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  1. Hello! You're behind again on Chromium (96.0.4664.45 / 97.0.4692.99)... since the updates are almost always entirely security & bug fixes, you really need to keep this up-to-date. Are you planning on adding back in a selectable & editable user agent, like Mx5 had? I often found this useful for older websites that otherwise wouldn't work.
  2. Hello! On quick Launch, there's no option to refresh the entries (some browsers allow setting a refresh interval (minutes, hours, days, etc) & some are missing the 'favicon' icon (true previously too)
  3. Hello! Spoke too soon about download manager not getting duplicate listings... Can now confirm still does, still not removed when clearing records, still not present after a restart, still confirming a caching issue. Obviously, also still get missing program icons in list & some with the user icon instead. Yesterday, now getting new issue: https://www.cpu-world.com/ I use this site multiple times per day (to check CPU spec for customer's computers) & have done for years, but now, it says the ad blocker (ABP from your store) is blocking ads & it won't show a lot of content, despite ads NOT being blocked on this site & always having worked previously. Worked ok in Opera, so Mx6 issue
  4. So it's ok for users to manually download a new version with "terrific problems", but not for Maxthon to do it for us!? Since we're all waiting on a version of Mx6 to finally be as reliable as Mx5, obviously we're all downloading EVERY release that comes out (only to be disappointed that it's still not good enough!)... If you have a setting that says "auto update" then it MUST update for EVERY version released (including beta, if option ticked) else that IS a bug. The dev team are doing internal alpha testing (& missing a LOT of bugs!) & the users, if beta updates selected (or if they manually download), would be doing beta testing, but you can't have a setting where the dev team arbitrarily decides when to allow updates to proceed. After beta testing, once in a rare while, you release a "stable" version, but even that doesn't get auto-updated, leaving the current stable or beta!! If it's classed as "stable" that means the dev team think it's good enough, so why would they not 'push' that update either!? As you have a setting to include beta updates, which is off by default, if a user selects that, then they have consciously decided to participate in the beta program, to evaluate & assist in bug squashing, therefore when new versions, even beta versions, are released, they should ALL be auto-updated. You could simply add a prompt to show when an update is available (perhaps with a link to the change log) & allow the user to decide if they want to do the update then or not, but if the option exists & it's not working, then that is a bug! No, I always have it set to "new tab", but if open tabs are present this could be warned/prompted before restarting to reopen after
  5. Hello! Still not recording all login fields on https://www.nsandi.com/ (this is government backed 'Premium Bonds' savings). There's 3 fields: NS&I number, Surname & Password Mx5 stored them all, but latest Mx6 still only the last 2 (previous versions even placed the values in the wrong fields, with Surname in NS&I number & password in Surname, so I guess this is a step forward!)
  6. Hello! Previous version didn't upgrade & said was up-to-date (is this ever going to work!?) After installing new version, open tabs from previous version were lost after the restart... if this is by design, then that could be improved by simply having a file that keeps a list of open tabs & this is read upon starting Maxthon. During installation, there are 3 repeating screens telling about Maxthon features, but each are on screen for far too short a time to actually read them. STILL getting missing & wrong icons in download manager, however, so far this week, not had duplicates (since it doesn't happen everyday, can't yet say if that's fixed or just not had it recently) Hello! You've not updated the copyright date from 2021 to 2022 (in Mx5, you just displayed the current year, which was poor as if date was set in future, e.g. 2030, Mx5 would say 1999-2030!)
  7. Hello! When on uu.me, signed in & viewing PassKeeper stored passwords, clicking Security at the top right, then Turn on SMS verification, a box is displayed saying to turn feature on in Maxthon PC browser (implies not supported under any other operating systems!?) & there's a Download button... clicking this button goes to a Maxthon 5 beta webpage & clicking PC download brings up a prompt box for mx5.3.8.2100-beta.exe!
  8. Hello! Version (64-bit) 1227 (installed) doesn't upgrade to the new version & says it's up-to-date... It's never worked for the beta version upgrades, despite the option being ticked, but does this mean it doesn't even work for stable versions either!?
  9. Hello! The same download manager issues still persist: 1. duplicate entries, that aren't removed when clearing list, but aren't there after restarting Maxthon 2. missing icon for downloaded programs or user icon instead (not for all programs though, as some (very few) do have the correct icon)
  10. Hello! Neither... right click link, "Open link in new tab" Hello! It appears entirely random, so no, sorry, can't reproduce it, but I get it several times per week. I had thought it only occurred when I'd left entries in from previous days, but I've also now seen it do this on the same day, which started with an empty list. I had also thought it only occurred for entries with either no icon or the user icon (these are both long time errors in the download manager), instead of the program icon for the download (99+% of all downloads I do are for programs), but I've also seen it for entries with the correct icon (this is a rarity though, as VERY few downloads have the correct icon). Since, after clearing the list, entries remain, but when exit & reload Maxthon they are gone, it can only be a caching issue.
