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  1. Wow, can't believe I missed that. Thanks!
  2. When I drag a link to open a new tab, the new tab takes focus and it takes me away from the current tab. In Maxthon 5 I can drag links and open several tabs, but the one I am currently on does not lose focus. The behavior is normal when I use the middle mouse button, but I lose the current tab focus when dragging to open a new link.
  3. 1) When I use the drag and drop for a new tab, it loses focus unlike in the older Maxthon 5 version. 2) No status bar. 3) Ctrl + click does not work on Instagram and other websites to save images.
  4. When I use the drag and drop for new tab, it loses focus unlike in the older Maxthon 5 version.
  5. I managed to figure out a workaround by using the Logitech Options for my mouse. I added a shortcut with the Advanced Click option for the Control + Left Click.
  6. Hello, is there a way to implement a new keyboard shortcut or gesture for saving an image similar to the "Quick Save images by clicking while holding the Ctrl key" option? This feature is very helpful, but it would be nice if we could customize the shortcut/gesture.
  7. I just noticed that Maxthon is taking over 10 gb of memory on my iPad! I already deleted cookies and history but the memory has not changed. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  8. I also started running into this problem in the last few days. My Yahoo email starts refreshing on it's own. I currently have the most recent version of Maxthon.