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  1. Hello! As it was annoying, I've been clearing the logs after each download session, so didn't experience any duplicates this week, but I'll leave them for a day or 2 & see how it goes with ( didn't offer the upgrade to & said was up-to-date, despite "Update the beta version" being ticked... say what you like, but if there's an option & it's selected but doesn't work, then that's a bug!)
  2. Hello! Outside of Maxthon, everything displays correctly... issue is ONLY in Maxthon downloader
  3. For me, this time, downloaded in 2 seconds, but often only gets a few 10's of K/s... if I pause & resume then speeds up to MB/s. This is a recent issue though as it only started doing this a few weeks ago. Since I don't get the same problem with any other downloads, the fault is at Maxthon's end
  4. Hello! Despite saying you'd be updating the Chromium engine, you're now FIVE major versions behind... I suspect many of the issues people are experiencing have already been addressed in later versions. You really MUST update the core whenever a new stable is released, it's unacceptable to be MANY months & versions behind as this just leaves users with security, stability & compatibility issues. You can't call Maxthon safe & compatible if it clearly isn't!
  5. Hello! 1. Can confirm still getting duplicate entries in download manager, mostly with the wrong (user icon instead) or no icon & still not removed when clearing list, still confirming caching issue. 2. Spell check no-longer working (e.g. when typing here on forum) However, this week (so far), hasn't hung upon loading with just a title bar & white background (I know other people are still getting that, but (so far), not me too this week!) All other bugs/errors reported of late also still present... looks like fixing reported bugs isn't a priority anymore!
  6. Hello! On this & all times previously, no more than 8 & they were just YouTube, cpu-world.com + Maxthon 'New tab' with quick launch. Despite what the change log for this version says, NONE of the issues I've been reporting for months are yet fixed (e.g. wrong icons in download manager, old Chromium, lies (deliberately misleading users is technically fraud!) on installer screens (e.g. all Mx5 features + latest Chromium), installer screens too quick to read, Quick Launch icons missing with no way to refresh, etc)... however, an old bug has reappeared as once again, clicking the shortcut to open the download manager doesn't shut it when clicking again. Like others here, I don't understand why you removed the resume feature in the download manager - Mx5 had it & so do ALL other major browsers... It's like you're actually trying to put people off by gradually making Maxthon worse!! Over the last 20+ years, most major browser innovations came from Maxthon & were copied by others, but now you're seriously lacking & lagging behind (e.g. still no DNS-over-HTTPS , no built-in (irrelavant it can be added as it used to be built-in) ad blocker (removed after a bribe from Opera?), no multi-engine search (like Mx5 had), no VPN, you don't even list stored website zoom values to alter or remove, etc)... Updates to Mx5 were generally new features, improvements, faster, better, etc... there were rarely bug fixes as there were rarely bugs, but Mx6 seems to be a constant list of bugs, bugs & more bugs with fixes taking months, sometimes years (i.e. not fixed since day 1)... is there a reason for this!?
  7. Hello! If I have "Continue where you left off" enabled then often (but not always), on the next day, Maxthon won't finish loading... (I don't normally use that setting, but have recently & had the same issue for last few versions of Maxthon, so can't say if was present before) I get the border & just a white screen (I've left for over 5 minutes & still nothing). If I try to terminate processes, some say they can't be closed & the rest will start using VERY high CPU (I try closing via the cross first, but doesn't always work). Reinstalling Maxthon doesn't help, but when it first runs after, there's nothing displayed & no task manager detais either. If I uninstall, keeping settings (not all of which are kept!), then use HiBit Uninstaller to clear redundant registry entries & files, then restart Windows & reinstall Maxthon, that finally then loads & I have to go through settings changing the ones that weren't kept. The most annoying though is I lose browsing history (despite not deleting it)... can that be including in the account sync? The crash logs were lost when uninstalling, so can't help you there!
