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  1. Hello! There's spelling inconsistencies in settings: One line has "&", while the next has "and" Here there's "/" Ideally, should all be the same ("&" is recommended)
  2. Hello! Getting duplicate entries in the download manager again (it had stopped doing it for a while), clear list & they're still there, restart Maxthon & they're gone, confirming still a caching issue. Plus, still getting a lot of wrong or no icon when downloading ".exe" files, but not for all downloads as some are correct!
  3. No, I meant on QA shortcuts... If they're set to 'Site shot', this could periodically change... sure I've seen an option to have the shortcut refresh, but it may not have been on Maxthon
  4. Hello! Refreshed QA (Ctrl + F5) & website 'Suggested image' now displaying ok. I seem to recall there being an option to specify the refresh interval on QA shortcuts (or maybe I'm thinking of another browser, as I know I've seen it before!)... is this something that's going to be added (back)?
  5. Hello! The copyright date used to just be the current (local clock) year, so if set incorrectly to 2030, Maxthon would show (c) 1999-2030. It doesn't do that now, but you might want to update 2022 to 2023!
  6. Hello! On QA, the shortcuts with 'Suggested Image' are now just showing a blurred empty box... Change that to 'Color' (which is still spelt wrong for UK English) are get: If setting to 'Site Shot' it seems to work, eventually, but not quickly
  7. Bug reported. Hello! Addendum... it seems not just download manager doing this as I got the same on outlook.com when trying to format a footer, click icon, menu displayed, but the menu disappears when moving the cursor over it
  8. Hello! That won't help as I get the same issue at different locations around the area, on different ISPs (home & work are both near Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England, but weather shows Waterloo, London, which is 87 miles away). Weather NEEDS to show location, which should have options for auto & manual, so can vary as one travels or always show same (e.g. home town) on screen anyway Hello! A new issue with download manager... click the icon to show list, move cursor to 'bin' to clear completed, but the list disappears before the cursor can get there! Doesn't do it every time, but has done it multiple times today
  9. Hello! 1. Threw me at first that the "Recent versions" didn't show the current beta... why is it not listed!? 2. As with everyone else, weather is waaaay off from my actual location 3. Previous version didn't upgrade or offer & said was current 4. The activate tab on hover only has very limited use, for most people (those with mobility issues will find it helpful, so still worth having), but to be able to scroll would be much more useful when there's so many open tabs they can't all be displayed
  10. Hello! The previous beta (, didn't update & said it was up-to-date... Surely a 'stable' release is considered better than a 'beta'!? Obviously (v6 did it for it's entire life & v7 isn't really a new product, being built on v6), the download manager still has missing or incorrect icons for ".exe" files Astoundingly, I see you're still using Chromium 103 (109 is latest stable) - that really is poor, 1 update in a year! All major web browsers (Maxthon has 100's of millions of users, so they're not that 'little') see keeping Chromium up-to-date as a critical requirement, for obvious reasons (stability, bug fixes, security fixes, features, etc)... Maxthon MUST do the same as anything else is simply unacceptable - you're just creating problems for yourselves that were probably fixed ages ago in a new Chromium!
  11. Hello! The weather isn't displayed correctly with dark background: Auto & 'White Text, Dark Mask': 'Black Text, White Mask': Since the background was black, 'auto' should have used the second option. Still can't set location & the (presumably) auto-detect, is nowhere near where I am (50+ miles away). The location should be displayed on screen. Same is true for the 'MaxNote' & 'Passkeeper' text as without a background mask, that can be hard to see too: Each element needs to check the image below it & change accordingly as although current image is mostly dark, not all of it is:
  12. Hello! Still getting issue if there were tabs present when exiting (with 'Continue where you left off' ticked), upon loading first thing next day, the 'active' tab has the title, but displays nothing, even if I refresh, but if I duplicate it, it displays fine. That first tab can then be closed. Also, if only one tab was present when exiting, get the same as above, but it can't be closed without opening a second tab & then shutting the first. Today, a variation, still same as above, but attached screen shot shows previous title (from bbc.co.uk), with a different webpage (from softpedia.com), which isn't really there & can't be scrolled or closed, implying all these issues are just caching issues, the same as the problems with the download manager.
  13. Hello! Upon loading this morning, Maxthon just exited out, with no errors & nothing more when I reloaded (crash report attached). When opening tabs in the background, to view later, without tab sleep enabled, when I later goto that tab, if JavaScript was required, then it wasn't available & I get a message as such (image attached)... if I refresh the tab, it works ok. reports.7z
  14. Hello! Download manager still has the same bugs as v6: 1. duplicate entries (were absolutely dozens of them today!) that can't be cleared, but aren't present after restarting Maxthon, once again confirming a caching issue 2. missing or wrong icon for ".exe" files (although, v6 showed the user image, v7 shows an icon of a disc drive with a green tick) New issue with v7: With download manager displayed & pinned, QA takes focus (seems random, but could be at set timed intervals - didn't time it), sending DM to background, but requires clicking icon twice (confirming it IS still there, so technically off/on) to redisplay
  15. Hello! Not sure why you've changed the version from 6 to 7 as not much seems to have changed... still on same Chromium too! On v6, I had 17 tabs open, installed v7, Maxthon restarted, but only 9 of the 17 tabs came back, the rest were simply lost! On-screen settings, layout, items per row: if I change from 6 to 8, despite there being a large gap either side of Quick Access, it just makes the shortcuts smaller, rather than keep that size & have 8 on a row. The weather details should display the location as, for me, it shows Waterloo/Lambeth, which is nowhere near where I live! If I click it & change location, on that screen, it'll show the correct details, but these aren't kept/saved & back on the QA screen, it still shows the previous location's weather. On the QA cards, the little website logo is now VERY low resolution, wasn't in V6. In QA card properties, there's an option for 'suggested image', but it's greyed out on everything I checked (e.g. www.ebay.co.uk, www.amazon.co.uk, www.wikipedia.org, etc)... would be nice to just read the websites 'favicon' & also allow local selection of an image file. In QA card properties, "Colour" is still spelt wrong for UK as still shows USA "Color"... Windows's language settings are set as UK English, surely Maxthon reads that setting from Windows to do the installation!? In QA card properties, despite LOTS of websites (e.g. argos.co.uk, www.ebay.co.uk, www.amazon.co.uk, www.wikipedia.org, etc) that I 100% know (as I've seen in Opera) have a large, good quality, favicon, Maxthon doesn't offer 'Suggested image', but it also doesn't display the little icon if Color chosen. Is there really any need to display "Quick Access" above the shortcuts!? It just wastes screen space & it's not like anyone is looking at that screen & wondering, "What are all these little boxes for?"!?