  11. Hello! Yes, MANY times... Mx6 has always done this for Java script & video pages, both of which are common on bbc.co,uk in various news & features. But, ONLY if I open the tab in the background. I tend to open a load of tabs (rarely more than 10) for the articles that seem interesting & then read/watch & close them one at a time, but pretty much always have to refresh for content to be correctly displayed (e.g. no playback button on video) first.
  12. Hello! Download manager still getting duplicate entries... weren't there this morning, but are there now. As ever, duplicates are not removed from list, but exit Maxthon & reload & they're not there, confirming as ever, it's a caching issue.
  13. Hello! No, tab sleep is off & has never been on, but this issue has been present in Mx6 since day 1
  14. Hello! 1. When opening a tab in the background (for example, on bbc.co.uk), it seems Javascript is not running or the tab is in sleep mode (or whatever you call it). Refresh the page when it has focus & works ok. This issue has been there since day one of Mx6. 2. The download manager still omits program icons or shows the user icon instead
  15. Hello! Version (64-bit) 1210 - installed 1. still getting duplicate entries in download manager (actually saw it create them whilst I had the list open!), that then don't clear when clearing list, but have gone if one restarts Maxthon, so still clearly a caching issue that's been present for months 2. still getting no icon for many downloads & more often only the user icon, instead of the program's 3. I see you now display some website 'favicon' images in quick launch, next to entered website name, if set to text/colour... could there be an option to just use that image, like in 'hot'!? Also, "Color" is still spelt wrong for UK English (should be "Colour")
  16. Hello! Version (64-bit) 1130 - installed Just to let you know, the minimize + reload via taskbar shortcut, where the previously opened tabs are lost (in another session?) is still present in this version too
  17. This known bug is still being analyzed. Hello! Update: It's actually a slightly more interesting bug... although it appears all previous tabs are lost when opening via the taskbar shortcut (which doesn't open maximized), when opening via the system tray shortcut, one can see multiple instances of Maxthon running (as shown by 'echoes' of the Maxthon icon on taskbar), one per previous minimize, each with the tabs open at that time!
  18. Hello! Looks like was about that time (20211202-0738)... here's the reports Also, as reported before, when minimize to system tray & then later click the taskbar shortcut (i.e. NOT the icon in system tray) to relaunch, Maxthon is not full screen... but, today noticed also lost open tab (this one where I was typing this message!) too. reports.7z Just confirmed, loses ALL open tabs when minimize to system tray & then reload from taskbar shortcut
  19. Hello! Version (64-bit) 1130 (installed) 1. ditto all recent previous issues with download manager as none fixed 2. still occasionally, in this instance on bbc.co.uk, while watching a news video, Maxthon just exits out, no errors, nothing. upon re-launching, no messages, none of the previously opened tabs present & no indication anything had happened... had this at least once a week for last month or so. 3. today, on quick launch, with no other tabs open, complete hang, nothing working & couldn't click anything or exit, had to exit via a task manager (first time had this)
  20. Had to reinstall maxthon_6.1.3.409_beta_x64.exe as CPU went to over 80%, just for Maxthon... After, now back to 1% or less. Good that you went to newer (96.0.4664.45) Chromium, but still hardly current (98.0.4731.0)! It seems, when I load Maxthon, it loads full screen, but if I minimized (to system tray) from full screen, reloading opens in a windows & I have to maximize.
  21. Similar to "edw2edw"... Quick Launch, no tabs open, in idle, Maxthon constantly using over 60% CPU!
  22. Hello! This version still has missing icons for some items in download manager & also still shows user icon for others
  23. Hello! From the download manager, I open the folder for each download & delete the old version (e.g. whatever-v1.1.exe & whatever-v1.2.exe, the older version is deleted or whatever.exe & whatever (1).exe, the older version is deleted & the new version renamed without the (1))... Once they've all been processed, I then tell the download manager to 'Clear all records' & it's this which often fails, leaving some, which, if I exit & reload, are not present, confirming a cache issue. So, some files no longer match the download list entry (e.g. whatever (1).exe), but others are still present (e.g. whatever-v1.2.exe). The duplicate entries are ALWAYS from the same day, but it isn't always from today, they can appear from a previous day if I haven't yet had time to process the downloads
  24. Hello! Version (64-bit) 1022 (installed) Still getting duplicates in download manager, which when cleared aren't, confirming once again, it's still a caching issue that's been present for many months now! It does seem, if I leave entries from the previous day in the list, it's more common they can't be deleted or are shown twice, but I can't say this is always the case. Clearly, there's zero point in keep asking me to send a video as: 1. I'm not going to create a new video everyday just in case it happens, 2. The video will show absolutely nothing out of the ordinary... it is simply as I say it is
  25. Hello! Download manager is still leaving entries when clearing & it's still a cache issue as they're gone after exit & reload & it still won't help you to see a video of this! Today, it removed all entries from Saturday (last day Mx6 was loaded) & 'some' of the entries from today, but still left 20+