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  1. Hello! V7.0.2.2100 getting duplicate entries in download manager again
  2. Hello! On a works computer running Webroot Endpoint Protection (has anyone else had issues with this?), EVERY time I tried to upgrade from v7.0.0.3000 (tried most later versions) it failed - it installed ok, but wouldn't load or would just show a white screen & then exit, without error. Today, tried latest beta & got exactly the same, but I persevered & after loading & exiting via Task Manager a few times, eventually got it to load, albeit with all tabs saying unresponsive & not loading. Some more forced exits & reloads & finally it loaded, but had logged me out & trying to login resulted in Maxthon just exiting again, also with no error. Tried a few more times & then finally displayed the login window - local failed, but selecting 'Add' & entering the same account details did load. Then exceptionally slow to get back in & sync the 10 passwords & the 19 Quick Access entries. I've been putting this off as had these troubles previously, but finally I'm up-to-date (at least in Maxthon terms!). QA defaulted to a white screen, but clicking the 'Daily Image' icon showed a picture ok. QA screen settings, weather location, taskbar info & Maxthon theme are all not saved/stored in Maxthon online account (at least for me, how about anyone else?). Finally, after Maxthon had loaded ok, I exited & checked Task Manager & there were 2 processes, one using 0% CPU & the other using 35%-40% CPU... I left it a few minutes & that didn't change. Upon reloading, those 2 processes disappeared... since I had exited cleanly, I'm wondering what that CPU usage was doing!?
  3. Hello! As no-one else here is reporting this issue, can I ask all, does anyone else use Webroot security (Endpoint Protection in this case, but I suspect the anti-virus element is the same on other products of theirs)?
  4. I'd never recommend Webroot to anyone as I've never seen a computer with it that wasn't infected(!) - not badly, but never clean! This is a 'work' computer, not mine, so I'm limited by what they use. The last stable works ok, but all the betas after just exit or can't signin, so all passwords lost
  5. Hello! For me, all of the betas after Version (64-bit) 0331 stable, upon first run, the browser immediately exits (no error) & after, I am unable to sign-in (no error). Today's version just kept exiting upon loading, so couldn't be used at all. This is a 'work' PC & has Webroot Endpoint Protection installed (certainly wouldn't be my choice!) - since there are no errors from Maxthon, I suspect Webroot is terminating Maxthon... the only added extensions are DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, UBlock Origin + Webroot Web Threat Shield. Obviously, I never tick the box for BrightVPN during installation, but it is listed under features... could this or something else added in the latest betas be causing a security detection? I will try it later tonight with Avira, but these recent Maxthon betas were previously ok with Bitdefender (removed as too annoying how it handles false positives).
  6. Hello! Using the current stable (Version (64-bit) 0331) release & Maxthon loaded ok today (as per before when in use)... So using the same account & user data, latest beta just crashes out first on load on the next day (ok, in/out on first day), but then has signed me out & won't sign back in (no error message) & has kept PassKeeper websites, but not passwords. This is a relatively new user account on a 'work' computer, completely separate to my main one that's in use on multiple home computers. The duplicate entries in download manager have been present since version 6 was released, but did stop recently (can't say how long ago, but weeks, not months) & have now returned. So different computers with different user accounts/data, still showing occasional duplicate entries & still missing most program icons for downloaded .exe files
  7. Hello! In PassKeeper/Settings/Devices Records, there's a spelling mistake: "unknow" should be "unknown" Possibly "Devices Records" might be wrong too, depending on whether this records by account or device (i.e. "Device Records" for just this device)
  8. Hello! It is as I said, so a video wouldn't help. Today, 3rd day in a row, it did it again, so I've removed current beta via HiBit Uninstaller & installed Version7.0.0.3000 (64-bit) 0331... It runs ok all day long on the beta & I have to exit & reload to get the wallpaper to display (another bug?), but we'll see what happens tomorrow using the stable version, which previously worked as expected
  9. Hello! Getting duplicate entries in download manager again - been fine for a while & now back:
  10. Hello! Today, had a repeat of yesterday - when I opened Maxthon, it briefly flashed a white background & exited, with no error... Upon relaunching, I was signed out & despite repeated attempts, it wouldn't let me sign in again (no error). At one point, there were 35 Maxthon processes running! The entries under Passkeeper were still present for website & username, but all had lost the passwords. A reinstall over top didn't help, but performing a complete uninstall, via HiBit Uninstaller, removing all registry + file traces & then reinstalling the latest beta allowed me to signin ok. After syncing finished (doesn't keep theme, some QA or Secure DNS settings), I was back up ok. Can't really have it doing this every day! Here's a picture of the bookmark bar issue, where it shows Import bookmarks, when Show bookmark bar is disabled:
  11. Hello! On a computer with Maxthon where there are no bookmarks, the "Import bookmarks" link appears above the QA screen, where the bookmark bar would be, even if "Custom UI/Show bookmarks bar" is disabled... There are QA shortcuts, which are all that's used & needed on this computer, but if that bar wasn't shown, there'd be more screen space (not enough for a whole row of shortcuts, but could be enough to show all of the shortcuts for a row that was otherwise cut off by this wasted line). I find it aesthetically displeasing as the option is off, but the bar is still shown! Also, when changing the number of shortcuts in QA per row ("Quick Access/Layout/Item per row" (which is spelt wrong as should say "Items")), would be good to be able to use some of the wasted space to the sides, rather than just making the shortcuts smaller. This could be achieved with changeable 'margin' sizes as a setting. I've seen plenty of customer's computers where there were so many shortcuts, they weren't all displayable without scrolling, but if they were displayed utilizing more of the screen width, they'd have fitted.
  12. Hello! Despite "Tab sleep" not being ticked, tabs are still being put to sleep, although not all of them... I have 8 tabs set to open at startup everyday &, on some days, some are never brought to focus, but they still remain 'awake' & others, which have been clicked on, later goto sleep!
  13. Hello! Today, when I opened Maxthon, it briefly flashed a white background & exited, with no error... Upon relaunching, I was signed out & despite repeated attempts, it wouldn't let me sign in again (no error). The entries under Passkeeper were still present for website & username, but all had lost the passwords (i.e. every one of them were blank). I performed a complete uninstall, via HiBit Uninstaller, removing all registry + file traces & then reinstalled the latest beta & that allowed me to signin ok. After waiting quite a while (maybe 10 minutes) it finished syncing & I had the passwords & most settings back (not all are synced, don't know why you'd do some & not others!?). Obviously, I can't send any logs here as I did a full remove, not just uninstall, so simply reporting the issue. When opening a new tab or browser session, despite "Show top bar" being disabled, briefly, the top bar is still shown, before being removed... would it not make more sense to check the setting first & display or not accordingly!? For me, one of the most annoying 'features' of recent Maxthon is to not open a new tab on the right, when clicking the "+", when another tab has focus... opening next to that tab would be fine if I was say opening a link, but clicking the "+" should open the tab there - it's logical & what we've all gotten used to from past versions, so expect in current releases.
  14. Hello! Why, if "Quick Access" is selected in the new title bar, does it still say "Quick Access" below? Surely, if that's what's selected, people can work that out on their own!? I see the temperature units aren't displayed in the weather anymore - is that going to be added back? I waited a week after the upgrade to Chromium 109 before I gave the next version a try - I assumed, rightly so it would seem, there would be a lot of issues & really didn't want to have the hassle! I see you've added some 'points' thing at the top left... it seems dumb to record only continuous logins as I suspect a LOT of users would have something better to do some days, e.g. Sunday, but that doesn't mean they're not using it to the rest of the week! Your way means they'd only have 6 days before the counter resets. Surely better to just record how many logins & accrue bonus points when 'milestones' are reached (e.g. 10 days, 50 days, 100 days, etc)?
  15. Hello! With tab sleep not enabled, Maxthon is still putting tabs to sleep, but not all of them, so that's odd!