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  1. Hello! Before upgrading Maxthon, I had www.bbc.co.uk open in a tab... After upgrading & restarting Maxthon, BBC's page tried to reload, but still completely black on black... same as before
  2. Hello! As I've said MANY times before, the videos you ask for would show exactly what I've already stated, so there's nothing to learn from them & therefore no point in sending them. Also, as stated before, our server has customer data on so we cannot allow remote access, which again, would only show what I've already stated too! I've worked with & serviced computers for a living for over 40 years, so have extensive knowledge of hardware & software &, like many here, recognize bugs when I see them! The Secure DNS URLs are: So the last 2 both appear to be wrong as they're the same address & both feature, rather than & They are also still giving the same error as before & still don't have descriptions saying what they filter (malware, adult sites, etc). Lastly, no, I will NOT be upgrading Windows 8.1 to 10/11 yet as it still has nearly 4 month's of Microsoft support left, it'll take ages & I can't spare the time now. Your request implies Maxthon isn't compatible with Windows 8.1... is that the case!?
  3. Hello! Previously, often, but not always, when loading, Maxthon would just show a blank page (generally white on white, but links from quick launch were still showing when cursor moved around or if opened via a link, would show those links, but still white on white, so nothing visible). Now, black on black, even with Classic Theme & Windows NOT set to dark, but EVERY time. If I open another tab, it's (mostly, but even then not always on first go), fine. I also notice I can't always shut the last open tab... click the cross, but the page remains... open another (blank/quick launch) tab, then can shut the first ok. Lastly, since Chromium 106 is now the stable release, there's no point in putting 105 in Maxthon (you missed 104 completely!) & you should, within DAYS not MONTHS, release a new version of Maxthon, with any new stable core... what's the point of saying Maxthon is based on Chromium if you use such an old core that there's loads of compatibility issues!?
  4. Hello! Was using ok, exit & upon reloading, was signed out... After signing back in, was like a fresh install, so extensions auto reloaded & some settings lost, so had to re-setup. The Classic Theme is working again, with the correct colours (hasn't worked for months & I had to install a third party theme). No error messages at any time, I was just signed out! I see you've still not fixed the Secure DNS settings for CloudFlare... You should state, in the descriptions, the differences between, & But, only seems to work anyway as the other 2 give an error:
  5. We'll be lucky if we see that this year!
  6. Hello! 'New features' reported: VBox, Resource Sniffer, Night Mode & Snap Screen all as new features, but they've been there for ages, so NOT new. Still removing Windows' default browser setting (so none now set), but this time, Maxthon didn't prompt to ask to set as default. Running Windows 8.1 Professional, 64 bit, fully up-to-date.
  7. Hello! Still getting just a blank white page when accessing via a link, but, not always, so inconsistent. The entire content is there though, just white foreground on white background as if I move the cursor around, I see it change as it passes over links. Sometimes, if I click to the side of the page, the whole page is then shown ok. Been happening for weeks now. Obviously, download manager issues not fixed. "Colour" still spelt "Color", despite being UK, not USA.
  8. It is as I said, so a video would show no more!
  9. I see you're still on Chromium 103... due to the ENORMOUS number of complaints you had for not updating the core for more than 6 months, surely this time, you'd make it a priority... I see most other Chromium browsers are using at least 104 with some on 105... How long until we can expect Maxthon to catch up!? This year, next year!? When a new Chromium core is released as 'stable', I, like most people, expect Maxthon to have a new release with this new core, even if you change nothing else for that release. Stable means it's not 'developer', it's not 'beta', the publisher deems it as ready for mainstream release, so why doesn't Maxthon? A lot of the issues, especially compatibility problems, may well already be fixed in a newer core.
  10. Hello! Classic theme now fixed, so max/min/close icons back again, but with appearance set to 'dark', the background tab text is grey on orange & not easily visible. After installing new version, already open tabs DID reopen & display correctly, at last, but once again, Maxthon is removed as default, despite already being set as default beforehand, being ticked during installation to be default, being prompted after installing (& restarting) to set as default (which it shouldn't need to ask) & so still have to goto Windows settings & manually set a default (now set to none) back to Maxthon. This bug has been there a while now... It keeps getting reported, but what must be a simple issue, still isn't getting fixed. Good that you've added CloudFlare, &, but would be nice if they included a description of what they were (i.e. what type of filter... e.g. 'no malware', 'no malware or adult content', etc) Also, when selecting either or, the text below (https://developers.cloudflare.com/ doesn't change, but it does when selecting anything else
  11. Hello! Not sure... been there a while though... I suppose, whichever version was current when I first reported it!
  12. Hello! Since download manager still hasn't been fixed, can confirm still getting duplicate entries, that are not removed when clearing list, implying cache issue. Still got missing or wrong icons for downloaded programs, but today, got a new one: duplicate entries for a download... i.e. ONE download, being reported as happening TWICE in the download manager!
  13. A video would only show what I & others have been saying for quite a while... The fault is self-explanatory!
  14. Hello! Still removes itself as default browser, still prompts to set as default & still doesn't set as default (manually set & ok). Had a tab open, which tried to reopen after restart (a first, as previously just lost all open tabs), but just blank page. Exit & reload, but still blank page. Refresh & same. Open new tab & that's displayed ok. Been this way for last few versions. Stock themes still missing top min/max/close icons, but ok in 3rd party.