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  1. Hello! Retro/IE mode is not auto-filling in website login details (e.g. ebay.co.uk)... works ok in Ultra/Chromium mode
  2. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0618 (installed) In the download manager, the 'Clear all records' is still not always working (been that way last few versions)... Had several days worth of downloads listed (15-20 entries), some where the file still existed & some where not (as renamed) & clicking clear all records didn't, removed most, left some. Clicking again makes no difference, but exiting Mx6 & reloading, the list is now empty. Can't recreate this issue as don't know why working sometimes but not others... It's common my download list would have existing & no-longer existing file entries.
  3. Hello! The quick launch refresh isn't working (at least not for my website)... Doesn't matter how many times I click the refresh icon, it still shows a screenshot from last week, despite the website having changed many times since. Sometimes (maybe only first time after loading Mx6), it shows a newer (still not current) version, but if I click refresh again, then it reverts to an older version & repeated refreshes make no difference. Implies it's cached & refresh simply isn't getting current version. Hello! When I asked is there an option to add currently displayed webpage to 'quick launch', you said to right click tab & goto 'Add to the new tab page'... None of those options allow adding to the quick launch, only add as bookmark or create desktop shortcut!
  4. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0618 (installed) 1. I don't see any option to add current open webpage to quick launch, only as bookmark... am I missing it? 2. Quick launch, refresh shortcut... no sure where it's getting it from, but I changed my website last Saturday & multiple times today (experimenting with new layout) & quick launch shows an old version (days ago, before making changes) upon refresh. Tried Ctrl+F5 to refresh cache, but the same. Tried changing to colour & back again, same. Tried adding a new quick launch, but same
  5. Hello! 1. maxthon_6.1.2.1500_beta_x64 didn't auto-update to maxthon_6.1.2.1600_beta_x64. 2. Even when manually checking, like all previous releases, still said it's up to date. 3. Since Mx6 has a service running that checks every 30 minutes for updates, exactly what is that doing!? 4. If I can manually download an update, how is Mx6 can't!? 5. The default quick launch for LinedIn still points to a non-existent website (reported over a year ago!): http://click.howdoesin.net/aff_c?offer_id=106943463&affiliate_id=7197 6. Background tabs still taking HUGE (minutes, if at all) amount of time to open, but when clicked, open within seconds. 7. Quick launch, add/edit, "colour" still spelt "color" for UK.
  6. Hello! Going to uu.me, login with email, Mx6 prompts to save login details, but doesn't show the email address, only the password as going to be saved. Manually entered the address & saved & then checked in Passkeeper & it is now stored correctly.
  7. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0611 (installed) What's the criteria for detecting an 'unsafe' download? I've seen a few (e.g. from softpedia.com, who check everything first anyway) that needed manually clicking the 'play' link to perform the download, but for which the file was safe (e.g. LightBulb-v2.3.3 (auto adjusts monitor gamma))
  8. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0611 (installed) Would be nice if the download manager reported the size of the file to be downloaded in the browse window, like Mx5 did. The screenshot in quick launch doesn't have an update/refresh option (like Mx5 had), so one has to edit, change to colour (which is spelt wrong in UK version as "color"), then save, then edit again, change to screenshot & lastly save again... hardly user-friendly! Would be nice also to have selectable refresh frequency (e.g. xx minutes, hours, days, etc) per quick launch shortcut. Would be nicer still to have selectable logos... either from Maxthon database (like Mx5 used to have, with multiple options for well known websites), favicon from website or user selectable local image file (e.g. a jpg, png, etc) This is more noticeable for big named websites like amazon & ebay where only the American versions (.com) have a logo... the UK variants, amazon.co.uk & ebay.co.uk only have colour (& now screenshot). Whatever the language, since Mx6 has built-in logos for some companies, there's no logical reason why we shouldn't be able to select any of them for any website!
