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  1. Yes, this version is faster than the previous ones and the sync works but extensions and settings still don`t sync
  2. Oh, sorry, here it is. Log
  3. Ok, now the sync failed for Notes, settings and extensions as it was in the older version. portable
  4. I did it and it said “success”. But before I did this, in the morning the synchronization started doing again. The synchronization works today for bookmarks and passwords, but did not work for settings, extensions and Notes. The curiosities of this synchronization have no endings.
  5. No, I have no understanding what this feature makes
  6. Hi BugSir009, of course. Hi BugSir009, this option, is it what you said about?
  7. Hi, Yes I did but it doesn`t help me. Versions and get the same issue. Now this new versions synchronization failed not only for bookmarks and passkeeper but settings and extensions. Only MaxNote can still sync with server.
  8. All the Maxthon browsers I have had stopped bookmark and passkeeper synchronization from the beginning of the year. What is this all about? (version 7.0.2)