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    Where is the option to completely remove Vbox? Are you kidding?
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    Hahaha... they are not mocking us man.. haha.. it just takes time.. i for one have patience.. i have learned this through out time.. i know i need more patience cause sometimes i flip at people.. for example when they tell me why am i not fixing their car better or get an item faster from another country and then i want to tell them "if you want something done fast, do it yourself" or and "why dont you do it yourself then" but then i calm down and explain it to them cause they are not people that think for others... i learn how to put myself in another their shoes so i dont have to embarrass myself with a low IQ question like "why is the import taking so long" and then get the answer well? with this covid-19 nonsense all businesses/work related occupations are delayed by at least 3-8 weeks tops and it might be even longer which is horrible... but it makes you look as if you yourself couldnt figure that out... be patient they will fix us up real good.. believe me they will.. as long as they keep updating it? it will get better and better over time.. for now? we have this.. lets wait for the updates.. im sure they not just playing playstation all day and shooting dope into their veins and dont eat, sleep, drink... they probably have families just like you..
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    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
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    Hi, we need Mx for Chromebooks I first opened the Play Store to install Maxthon - no way πŸ˜• did you plan to bring MX to chromebooks soon?
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    Dear Staff, 1. BUG (possible) - If MX6 is closed without opening the pages in the Last session page(mx://last-visit/), on next opening of the MX6, the Last session page is not available anymore. This is not the case in MX5. 2. Suggestion for Implementation - Status bar (Very useful for traffic monitoring and the rest...) 3. Suggestion for Implementation - Resource Grabber
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    Please make it possible to display icons in quick launch in the form of screenshots of sites, as in version MX5. And also make it possible to change the quick launch grid. So that it could be done on 6 columns, and 8, or 10 for example. Thank!
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    When it becomes possible to save the page in MHTML and QuickAccess with screenshots in MX6, please remind me of this. Until then, there's no point in even looking. This isn't Maxthon yet.
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    Sorry, but you clearly have problems... First, I've been using Maxthon since 2002, and like I said, I did stop using it when it became a standalone browser a few years after 2010, I continued using Maxthon Classic until eventually it wasn't really compatible with websites anymore. Thus, just because you're a newer user, doesn't mean I wasn't a dedicated user for at least 10 or more years, and like I said having like 3,000 Forum posts before the new forum was put in, and I developed several extensions for the browser, so spare me your Elitism... as if you have more rights to speak than I do. Second, dude, fine... I'm OKAY with it, single click, double-click, whatever. I just stated my opinion that it's of lower priority. Guy, you're the one being the ***, what you said didn't make sense at first, because you weren't clear at first, I thought you were talking about the PW manager being unprotected, and I was looking for clarification and yes, people are allowed to give their opinions. Welcome to the world, you clearly need to learn to live in it. People are going to disagree with you, and in fact I actually ended up supporting your interest, but because you have problems you couldn't see it. Anyway, enjoy...
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    I am using a "portable version", I just extracted the installation file. It's not a huge deal, I'm sure there will be a new version soon.
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    Yeah, I turn off my computer at night. I'll try again tomorrow. It is good to know it is not a completely unique issue.
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    I have a weird issue. I cannot log in to Reddit on MX6, I get "password is incorrect" message. I think it is MX6 issue, since I can log in to Reddit using both MX5 and Edge.
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    Thank you BugSir006! But Maxton 6 is a bit like Google Chrome and I took this add-on.
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    @Mhzayer Hi a very intereting Test with CSS3test !! So I'll stop working with some Browsers (PaleMoon, Maxthon5,...) But the 74% in Firefox don't convince me! MartinB
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    Please fix "not able to drag a tab to the other side in split screen mode". MX6 feels significantly faster than MX5, YahooMail is much more responsive in it etc, so I would like to use it. But I use a large monitor, and split screen feature of Maxthon is a big reason of why I like it. Also, here is a suggestion about split screen. It used to be the case in MX5 that the active tab had a frame (I think) around it indicating that the tab was active. Right now, and it is true for both last versions of MX5 and MX6, in split screen active tabs in both panels are highlighted the same, so it is impossible to know (unless you remember) which one will be, say, reloaded if you click on reload. Could there be an indication of which of the two tabs in split screen is active? Of course, it is much less important than making it possible to move tabs from on side to the other in split screen.
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    I was checking as old-times with CSS3test site and here we go
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    Or so bad, anything goes True, like many others, in the end the time you have, you use it or for some experiences or for others, there is no more I should have delimited part of my comment as "ironia" which involves testing betas of maxhom (which I have been doing for years), and that the product you are testing looks very little like the maxthon we know and a lot like chrome
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    You can give me a like. I won't mind 😘
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    When the ability to completely remove Vbox will be added? Are you mocking your users?
