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  1. It seems, Maxthon only lists the browsers you have installed for importing - so if Internet Explorer & Edge are present (usually are, unless Windows 11, which doesn't have IE), they'll be listed, but if Chrome or Firefox aren't installed, they'll not be listed. Would be nice if other 'Chromium' browsers would be supported too (e.g. Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi, etc) as likely to use same file format (it's possible they might already be included as I rarely see computers using them & I wouldn't (having tried them!))
  2. The name of this file implies you're using Chromium v108... Surely, that's not going to be the one you upgrade 103 to!? For greater compatibility, really 109, the last version that supports Windows 7 would be better, but for fixes & security, ONLY the latest version should be used. Again I say, latest stable Chromium for Maxthon stable & latest Chromium beta for Maxthon beta would give the best user experience.
  3. Hello! When I add a new shortcut to QA & select Site Shot, I just get a transparent block, but if I edit that & change to Color (still spelt wrong for UK!) & then back to Site Shot, it is then displayed correctly (refreshing the tab or all tabs doesn't fix this). For the built-in images, still no UK versions, so no amazon.co.uk, ebay.co.uk, bbc.co.uk, etc Many years ago, you had selectable images from a pre-defined list, even multiple ones for well know sites (e.g. YouTube), so one could add 'any location' (e.g. amazon.de) web address & just select the image... I know I've said it before, but could you not just read the 'favicon' from the website like other browsers (e.g. Opera)? It appears you are doing that when Colour (Color) selected, so could that not be used for Suggested Image!? UPDATE: Now, doing exactly the same, the Site Shot is immediately shown(!), but if refreshed it's VERY slow to display (if it ever does as I give up waiting after a while!) UPDATE2: Spoke too soon, if a new one is entered, it doesn't get site shot until after it's been edited, then it's quick next time!
  4. Hello! Will UUMail be added back into Maxthon as internal feature? Does uu.me strip trackers before forwarding (& let you know which ones)?
  5. After uninstalling & reinstalling & setting up again, Outlook now ok. Since absolutely nothing else changed here, implies corrupted setting somewhere...
  6. Worked for me too, up until Monday, with 1804, but as of Tuesday, with nothing changing here, it now doesn't... will try uninstall & reinstall & report back
  7. Hello! Getting issues today with Outlook.com - was ok yesterday & works ok in Edge. Going to sent folder: Opening any email: Wait for ages, disable AdGuard, restart Maxthon, restart Windows - all the same
  8. Hello! Whilst the 'little touches' are nice to have, they're mostly features neither myself or customers ever use. Bigger current issue is the display of the weather & other options on QA screen is often hard to see due to incorrect/poor colour handling. Where weather has a background mask, that should be applied to all other QA text. Weather still has poor colour choices, making the writing tricky sometimes to see at all: (this one isn't too bad, but the temperature units are in a different colour to the rest) (believe it or not, this 'clearly' (NOT!) says "MaxNote | PassKeeper") This is the screen customers see first, so if this is a mess, they're more likely to just uninstall Maxthon & go with something else - first impressions count a lot in browser wars!
  9. Hello! Would be good if "New Versions" on forum home page actually listed the current new versions... to find the current beta I often have to check Recent Topics!
  10. Hello! Downloading latest Opera browser for customers, the Windows versions still don't have (like most other programs), the right program icon (haven't done since v6 released!), but neither does the macOS version (I understand you're working on a version of Maxthon for macOS?), but, interestingly, there are icons, of a sort, for Linux... are you working on that too (Maxthon v5 had a Linux version & it was incredibly fast!) or is this generic for .DEB & .RPM files?
  11. Hello! Placing the cursor over the 'like' heart shows: Is that me or thee?
  12. Hello! I run Maxthon on multiple computers & use it every day & none of the recent versions have had crashes, random or otherwise for me. In the past, I've had it simply exit out, with no error reported or recorded, but not for quite a while (not at all in v7). There's still plenty of reported bugs that haven't been fixed for many years, it's still using out-dated Chromium & it still has account or sync issues occasionally, where I lose something (e.g. QA), but often just need to re-sign-in or, worse case, copy a backup file & everything's back up ok. So, for the people who are getting crashes, this implies there could be a localized issue on their computers... Mostly this is down to running poor security (i.e. AVG, Avast, McAfee, etc), meaning infections or corruption in Windows. Or have unsafe software (e.g. Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, Java, etc) running in the background that allowed some infection in, bypassing whichever anti-virus they have. Having worked in computer servicing & support for the last 28 years, this is something I've seen a LOT on customer's computers. With Google Chrome, for the last 13 years, 100% of computers I've seen it installed on, even if they've never run it even once (it runs in the background, 'stealing' your data, in real-time) & irrespective of which anti-virus was installed, if they'd been on the internet for a bit, then ALL of them were infected, no exceptions. There's a lot of 'questionable' extensions in the Chrome store, so we always recommend reading reviews before installing & don't just read the good, read the bad too & see why they say it's bad. Or there's a hardware issue, most likely faulty/failing RAM (check with 'MemTest86') or HDD/SSD (check with 'CrystalDiscInfo' or, ideally, 'HDAT2'), or overheating issues (common with CPU or motherboard, check with 'CPUid's HWMonitor'), or overloaded PSU (i.e. insufficient amps for what's connected), making computer unstable. Out-of-date software, that has vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited by malicious websites or attackers is another common cause of issues (we recommend 'Patch My PC' to help with that) or out-of-date device drivers that aren't fully compatible with the running Windows version & release (just because something worked before, in the same version of Windows, doesn't mean it'll still run ok in the current release... we recommend 'Snappy Driver Installer Origin' to update drivers). Out-of-date firmware in hardware is not a quick or easy one to check or fix, but it's another possibility, although much less common. Obviously, bringing & keeping Chromium up-to-date would avoid a lot of the issues reported anyway & having latest Chromium stable in Maxthon stable & latest Chromium beta in Maxthon beta, would be the best way to check problems. If everyone got the same problems, then obviously, Maxthon would be the culprit, but since they don't, then users must first look to their own setup to see if anything they have is causing Maxthon to misbehave. Yes, Maxthon does have & has had lots of issues, but not everyone experienced all those issues, so maybe Maxthon isn't always the one to blame!?