  8. Nothing running permanently to clean caches & I've tried with plugins disabled & still get the same... been this way for a LONG time! I see this works ok for you... Need to know where download manager gets the icons from, Windows or Maxthon (reading after download finishes). If Windows, maybe compatibility issue with Windows 8.1. For me, generally, download manager shows the user icon, so clearly nothing to do with downloaded file.
  9. Hello! Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit, fully up-to-date
  10. Hello! "- Fixed the issue that the download manager could not display the icon of the downloaded records" No, you haven't... most still NOT showing the correct icon: Also, during installation, the 'features' screens are still too quick to read. there's still 'lies' - Mx6 does NOT have the latest Chromium engine by a LONG way (so clearly can NOT be considered safe) & Mx6 does NOT have all Mx5 features (legally, this is know as fraud, so don't be too surprised if you get sued over this!) Quick launch is still not showing a great many 'favicon' images, for websites that certainly do have an icon, even for some quite well known sites (e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk, https://www.wikipedia.org, etc):
  11. Hello! 1. Just to confirm, latest version still creating duplicate entries in download manager, also with wrong or missing icons for programs, that are not removed when clearing list... been that way for a long, long, LONG time! 2. Quick launch still has many missing 'favicon' when shortcut set to "Color block" (which is still spelt wrong for UK English - should be "Colour")
  12. Hello! menu, More tools, Extensions, Open Chrome Webstore, does NOT open Chrome Webstore, but instead Maxthon store, which has very little & requires one to click "More>>" to get the actual Chrome Webstore... If you want to push your store first, then should change the menu to read "Maxthon Webstore"
  13. Hello! There's really no point in trying anything in Chromium 96 as that's month's out-of-date, so tells us nothing! No, the download list should display when the new download task displays, it's pointless & wrong to display after & I shouldn't need to do anything else just to get the previous list displayed, as Mx5 did this correctly, with the download list in a normal, resizable window. I don't see why the Mx6 download manager is so dreadful/basic/buggy when it was so much better in Mx5!? The issue with the wrong/missing program icons for downloads has been there for a LONG time & the duplicate entries, which aren't removed when clearing the list, is almost as old... both reported MANY times, but neither fixed. Why not just dump the Mx6 download manager & go back to the Mx5 version, which worked fine!? Or, at least fix it & give it the same functionality. The poor download manager & missing favicons in quick launch are the 2 main reasons why we can't yet install Mx6 on customers computers (obviously, the super high CPU usage & occasional crashing out don't help either!). I recommend it, but say although it's close, it's not quite ready yet... unfortunately, I've been saying this for over a year now as nothing's changed in these areas!
  14. This is just an old copy of Chromium, from December last year... it's months out-of-date... but I guess Mx6 is the same these day, always out-of-date! As an obvious change for the better, why don't you update the Chromium core ASAP when a new stable version is released (like all other major browsers do)!? I suspect a lot of the problems then wouldn't exist! As Mx6 is multiple stable versions behind, it's clear there's always going to be compatibility & security issues until you change your approach to updates. ------------------ Just to confirm, the download manager is still creating duplicates, with wrong or missing icons, that aren't removed when clearing list, so still a caching issue. Also, the "Pop up download window when downloading" option is still bringing the download box up AFTER the download commences & not BEFORE... it's pointless after, but useful before as one can see if one has already downloaded an item.
  15. These are screen shots showing only 3 tabs, then 6, then 9ish open... After each round, I waited for CPU to settle back to low numbers, before opening more tabs. After a while (not minutes, but certainly not just a few seconds either), CPU drops back to low. When opening more than 1 tab, I ALWAYS open it in the background & don't have tab sleeping enabled (content is still missing though on most background tabs, especially in the mornings when I open multiple pages from bbc.co.uk (a lot of pictures & almost all videos are not displayed until I refresh that tab & also java content says not enabled until tab refreshed - always been this way with Mx6, but wasn't with Mx5). If page opened in foreground then content is present. When opening tabs in background, pages load significantly slower than they do in the foreground, but the times can vary wildly, from just a few seconds difference to 10's of seconds!