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    The best part of trying betas is that you live to see how good apps are Those that just see the final product don't live that experience
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    Sure, because of adware in it at least, but I think an option "download it with all risks put on myself" should exist.
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    I tried downloading your file with all browsers I have None accepted to download including IE, Firefox, Vivaldi, Chrome, and MS Edge except Opera
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    Thanks for the ongoing updates -- still hoping for auto-reload on tabs....
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    Thank you for your explanation. This request has been recorded. 😊
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    Hi AaronX, this issue will be fixed in v6.0.0.2401.😊 We will update v6.0.0.2400 to v6.0.0.2401 automatically in the background.
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    I'm soo happy to see new relase. Are there any chances of getting sidebar back? When I can't use MX I use Opera which has very nice sidebar. It gave me very easy access to notes on MX cloud, facebook and whatsapp (so did mx5) Secondly i like UUmail. I hope it could get some settings page inside browser settings because right now the only access to this service is through browser. Thank you & GL!
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    Hi there, this function will be added to the future version.
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    Please add option to open in new tab when I click on the HOME button. Thanks!
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    FEATURE REQUEST: Would like an option for sound only on focused tab. Thank you!
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    Yes. It is presently in public beta.
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    Just asking out of curiosity. I know it will be completely new and needs a lot of testing. Still. Will there ever be an MX6 release?
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    Hi there, currently, this function is not available in the Maxthon 6 browser. But this request has been submitted to the product team. πŸ€—
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    Looks like Bing Maps? No issue here. Though, it ALSO isn't ASKING me to let it scan my location. When I tested that on ANOTHER site, where-am-i.net, it DIDN'T detect me correctly. But Bing *is*
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    Ah, I see. It does look like Maxthon isn't creating those files then. Hopefully BugSir/the developers can advise further.
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    // sarcasm mode on I just need to publish the password 😱 // sarcasm mode off
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    Thank you! Can we also return to the option of just opening/running a downloaded file (i.e. saving to %Temp%), rather than actually saving it?
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    Thank you for reminding us! πŸ‘
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    Issue fixed! As usual, using the old programmers trick..... Just rebooted the computer, and next setup works fine.
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    Thanx for french support @No.1MaxthonFan.
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    Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur la barre d’onglets
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    Hi Dan, these requests have been submitted to the product team and will be added to the future version. 😊
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    I put in this request before -- it seems simple to add auto-refresh for tabs. Also, on sites with audio, the audio icon on tabs does not appear to work -- you can mute a site but can't just click the audio icon on or off. Thanks -- still pleased with the speed/responsiveness of latest beta...
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    "NEVER MIND" HAHAHHAHAHA i googled online to see why my "dictionary feedback box" and it showed that it was an extension and i clicked them all off and clicked them on one by one and i found out it was my "Video Downloader Professional" extension... oooh man the things i install to have my old MX4 grabber back... chrome extension store also prohibits me from downloading from youtube which is irritating.. they wanna stop me from grabbing what i feel like grabbing but it was my own fault which is weird cause i have been using "Video Downloader Professional" extension for a while now and this never happened... But sorry for the inconvenience and this problem is now solved... i hope you can forgive me for submitting things so fast... next time i will try and work out my own problems first before i come here and ask random questions i mean you guys are not "not" busy.. you guys actually have A LOT of work to do so random people coming asking random stuff all the time will be irritating and annoying and overwhelming so i will be more careful next time "THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE" i really appreciate it... have a better day I will be patiently waiting for the MX6 build in downloader or grabber as other people have named/called it... good bye...
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    I continue to be pleased by the frequent version updates for MX6 -- so thanks. The speed and smoothness of the browser still appear to be big positives. I find myself going to MX6 more frequently now, and the speed is now rivaling if not exceeding Vivaldi and Opera (definitely better than latest Firefox builds).
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    Please add "Set Bookmarks Bar display folder" option to MX6 to act as "Set Favorites Bar display folder" in MX5.
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    That doesn't tell anyone anything. At least provide some examples of what YOU think needs to be improved.
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    Can you implement a tool to transfer the passwd from mx5 to mx6 locally WITHOUT having to have a maxthon account or anything to do with synchronizing? Also another tool to transfer the QA from mx5 to mx6, in local nothing to synchronize?
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    Hi guys. I have liked and used the Maxthon browser for a few years but left and went to the dark side and used another browser but i want to come back! so here i am