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  1. User-agent can say whatever it wants. We need some info from Maxthon to confirm the Chromium version.
  2. Underscore as a first character might be a problem.
  3. This .6600/1 and .6400 freeze a lot.
  4. In this version, there is still a bug where the number of hidden tabs is not visible if more than 100.
  5. I have this error on two computers "Update failed" If I download and install manually everything is fine.
  6. Please add an option to remove this popup permanently.
  7. I already fixed it by deleting the user data folder (which led to the pain of a new setup), and I can't reproduce it anymore. The strange thing is that clear browser data did not help. Also, there is no indicator when clear browser data is done (and we know it might take a few seconds/minutes if there is a bigger cache).
  8. In .9000 and .9200 I'm having problems with in normal window mode while incognito is working. Left it normal, right is incognito. I tried safe mode, I disabled all extensions, I tried to clear all data including cookies but nothing. On the left links are bold, the site freezes, and if I middle click with mouse on the link i opens two separate tabs. On the right is incognito mode and there everything works fine. EDIT: I fixed it by deleting the user data folder which is PITA as I have to re-loggin to all sites. And set up my search engine, my theme, and some other things. This options did not help at all There is no indicator when it is finished. I was logged out of all sites, yet the was broken. Tsk Tsk.
  9. Yeah, I have that information. There were quite many versions since then and still it is not fixed. And it is not a hard fix 😉
  10. The bug not showing the proper count of hidden tabs when more than 100 are hidden is still there. This has been an issue for a while now and it is still not fixed.
  11. Thank you for the information. This is acceptable behavior even though when we check "BETA" checkbox we do agree to receive an "unstable" version. So waiting for the user feedback to push it via auto-update should not be necessary, however, it is better to have a slight delay of a few days and receive the latest beta than not to receive it at all
  12. Did you try a different password or are you always resetting to the same one? Maybe some character issue so I would try to create a new password with some standard characters. lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and interpunction characters (!?,.)
  13. This is a "feature" of Maxthon, when it says you are up to date and have the beta checkbox enabled it does not mean you are up to date - it means you will get some beta updates per developer will, and not the latest. I keep complaining about that but for now without any luck. For now, we need to keep checking the forum and update manually if we want to be up to date with betas.
  14. Yeah, this feature is not crucial, and there are more important things, but if you implement it, it needs to function like in all other applications. Also, that feature is already there, they just need to ditch the idea that "only some beta will be pushed through auto-update feature" and make it so that all betas are included. I have multiple devices and it is a big annoyance to check every day if there is a new beta, download it, and then install it manually on all those devices. A fully working feature of auto-update where "up to date" really means up to date would make my life a lot easier.
  15. Why would I imagine such a stupid thing? Who wants such a feature? I want to be "up to date" in the full meaning of what "up to date" means. If "update to beta" is not checked then I expect the latest stable release at the time of check, and when "update to beta" is checked it should be the latest beta. This is how all other software works and Maxthon should follow that pattern.