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  1. Hello! Good you've added CloudFlare, but could you also add (no malware) & (no malware or adult sites)? For reference, still getting: lose open tabs upon restart, missing or incorrect icons in download manager, info too quick to read on installer screens, lies on installer screens (Mx5 features & latest Chromium), missing favicons on QuickLaunch (however, I do see, finally, "Colour" is spelt correctly for UK English), etc... i.e. all the same stuff been reporting for ages! I monitor releases of all major web browsers & see them releasing, sometimes twice in a week, Chromium updates, but Maxthon is still stuck on 96.0.4664.45, which is nearly NINE MONTHS old... You keep saying it's a priority, but it doesn't feel like it as you should be updating to new stable Chromium within days of it's release.
  2. Hello! "This means, if anyone uses my computer & loads Maxthon, it'll automatically auto-fill any stored details if they goto such sites. Hi MichaelC362, you could go to Settings > Gestures and Shortcuts to add in your preferred shortcut command under shortcut management to lock maxthon browser. but there's no stored auto-fill details You could go into Settings < Advanced < Autofill to make sure the option is not checked. Last but not least, you could also uncheck the Remember Password box while logging in to Maxthon account for extra security." None of that is practical for everyday usage... I WANT, when I'm using Maxthon, for auto-fill to just work, but I DON'T want to have to manually toggle settings each time I use it. I agree not remembering login password & therefore not auto-logging in will give a similar effect to keyring password, but I suspect you'll be implementing it for the macOS version (& Linux if you ever do again) as it's expected on those systems. Not entering the keyring password doesn't remove any settings/plugins/themes, it just stops someone else getting auto-fill passwords. It's a simple to implement feature (as you already have account password for 'Passkeeper'), so it could just prompt (which could be a setting to do/not) upon loading Maxthon & then you'd be the only password safe Windows browser. Out of interest, today, Maxthon DID keep yesterday's open tabs... hasn't done this all week & no settings changed yesterday!
  3. Hello! I see you've added secure DNS, but not put anything selectable (e.g. CloudFlare) & the text in the box doesn't fit & isn't shown when cursor held overtop Here's today's crash report reports.7z Although common for Chromium based browsers in Linux, I've not seen any Windows browser ask for the keyring password upon loading... This means, if anyone uses my computer & loads Maxthon, it'll automatically auto-fill any stored details if they goto such sites. In Linux, upon loading the browser, the user is prompted for the keyring password... enter it & auto-fill will work as per normal, but don't enter it & the browser works fine, but there's no stored auto-fill details... This has always been a serious omission in Windows & would be so very easy in implement in Maxthon, making them, potentially, the ONLY secure Windows browser!
  4. Hello! Today, started doing the same (lost tabs & loading i.maxask.com), but before it could finish, just exit out, no errors & upon reloading, no messages & again loaded i.maxask.com, but this time loaded ok
  5. Hello! With "Continue where you left off" ticked & multiple open tabs, exit & reload & just goes to https://i.maxask.com/ Tried again & the same
  6. Hello! That wouldn't be possible as, as I said, I just get an empty title bar & a white page... there's no menu, no controls, no content... Would it be possible to disable the extensions outside of Maxthon (i.e. edit a file)?
  7. Hello! Whilst that may be true, I just tried to download the same file again today & this time the file size is shown... This was from DropBox, so a well known company, but it can be with any download, from any of company, it's just not often or consistent. Bigger issue... shutdown ok yesterday, no problems, started up today & Maxthon wouldn't load (just empty title bar & white screen)... Exit via Microsoft's Process Explorer (an advanced Task Manager replacement), tried again & same. Reinstalled, same, uninstalled first keeping & later without keeping settings & reinstalled, same, uninstalled via HiBit Uninstaller to remove traces & reinstalled, same, uninstalled without keeping settings & reinstalled & finally worked ok! Had this issue many times before, but not recently.
  8. Hello! Only did it when updated, never done it before, so unless next update does the same, can't reproduce. See today still getting zero bytes listed for some file downloads...
  9. Hello! Just noticed, this latest update reset or changed LOTS of settings... previous updates have not done that
  10. Since, in two & a half years, you haven't got it working right for Windows, mac users, I wouldn't hold your breath for a fully working & up-to-date Mx6 for at least several years more!
  11. Hello! 1. STILL lies during installing (NOT lastest Chromium, by more than SEVEN MONTHS!!!, NOT all Mx5 features) 2. STILL VBox won't let me link account, just says "loading...", never progresses & no option to cancel either 3. STILL missing or incorrect (shows user icon instead) icons for programs in download manager 4. STILL, during installtion, screens go by too quickly to read 5. STILL duplicate entries being created in download manager, which won't clear, but are not present after restarting Mx6, confirming caching issue 6. STILL spell check not working 7. FIXED keeping the open tabs when restarting after install, so at least one issue has been addressed! Since there is no logical reason to not update Chromium as & when a new stable version is released (like ALL other major browsers that use it!), just what is Maxthon's thoughts on this matter!? Why are you not keeping it up-to-date? It's not like you're the ones writing Chromium, so all the hard work has already been done for you! Old versions contain bugs, security & compatibility issues that have been addressed in newer versions, so it just make no sense that you'd continue to stick with such old code!
