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  1. Hello! 1. Been there since day 1 of Maxthon v6, but, still getting missing or incorrect icons for programs in download manager (even though I have done what you suggested & changed to a different version of Windows (still can't believe that was suggested!), so have a fresh install of Windows 11 Professional, fully up-to-date & a fresh install of Maxthon. 2. Still getting duplicate entries in download manager for items that are only once downloaded... when clearing the list, the duplicates can not be removed, but after exit & reload Maxthon, they're not there, confirming a caching issue. The download manager is my biggest issue (plus, of course, the ridiculously out-of-date kernel & the fact it was only updated once this year) that's stopping me installing Maxthon on customer's computers. Over the years, with previous versions, I've installed Maxthon 1000's of times for customers, but since version 6 came out, I think only 3 or 4 times! I tell customers Maxthon is the better product & I'm beta testing it, but say it's just not ready yet for everyday use. Obviously, I'd rather just install Maxthon for them so they too can get the benefit of the wonderful product & features... no, wait, that's Maxthon v5! 😉
  2. Hello! 1. I think there's a mistake in the change log that was displayed on screen: Since most of the bugs reported & therefore known, have NOT been fixed, it just doesn't seem right to say, "Fixed known bugs"! 2. Like others, still getting the blank white screen at the start if loaded via a URL link. 3.Download manager still showing either wrong (user icon instead) or no icon for downloaded programs (.exe). 4. Often can't close the last open tab (issue been there for ages), open a blank tab & then shut the other & ok
  3. I find it works while the page is loading, but after that it stops scrolling from wherever I was on the page... Hello! Yes, worked ok with the very old copy of Chromium you sent me. I will try again without any plugins loaded for Mx6 The old very Chromium you sent worked ok. Turned off extensions in Mx6 (Ad Block, AdGuard, Google Translate, Link Virus Check), tried again & worked ok... turned them back on, one at a time & still working, exit & reload & now working ok! Looks like needed a 'Microsoft fix' - turn it off & on again!
  4. Hello! Reported this issue with Open University website (open.ac.uk), which I doubt you were able to verify as you'd need an account with them, but now seeing same issue with BT's Openreach website (openreach.com)... page opens, then can't scroll up/down
  5. Hello! In address bar, type: mx://version
  6. 8. Still can't scroll when logged into Open University website (www.open.ac.uk) & using Chromium core... ok, in Trident.
  7. Hello! 1. Auto-update simply said failed & to try again, but no matter how many times I tried, it still said the same. 2. Download manager still has incorrect or missing icons for downloaded programs (.exe). 3. Be nice if there was option to specify how many simultaneous downloads to allow & queue the rest. 4. Be nice if download manager reported the total download rate for all active downloads, as well as individually. 5. Be nice if download manager window was a window (like in Mx5) - i.e. floating & resizable. 6. I see we're still on Chromium 103... hmmmmmmm 😞 7. Only sometimes does download manager prevent an ".exe" file being downloaded, saying "Dangerous" & waiting for the 'play' button to be pressed... for the vast majority of program downloads, they just download... this is true for mainstream as well as less well known programs.
  8. No Hello! If I copy the URL & paste it to a new tab, it works fine, so it's nothing to do with hardware acceleration. However, let's pretend it was, in which case that'll mean the code for hardware acceleration would be either incompatible with mainstream graphics or is just unreliable... in both cases, it would need to be checked & fixed! The interesting thing though, is it's intermittent... sometimes it works fine!
  9. Hello! 1. Still getting duplicate entries in the download manager, showing the same item downloading twice... worse, when one finishes, the other indicates it's still downloading, but I guess just to a temporary file as it doesn't affect the downloaded item (the download never finishes, eventually dropping to 0 bytes/second). 2. Still getting white on white (sometimes, black on black), when opening links from Thunderbird (going to www.softwapedia.com). Both issues been present for a LONG time & reported before with earlier releases. 3. Be nice if import supported more browsers (e.g. Opera (which we install on customer's computers) & maybe Brave, Vivaldi, etc)
  10. Hello! I see other major web browsers are now coming with Chromium 107... I do hope the next Maxthon update doesn't come with 104! It's truly astounding that you've not bothered to update the core more than once this year - surely you see the enormous number of complaints you're getting about it & the bugs & compatibility issues you're trying to fix are likely already fixed in the newer cores!? For reference, even on a new SSD with a new Windows 11 Pro 64bit install, all updates applied, latest device drivers & latest Maxthon, still often (but not always) getting wrong or missing icons for program (.exe) downloads in download manager - has been this way most, if not all, this year.
