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  1. Hi @BugSir006, sorry, I'm not comfortable with that. I made an extra research and managed to fix the issue myself. There was a log-file in my Windows temp folder (C:\Windows\Temp) chromium_installer.log. The file contains some interesting entries: [1030/001639.997:ERROR:copy_tree_work_item.cc(30)] C:\Windows\Temp\Temp\source22680_11476741\Chrome-bin\Maxthon.exe does not exist [1030/001639.997:ERROR:work_item_list.cc(46)] item execution failed [1030/001639.997:ERROR:work_item_list.cc(55)] Failed execution of work item list [1030/001640.010:ERROR:install.cc(199)] Install failed, rolling back... result: 7 [1030/001640.010:ERROR:install.cc(201)] Rollback complete. [1030/001640.059:ERROR:delete_after_reboot_helper.cc(110)] Could not GetFileAttributes for C:\Windows\Temp\Temp: Access is denied. (0x5) [1105/132222.488:ERROR:setup_main.cc(720)] Could not create temporary path.: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (0xB7) [1108/232816.079:ERROR:setup_main.cc(720)] Could not create temporary path.: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (0xB7) [1108/234922.193:ERROR:setup_main.cc(727)] Could not create temporary path for unpacked archive.: Access is denied. (0x5) [1108/234922.194:ERROR:delete_after_reboot_helper.cc(74)] Could not schedule C:\Windows\Temp\Temp for deletion.: Access is denied. (0x5) [1108/234922.194:ERROR:delete_after_reboot_helper.cc(154)] Failed to schedule directory for deletion: C:\Windows\Temp\Temp Seems like installer created another Temp folder (C:\Windows\Temp\Temp) and couldn't work with it because of invalid access rights. It works again after I deleted that "Temp" folder. Hope this helps.
  2. It's disabled: The issue happens with 2200/2300 x64 installers. Prior version installers work fine.
  3. Hi @BugSir006. I do use Kaspersky Total Security 21 but the issue persists with both enabled and disabled protection.
  4. There is nothing to record - the installer shuts down when I click "Next ->" button. It simply disappears, no crash dialog or else pops on the screen after that. This happens to me with 2200/2300 x64 version installers.
  5. No change - Installer still shuts down. Same happens to the latest build 2300
  6. Hello @BugSir006. I can't - Installer shuts down after this step: x64 installer works fine meanwhile.
  7. I can't install it at all - installer simply shuts down. In-app update doesn't work as well - it shows me "Update now" button, then "Upgrading version..." progress when click the button and "Maxthon browser is up to date" shortly after. The version number doesn't change after that.
  8. Hello @BugSir006 I'm unable to install the build over - Kaspersky Total Security blocks it with the following message: Please advice.
  9. Yesterday I re-installed 3501 over 3600 and re-synced passwords from another computer after. This morning the passwords are back to norm here. I sent you the logs via PM.
  10. Hi @BugSir006. There was nothing special - the build was installed last week and was working fine. Started my computer this morning and found that all the passwords were gone.
  11. Hello @BugSir009, This morning my MX (64-bit) 1112 lost all the passwords in Passkeeper. Please advice.