  12. Hello! Tried again this morning & exactly the same. When I right click Vbox & click settings, it just takes me into Maxthon's 'Advanced' settings page (although the address is spelt wrong: mx://settings/advance)... I don't see the options you're showing
  13. Hello! Doesn't seem to be option to start again, but first 2 times clicked Vbox this morning, just got error "3". Then it let me continue & once again, selecting 044 for UK doesn't display after selecting, but also, after entering phone number & clicking send, it doesn't send anything & just gets another server error: (I've deleted the phone number from the picture here)
  14. Hello! 1. Once again (EVERY time!), can confim missing or incorrect icons for programs listed in download manager 2. Download manager isn't sizeable, like it was in Mx5...when an entry is too long to fit in the box, it's shortened & dots added, but placing cursor on filename doesn't show the whole name 3. In quick launch, STILL most shortcuts have missing website icon (favicon?), despite website having a logo (favicon)... Mx5, briefly, had selectable logos, with multiple options, for many websites (don't know if this was from website or internal Mx5 gallery) 4. When adding/editing a quick launch shortcut, despite language being set to UK English, "Colour" is still spelt "Color" (USA) 5. Nice to see Jeff posting in forum... can't remember when last saw comments from him!
  15. Hello! Text was in Chinese (despite specifying UK) Got multiple 'server internal error's & one error that just said "3"! When selecting 044 for country code, the code isn't shown after
  16. Hello! 1. STILL previous version didn't update, despite update beta ticked 2. STILL lies during installing (NOT latest Chromium & NOT all Mx5 features) 3. took MUCH longer to install (normally 10-20 seconds, but this time 2-3 minutes 4. had Mx6 running with multiple open tabs when installing update, after Mx6 restart, lost all tabs (despite 'continue where you left off' ticked 5. STILL ridiculously out-of-date Chromium… seriously, can you not understand why this is soooo important!? 6. STILL spell check doesn’t work 7. you don't seem to be addressing ANY of the issues being reported by almost everyone - the fixes you release always seem to be for minor, rarely used features, rather than the big, glaring problems... fix the big issues first & the little ones might not even then exist!
  17. It's intermittent, sometimes works ok & get 2nd+ pages, sometimes doesn’t. Have AdBlock Plus & AdGuard (both setup), but have tried without & didn’t make a difference. Yesterday, no 2nd+ pages, but today, showing more results & page 2+
  18. Hello! New, very odd & annoying bug... www.ebay.co.uk, search for "hp 364 ink set", finds 625 matches, showing 240 on page #1, goto page 2 or 3 & shows nothing. Do the same on Opera & works fine. Also, logging into PayPal, fails, every time, but when clicking retry generally works next, but sometimes not until the time after... this isn't a new bug, as has being doing for the last few releases, but didn't before that.
  19. Hello! 1. Most downloads come from www.softpedia.com (via direct external link to publisher's website)... I click the link on their website to initiate the download, browse to folder, then save as normal... Not every day, but most days, duplicate entries are created, which are not removed when clearing list, implying caching issue. 2. Had another issue yesterday: had a power cut while Mx6 was running, with multiple tabs open, after turning PC back on, booting up & going back into Mx6, all tabs were lost & went instead to https://i.maxask.com/, despite "Continue where you left off" being ticked... that should really update the 'open tabs file' (or whatever you use) as each tab is opened (& remove entry if a tab is closed), not just when Mx6 is closed. 3. Any chance this millennium you're going to update Chromium!? Why have you let Mx6 get so far behind!? It's not just serious safety & feature issues, but now many users are reporting compatibility problems too. There really is no excuse for not updating Chromium when they release a new stable version (not just Chromium, but any & all plugins you use too). 4. Am I missing something with the spell checker not working for me or is this a 'feature' that's been added? 5. Will selectable & editable user agent be added back? 6. When Mx6 is being installed, I assume it reads the current Windows language & installs the correct language pack accordingly(?), in which case, USA English is NOT the same as UK English & you need to update some entries (e.g. color(USA)=colour(UK))
  20. Hello! A video would show you no more than I've already stated, MANY times before. However, in an interesting turn of events, yesterday's downloads (about a dozen), all had the correct program icon - this is the FIRST time I've ever seen this in Mx6... but, true to form, today it's back to showing the user icon instead. Also, still occasionally getting zero bytes shown for file download size
  21. Hello! 1. Had maybe a dozen tabs open, installed this version & upon restarting, lost all of the open tabs, despite "Continue where you left off" ticked. 2. During installation, screens still go by too quick to read (& still contain lies about Mx5 features & Chromium). 3. Despite saying you'd update the Chromium core in the next version, you're still on 96.0.4664.45, which is woefully out-of-date. 4. On Quick Launch, when adding a new shortcut, for UK English, "Colour" is still spelt "Color". 5. Previous version didn't upgrade & said it was up-to-date. 6. Still getting duplicate entries in download manager & still missing or incorrect (user icon instead) icons for programs (didn't get in previous version, so bug re-introduced!). 7. Clicking the download manager icon to display the window still doesn't close it if currently open. 8. Spell check not working (e.g. here on the forum).
  22. Hello! As it was annoying, I've been clearing the logs after each download session, so didn't experience any duplicates this week, but I'll leave them for a day or 2 & see how it goes with ( didn't offer the upgrade to & said was up-to-date, despite "Update the beta version" being ticked... say what you like, but if there's an option & it's selected but doesn't work, then that's a bug!)
  23. Hello! Outside of Maxthon, everything displays correctly... issue is ONLY in Maxthon downloader
  24. For me, this time, downloaded in 2 seconds, but often only gets a few 10's of K/s... if I pause & resume then speeds up to MB/s. This is a recent issue though as it only started doing this a few weeks ago. Since I don't get the same problem with any other downloads, the fault is at Maxthon's end