  11. Having installed Windows 10 & 11 on around 1000 customer's computers, I can assure you those 2 are significantly slower than Windows 8.1 (which I ran on 2 computers of my own from 2013 to last week). However, if you have more than 4GB of RAM & a modern SSD & a CPU with a reasonable amount of cache & high enough speed, they're bearable. Running either on a HDD &/or with only 4GB RAM &/or a low cache/speed CPU can be painfully slow, but is ok (still not great!) under Windows 8.1. Even if you remove the bloat, they're still bigger & slower. But, as 8.1 is discontinued next January, I've upped the spec of my server to be ok with 11 (I prefer the fonts & basic look in 11 to 10, but obviously, I've installed 'Explorer Patcher' & 'Open Shell' to make the interface acceptable) & I'm happy enough with the performance. If I was looking for super-fast, I'd change to Manjaro Linux, but as Maxthon haven't bothered yet (if ever) to release an updated version for Linux (they used to do one), I'll stick with Windows for now.
  12. Hello! I was having some WiFi issues with Windows 8.1 Professional, so decided, since it'll be discontinued in January anyway, to fit a new/bigger SSD & do a fresh Windows 11 Professional (11.22H2) install... I also replaced the PSU with a more powerful one, upgraded the RAM to 32GB & the CPU to a quad-core 3.5GHz with 4x more cache, so even though Windows 11 is MASSIVELY slower than 8.1, it's not too bad with the newer/better hardware! Still getting all the same issues I had with Windows 8.1, so that wasn't a factor: 1. download manager still often showing wrong (user icon instead) or no icon for program downloads. 2. still getting white on white (or sometimes black on black) when Maxthon opened via a link in an email (via Thunderbird). 3. I notice, when Maxthon loads ok, it's using Trident then immediately switching to Chromium before displaying Quick Launch (I can see this as I have my background window colour set to pastel green (easier on the eyes than bright white) & that's what Trident uses (no idea why!)). 4. new one - Open University, when signed in (so you might not be able to replicate this), the course weeks won't scroll in Chromium (unbelievably, still using 103!), but work ok in Trident.
  13. Hello! Downloaded your test version (couldn't at first as said "unavailable"). DNS now doesn't give error, but still no descriptions. Couldn't access Maxthon's website or forum (posted, via Opera, screen shots & error messages on forum) Now can access website (don't see why couldn't before) & don't see my earlier posts! Installing Maxthon, once again removed Windows' default browser setting, but this time Maxthon did prompt to set itself as default, but, of course, that didn't work & I had to do manually. Finding MANY websites are now inaccessible, even ones like github.com & maxthon.com, but it's intermittent, sometimes can access, other times error message & 404. Had to go back to as is practically unusable with hardly any websites accessible!
