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  1. I thought that it will be fixed.
  2. I cleared the cache, but link is _6.1.2.800_....
  3. I found that my firewall was blocking the update check. When I allowed the update then was downloaded the file maxthon_6.1.2.801_beta_x64.exe, but I don't need an installer, I will wait for the portable version.
  4. portable version, logged as guest, win7 pro
  5. Suggestion recorded. 😊 oh good, it really necessary behavior for last session
  6. a small cosmetic bug, if you press the "back" / "forward" buttons and leave the mouse pointer over the "stop" button, the "home" button will be displayed instead of the "refresh" button. win7 ultimate, V6.1.2.500 portable version 64-bit