  9. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0611 (installed) Last 2 betas have caused HUGE increase in CPU usage, minimum 30%, but often 60% or more, while browsing!! Made MUCH worse when opening multiple tabs in the background, which take a LONG time to load, if ever. However, when then clicking on a tab, that hadn't finished loading (after several minutes), it then does finish within a few seconds. I load up a load of BBC.co.uk or Softpedia.com articles each day to read & may open a dozen or more & my CPU monitor shows a constant 100% load all the time. When all tabs have loaded (when there's lots of them, I NEVER see this, but do with only 1 or 2 open), CPU is close to 0%.
  10. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0604 When downloading from "softpedia.com", after clicking on the main 'download' button to bring up the list of download options for that program (e.g. 32bit, 64bit, external mirror, secure server, etc) & then right clicking on a link & selecting 'open link in new tab' (so I can download more than one version (e.g. online + offline installer) without having to start again), even after waiting several minutes, the background tab hasn't been processed yet. If I simply click on the link, then within seconds, the download manager is displayed (this is a new issue to this release of Mx6). Once a folder has been selected, there's now a wait of several seconds before the download manager 'catches up' & let's me click 'download' (in the meantime, it just 'beeps' when I click anything). Since sometimes I need to edit the filename being downloaded, would be good if pressing Enter/Return also meant 'download' (i.e. that button had default focus)
  11. Hello! When pressing Ctrl+A first or clicking a bookmark, nothing happens or is shown, but after clicking & pressing cursor up/down, there's a thin black rectangle surrounding a bookmark, but I still can't select anything unless I also hold shift, which will then select 2 bookmarks, but not indicate which 2 (i.e. not highlighted)! Pressing cursor up/down, while holding shift, will highlight a contiguous block, but since nothing is highlighted, you won't know which you've selected. Pressing cursor up/down, without keeping shift held down will unselect any previously selected. If I press cursor right, a grey circle is shown to the left of the bookmark, but it's not selected. I tried that extension (& 2 others) & eventually between them & me, removed over 56000 duplicates! Would have been nice to have that built-in.
  12. Hello! Neither 'Clear all records' or 'Clear invalid' works... If I were to exit Mx6 & restart, they likely wouldn't be listed anymore (this is what happened last time). To me, that implies the list is being cleared, but not displayed as such
  13. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0604 (installed) The bug in the download manager, where it's unable to completely clear the log, has returned... However, since it's NOT common or repeatable (so a video couldn't be made), I suspect it wasn't fixed before! I had 20-30 entries in the list & most didn't exist as files anymore as they'd been manually renamed to remove the "(1)" where the filename had already existed & the old one manually deleted.
  14. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0604 (installed) Bookmarks manager: 1. clicking a bookmark doesn't select it 2. pressing Ctrl+A to select ALL says 'x selected', but doesn't show anything to indicate such on screen 3. clicking on a bookmark & then pressing cursor keys moves box around each bookmark & holding shift while moving says 'x selected', but still no visual indication 4. can't use mouse to highlight bookmarks 5. when deleting a bookmark folder, there's a message at the bottom left of screen showing 'xxx deleted undo', but no option to close that message, which is covering the bottom of the list 6. since previously 'import from Mx5' didn't work (could leave for hours but wouldn't finish), I now have 12 copies of bookmarks... would be VERY useful to have option to remove duplicates. As I have 1000s of bookmarks, would be huge pain to manually check for non-duplicates entries. in Mx5 I could have exported to Internet Explorer folder as files, ran a duplicate file content checker, removed the duplicate files, erased ALL stored & sync'd Mx6 bookmarks & then imported from IE... However, Mx6 only supports export as HTML file! 7. when deleting bookmarks, there's the option to undo, but there's no recycle bin for deletions, so only the last delete can be undone. better to just have recycle bin & then any previous deletions can be restored, permanently deleted or the bin emptied 8. the bookmarks are shown with a folder list on the left & contents on the right, but there's no option to adjust the width of the folder list... it's not uncommon to have folders within folders, but you won't be able to see them without scrolling that list left/right
  15. Hello! The Mx6 icon, when pinned to the task bar, is now the same as Mx5... was that intentional!? The darker one made it stand out from Mx5.