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  1. 10. STILL getting items left in download manager after clearing list... it's STILL a caching issue as exit & reload & then they're gone (which they were in the first place, but still listed)
  2. 9. Still no option to see stored page zoom levels to edit/remove... yes, I know they're kept per page, but we often see customers who've set lots of different websites to lots of different zoom levels & just want them all (sometime they need/want a few kept) reset back to 100%
  3. Hello! 1. Obviously(!), auto/manual update check didn't work 2. In settings, appearance, show status bar, unticking just CPU usage, also removes network speeds, ram usage + IP addresses 3. I agree with others, Mx6 MUST have a different icon to Mx5 as MANY people still have both installed due to lacking features in Mx6 4. Download manager still a popup, not a window, so can't alt+tab to it 5. Bookmarks still don't scroll... the fact many people report & request this with EVERY release, maybe this should be a priority!? 6. Chromium version far too old... new versions are mostly about security fixes, which Mx6 doesn't have, so can NEVER be considered a safe browser! 7. Is DNS over HTTPS going to be implemented? Opera + Edge already have it & Google + Mozilla say they're gonna have it too 8. Quick launch company thumbnails still not present (available from the websites themselves (e.g. amazon.co.uk, disneyplus.com, bbc.co.uk, airbnb.co.uk)) We're still not able to install Mx6 onto customer's computer's as the default browser, it's still not as good as Mx5, which we installed on 1000's of computers!
  4. Hello! When right click a tab to 'pin tab', the wording says, "Pin tab" After clicking, to unpin, the wording then says, "{NUM_TABS,plural, =1{Unpin tab}other{Unpin tabs}}" I assume this is a mistake!?
  5. Just got same issue as last month... Downloading this month's Windows 7 update from https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/ During the download, Maxthon just exits... no error, no messages... Upon reload, no error, no messages & when I tried again, it worked ok. Downloaded 32bit 7 ok, but 64bit 7 update caused issue & then, after reload was ok & 32+64bit 8.1 ok
  6. A video won't give you any more information... it is as I've said
  7. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0910 (installed) Old problem with download manager resurfaced... duplicate entries & unable to remove duplicates when clearing list Seen many times in the past, but first time with recent versions Exit Maxthon & reload & list is empty, so, as ever, it's still a caching issue that's never been fixed
  8. already have this ticked, but it doesn't work
  9. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0910 (installed) 1. Started up ok after install (unlike previous 4 versions!), but the quick launch needed to be refreshed else only showed the defaults 2. In status bar, the local IP showed the internet address, but not the network address (just a thin, empty rectangle)... clicked & reselected the same & was then ok 3. When opening the download manager, it's still a popup, not a window, so if not pinned & switch to another window, one can't alt+tab back to it 4. Download manager window still not resizable 5. When downloading, the 'New Download Task' dialogue is displayed, but still not the download manager window, showing previous downloads 6. Download manager still not showing path, under filename, for current/previous records 7. Bookmarks still not scrolling when there's more than will fit on screen
  10. Windows 8.1 Professional, fully up-to-date Surely the status bar download speed is from the network connection, not just Maxthon!? If, for example, there was a Windows or software update running in the background, wouldn't that be included in that figure? Since Maxthon is displaying the individual download rates, better to just add them all up & display within the download manager.
  11. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0903 (installed) 1. Today, once again, the download manager was unable to clear all entries... left 4 from yesterday, although there were 20+ from yesterday & another 6 from today that it did clear. Upon exiting Mx6 & reloading, the list was empty, so had been cleared, which means it's still a caching issue, as it's always been. 2. The poor download manager is the main reason we can't yet restart installing Maxthon on customer's computers, it simply isn't good enough! It needs to be pin-able, so can remain displayed while clicking elsewhere. It needs to display the list when the browse dialogue opens, BEFORE selecting location, so one can see what's already been downloaded. It would be nice to show the folder path in the list. The horizontal scrolling is clearly a joke with the icons to the right - either move them to the left, make the box resizeable or, better still, rather than be a popup, a resizeable window, like Mx5 was, would be better. The download list needs to be sortable too. Plus, I'd like to see total download speed listed (the sum of the download rate of all current active downloads). 3. The quick Launch still doesn't show website logos (taken from the websites) & the pitiful list that are built-in are mostly limited to USA versions (e.g. amazon.com, but not amazon.co.uk)... Just look at how Opera web browser does this. When pre-setting up a selection of popular websites in the quick launch, it looks MUCH better to have company logos, rather than a screenshot or just partial name (just as much as fits) 4. Are there plans to implement DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)? Opera & Edge have it already & the next versions of Chrome & Firefox say they'll have it too...
  12. Then they probably shouldn't have a setting that says it does...
  13. Hello! 1. As ever, previous version didn't upgrade & reported was up-to-date when manually checking 2. The last FOUR versions, after installing & clicking 'restart', the browser opens, the quick launch can't open, all plugins crash & the page is being rapidly refreshed, so can't get developer mode for you. Only option is to close Maxthon, then is ok after reopening... although, for this version, had to do that thrice as 2nd time, quick launch still wouldn't display, but plugins didn't crash... ok on the 3rd start up!
  14. It only occurs when installing a new version, so I'll change the startup before installing a new one when released & report. However, as all plugins crash & after exit Mx6 & reload, everything is ok, I don't really see the startup page, whatever it may be (quick launch, blank, webpage, etc), is a factor
  15. Hello! Here's the log files you asked for, re. after upgrading, quick launch + all plugins crash, page constantly refreshes, high CPU, have to exit... been the same for the last 3 versions! 615108932_LogFiles.7z