  13. Hello! Guest profile lost the QA shortcuts - went back to defaults. Had to copy yesterday's backup (I see why that link is listed on the forum home page, but it's out-of-date now as the folders have changed). Seems to have kept everything else though (so far, still checking!).
  14. Hello! When selecting fonts, they're not listed alphabetically, by font name: This makes it a pain to find a particular font, if a lot are installed
  15. Hello! The updated weather 'widget' has some odd colour choices... With blank text on white background, it's hard to see the temperature unit (Celsius, in this case): and with white text on black background, the town isn't exactly 'clear' to read either: Would be better if the text matched the choice, so temperature, units & town were all the same colour, white or black, accordingly. Ideally, should at least be readable!
  16. That's how I've always installed newer versions of Maxthon, for 20+ years, but it's never done that before! I've had to do one or another of those issues before, but not all at the same time. Uninstalling, restarting & installing afresh, might be advisable when there's no settings involved or when they're stored online (most of Maxthon's are, but certainly not all &, it seems, zero extension options (just which ones, which are simply reinstalled, requiring re-setup)), or even when going for a major upgrade, but for incremental, you should be able to just install 'over top'. Each new version of Maxthon is only a minor change from the previous - they could even release update 'patches' for quicker/smaller updates.
  17. Hello! The upgrade logged me out of Maxthon, removed ALL extensions & their settings & even logged me out of the forum... Had to login & re-setup everything. But, even after logging back in, the next time Maxthon started, it still went to i.maxask.com, but after another restart, it was ok. Weather widget, which had also lost settings, after setup, appears to be working ok.
  18. Hello! Quite often, websites I goto ask for cookie management - on which I always disable all I can - but all too often, Maxthon can't open the cookie page, despite that working ok in Edge e.g. https://www.shoezone.com/Mens/Boots/Leather UPDATE: looks like AdGuard was blocking it... Although, before I used AdGuard, I still used to get this quite frequently...
  19. The Fahrenheit scale (proposed by physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1724) has 0°F as the freezing temperature of a solution of brine made from a mixture of water, ice & ammonium chloride. In Fahrenheit, pure water freezes at 32°F & boils at 212°F (at sea level). A degree on Fahrenheit scale is therefore 1⁄180 of the interval between freezing point & boiling point. On Celsius scale, water freezes at 0° & boils at 100°. So, 1°F Fahrenheit is equal to 5⁄9 degrees Celsius. A simple formula to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius: -32 / 9 * 5 or -32 * 5 / 9 (same) (e.g. 212 - 32 = 180 / 9 = 20 * 5 = 100)
  20. Hello! Not seeing any changes to PassKeeper, but I do see the tab vertical size issue has been addressed, which is good. Any update on when Chromium core will be updated? Been stuck on 103 for over a year now! Will you be implementing the current stable core of another old one? Would be nice if Maxthon stable had the current stable core & beta the current beta... makes more sense then & would result in far less issues
  21. Hello! I never noticed the button before, but can see it could a be useful security feature. However, it needs to do what it says, so if set to block, then it should block (& prevent the website from accessing the clipboard too), but it doesn't currently do that for plain text or images (haven't tried it with formatted text). Better implementation would be to prompt the user, but then what would the criteria be as many websites are information only, so it wouldn't be applicable?
  22. Hello! On QuickAccess, the settings for screen text offer white on dark mask or black on light mask, but although the text colour changes, only the weather & search box actually have a mask, the other text (photo by, MaxNote | PassKeeper & Quick Access (which really doesn't need to be present anyway!), do NOT have a mask. I said before, they should interrogate the image below, but that's not gonna work with pictures where the content varies in those areas, so actually adding the mask, as stated in settings, would fix this.
  23. Hello! When on some websites (e.g. Outlook), I see an icon in the address bar saying "This site has been blocked from seeing text and images copied to the clipboard"... when I click 'Manage' it just takes me to Maxthon - Settings - General, where there's no management of said setting. However, if I've copied plain text to the clipboard (e.g. from Notepad) or a picture, I can still paste that into an email, so the blocking doesn't work anyway!
  24. I see 'Restore from local…' supports Bookmarks, Passwords & QuickAccess & since it opens a file window, I assume that could import a 'mxbackup' file from the customer's old drive? Or, is the backup encrypted to the old 'Machine ID'? Also, which Maxthon version's backups is Mx7 compatible with? How about autofill (& perhaps custom spell check dictionary), is that doable? Since more & more customers are having to stop using Maxthon citing some website reporting it's not compatible, is there any way to get at least passwords into another browser? Bookmarks can just be exported as HTML. Hello! 'Import local data and HTML file...' only supports Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome... are there any plans to extend this list (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, ect)?