  14. DNS now doesn't give an error, but still doesn't have descriptions for what the differences are between them. Also, once again, installation removed any default browser setting in Windows, but this time Maxthon prompted to set itself as default, which it didn't do & I had to manually select it in Windows settings. More interestingly, even with Maxthon's DNS settings turned off, I can no longer access maxthon.com at all & Maxthon tells me your website is not private now! Clicking "advanced" to carry on, just gets a 404 error & the forum isn't accessible either (https://forum.maxthon.com/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=browserlink2) & also just gets a 404 error, but there's a mistake in the tab as that says, "Error 404 (Not Found)!!1" (note the "1" at the end). Once again, one step forward, two steps backward! I'm here now via Opera browser, which did let me access Maxthon's website
  15. Hello! Here's a screen shot of what I see when Maxthon loads... just a black screen... however, it's black on black, as you can see where the cursor is over a quick launch for Amazon, the description is visible
  16. Hello! I'll record & send some videos, but there really is nothing to learn from them! What about the secure DNS URLs, errors & the missing descriptions? Officially, is Maxthon compatible with Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit? I do notice, when CPU is at 100% Maxthon (which is the biggest CPU usage at the time) sometimes just gives up & ignores whatever it was asked to do (e.g. clicked download link)... I have a 4GHz dual core CPU (AMD A6-6420K, it's obviously not new, but good enough for a works PC, although it has zero level 3 cache), 16GB DDR3 1866MHz dual-channel RAM & a modern SATA SSD boot drive... could Maxthon somehow not be hardware compatible with the CPU!? Could no level 3 cache cause the black screen (which was white is previous releases when it didn't work then too)? This seems unlikely as LOADS of older CPUs have zero level 3 cache. Although I've installed Maxthon many 1000's of times over the years on customer's computers, I didn't spend a huge amount of time just 'playing' with their computers - I just set it up & put some common quick launch shortcuts in (correcting the bad links you use). It is only really my PC that gets a LOT of Maxthon use, so I see the errors. We had almost zero issues with Maxthon 5... it just worked & many customers still use it, despite me telling them it was discontinued years ago & isn't compatible with a lot of newer websites... but, they're not complaining, so it must still be good enough for them! Lastly, we have customer data on the server, so can not allow remote access.
  17. Hello! It's still removing Windows' default browser setting (so none set) & now (previous version too), no longer prompts to set itself as default when loading
  18. Hello! Before upgrading Maxthon, I had www.bbc.co.uk open in a tab... After upgrading & restarting Maxthon, BBC's page tried to reload, but still completely black on black... same as before
  19. Hello! As I've said MANY times before, the videos you ask for would show exactly what I've already stated, so there's nothing to learn from them & therefore no point in sending them. Also, as stated before, our server has customer data on so we cannot allow remote access, which again, would only show what I've already stated too! I've worked with & serviced computers for a living for over 40 years, so have extensive knowledge of hardware & software &, like many here, recognize bugs when I see them! The Secure DNS URLs are: So the last 2 both appear to be wrong as they're the same address & both feature, rather than & They are also still giving the same error as before & still don't have descriptions saying what they filter (malware, adult sites, etc). Lastly, no, I will NOT be upgrading Windows 8.1 to 10/11 yet as it still has nearly 4 month's of Microsoft support left, it'll take ages & I can't spare the time now. Your request implies Maxthon isn't compatible with Windows 8.1... is that the case!?
  20. Hello! Previously, often, but not always, when loading, Maxthon would just show a blank page (generally white on white, but links from quick launch were still showing when cursor moved around or if opened via a link, would show those links, but still white on white, so nothing visible). Now, black on black, even with Classic Theme & Windows NOT set to dark, but EVERY time. If I open another tab, it's (mostly, but even then not always on first go), fine. I also notice I can't always shut the last open tab... click the cross, but the page remains... open another (blank/quick launch) tab, then can shut the first ok. Lastly, since Chromium 106 is now the stable release, there's no point in putting 105 in Maxthon (you missed 104 completely!) & you should, within DAYS not MONTHS, release a new version of Maxthon, with any new stable core... what's the point of saying Maxthon is based on Chromium if you use such an old core that there's loads of compatibility issues!?
  21. Hello! Was using ok, exit & upon reloading, was signed out... After signing back in, was like a fresh install, so extensions auto reloaded & some settings lost, so had to re-setup. The Classic Theme is working again, with the correct colours (hasn't worked for months & I had to install a third party theme). No error messages at any time, I was just signed out! I see you've still not fixed the Secure DNS settings for CloudFlare... You should state, in the descriptions, the differences between, & But, only seems to work anyway as the other 2 give an error:
  22. We'll be lucky if we see that this year!
  23. Hello! 'New features' reported: VBox, Resource Sniffer, Night Mode & Snap Screen all as new features, but they've been there for ages, so NOT new. Still removing Windows' default browser setting (so none now set), but this time, Maxthon didn't prompt to ask to set as default. Running Windows 8.1 Professional, 64 bit, fully up-to-date.