same tab (not in new browser window like other browsers). I changed setting but Maxthon 6 ignore it. This happened in every alpha and beta. Edit: hmmm, something is wrong. Also Chrome ignore my setting but Firefox opens results in new tabs. And most weird, Edge (Chromium) ignore my any setting and always opens results in new tabs. I tried also Internet Explorer since its here installed and it works well just like Firefox. Otherwise also Maxthon 5 works well in this case. So, basically just ignore this my p