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  1. Hello @BugSir006, The preference doesn't work in the build:
  2. @BugSir006, I tried the tool but it doesn't record the authentication dialog, shows only the browser window underneath. I made an animated GIF instead, you can watch it here: https://imgur.com/a/VVTQRTx In the video I'm trying to login to my Netgear router, but TAB doesn't work in the dialog. I can switch between the input fields either using mouse or by hitting SPACE (which is weird). Thanks. PS: TAB navigation in the dialog perfectly works in Chrome/MX5.
  3. It's disabled in my browser settings but the bar appears itself every time bookmark sync works. This happened before but going more often in the build.
  4. Thank you, it seems to work now. BUT it turns on "Show bookmarks bar" option after every sync and actually shows the bar despite the option is off by default.
  5. @BugSir006, sync doesn't work in the build again. Please fix this. Thanks!
  6. @BugSir006, bookmark sync doesn't work in this version (same as it was in the previous build). Please fix. Thanks!
  7. @BugSir006, after updating to the latest I have exactly the same issue as @Pjfaust has - bookmark synchronization stopped working. Please advice.