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  1. Had to reinstall maxthon_6.1.3.409_beta_x64.exe as CPU went to over 80%, just for Maxthon... After, now back to 1% or less. Good that you went to newer (96.0.4664.45) Chromium, but still hardly current (98.0.4731.0)! It seems, when I load Maxthon, it loads full screen, but if I minimized (to system tray) from full screen, reloading opens in a windows & I have to maximize.
  2. Similar to "edw2edw"... Quick Launch, no tabs open, in idle, Maxthon constantly using over 60% CPU!
  3. Hello! This version still has missing icons for some items in download manager & also still shows user icon for others
  4. Hello! Still occasionally getting the file size displayed as 0.00b in download popup... File still downloads ok & wasn't 0.00b!
  5. Hello! I'll just say "ditto" for all the usual issues, which still haven't been fixed! There's a layout issue in settings, general: The spacing between "download settings" & the box is much bigger than the space between "save path" in "quick save images" & that also includes a colon (":"), which the other doesn't. Then underneath that, "repeat file name" also has a colon & the selector is touching (i.e. no space) Not a biggy, but it's just not consistent with the rest of the settings on the same page
  6. Could you send the dump file of the crash issue to me? It would be appreciated if you could provide me a video of this issue. Hello! Since it doesn't happen often, it wouldn't be logical or desirable to create a video every time I watch a news article just on the off chance Maxthon crashes out & the video wouldn't help anyway as it'll just show what I said happened... I wasn't clicking anything, didn't press any keys or even move the mouse, Maxthon just exited. Here's the crashpad reports anyway, just in case they help. reports.7z
  7. Only crashed out once on BBCs website, while watching a news video, so far with this release, but, obviously, shouldn't do it at all. Have seen the same happen previously too, with earlier versions, but again, doesn't do it often
  8. Hello! Still getting user icon for programs in download manager
  9. 11. after exit, upon reload, Maxthon is positioned at the bottom right of the screen with only a small upper left section visible... drag to see the rest or maximize & ok, but when next exit & reload, back to lower right of screen... I think, where I previously said, 1 step forward, but 2 steps back, I should have said 3 steps back! 😉
  10. 9. still have missing program icons for downloads, so not just Mx6 icon missing. 10. You finally updated Chromium (at last!), but have created more bugs... 1 step forward, but 2 steps back! However, your Chromium 'update' is hardly up-to-date... 95.0.4638.17, but 98.0.4714.0 is current, so this is still a joke &, obviously, can't remotely be considered as 'safe'. If ALL other major web browsers are keeping their product up-to-date, specifically for security & features, then why can't Maxthon!?
  11. 8. watching a video article on BBC's website, Maxthon crashed out, no errors, no messages, nothing & upon reloading, also no messages & didn't reload the previous tabs
  12. Hello! 1. didn't auto-update, despite "update the beta version" being ticked - not fixed 2. no icon for Maxthon in download manager - not fixed 3. default quick launch until refresh - not fixed 4. bookmarks bar now displayed on quick launch even though set to not & can't be turned off (although, while in settings, turn on displays & turn off hides & stays off if on a website, but always on in quick launch) 5. "Popup download window when downloading" should display the window at the same time as the destination prompt (so one can see what's already been downloaded), NOT after download starts... it also then takes focus, so anything else already clicked on now needs to be re-clicked - not fixed 6. if "Quick Save images by clicking while holding the Ctrl key" is enabled, then when right click (i.e. NOT holding Ctrl key) on picture & select "save image as...", saved, without prompting, to pictures folder (i.e. no download destination/name prompted). If unticked, then right click & save image as... does nothing (i.e. no prompt & nothing saved) 7. the Command Line that loads Mx6: "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\Maxthon.exe" --mrestart --no-sandbox --flag-switches-begin --flag-switches-end --origin-trial-disabled-features=CaptureHandle --no-sandbox --flag-switches-begin --flag-switches-end" has 2 lots of duplicate entries (sandbox + switches)... is that correct!? Also, as "--no-sandbox" is still present, that means Mx6 still can't be considered safe - ideally, should auto switch on/off for Chromium/IE (you say can't be on for IE, but this mode is only rarely used (mostly for education, government & recruitment websites, which tend to be old & don't work well with Chromium))
  13. Here's the logs... but they didn't help before! It's just a caching issue, so that's where you need to be looking in the code Log Files.7z
  14. Hello! Still getting duplicates listed in download manager, but today it was able to remove the whole list - this is the first time that's ever happened (i.e. when duplicates were present, they weren't previously removed upon clearing list). The download manager issues (there's LOTS of them!) are the main reason we still can't install Maxthon 6 onto customer's computers... It's been out for about 1 year now & it's still not good enough! Never had any issues at all with Maxthon 5, so Maxthon 6 still has a long way to go before it's 'ready'. The auto-update not working should be a quick & easy fix - If I can manually download it, then Maxthon could check & do the same. The biggest security issue is using ridiculously out-of-date components & not releasing a new version of Mx6, with latest versions of everything, straight after a new version of Chromium comes out... ALL other major Chromium browsers (e.g. Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, etc) do, so why not Maxthon!?
  15. So, IE mode can't be sandboxed? If that's so, could this switch not be dynamic & change based on engine (i.e. off for IE & on for Chromium)? As it currently is, it reduces security/protection & that's really not desirable!