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    Why is one of the most important issues ignored? The ability to remove this unnecessary to 99% users module was announced!!!
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    Try the last Beta: https://dl.maxthon.cn/mx6/mx6.0.0.2100_beta.exe
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    Dear Staff, 1. BUG (possible) - If MX6 is closed without opening the pages in the Last session page(mx://last-visit/), on next opening of the MX6, the Last session page is not available anymore. This is not the case in MX5. 2. Suggestion for Implementation - Status bar (Very useful for traffic monitoring and the rest...) 3. Suggestion for Implementation - Resource Grabber
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    'Last session' in MX5 was great. 'Last session' in MX6 is presented as open browser pages I often have more than 10 links in 'Last session' on MX5, not very use having that many open windows, as in MX6. Think I'll stick with MX5
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    HOW TO COMPLETELY REMOVE VBOX AND BSV MODULE? Deleting bsv.7z, vbox.7z, welcome.7z, files and folder "block" from webui folder does not help. It was promised that users could remove the blockchain module they did not need. Was that a lie?
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    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
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    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
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    Issue fixed! As usual, using the old programmers trick..... Just rebooted the computer, and next setup works fine.
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    Thanx for french support @No.1MaxthonFan.
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    Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur la barre d’onglets
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    "NEVER MIND" HAHAHHAHAHA i googled online to see why my "dictionary feedback box" and it showed that it was an extension and i clicked them all off and clicked them on one by one and i found out it was my "Video Downloader Professional" extension... oooh man the things i install to have my old MX4 grabber back... chrome extension store also prohibits me from downloading from youtube which is irritating.. they wanna stop me from grabbing what i feel like grabbing but it was my own fault which is weird cause i have been using "Video Downloader Professional" extension for a while now and this never happened... But sorry for the inconvenience and this problem is now solved... i hope you can forgive me for submitting things so fast... next time i will try and work out my own problems first before i come here and ask random questions i mean you guys are not "not" busy.. you guys actually have A LOT of work to do so random people coming asking random stuff all the time will be irritating and annoying and overwhelming so i will be more careful next time "THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE" i really appreciate it... have a better day I will be patiently waiting for the MX6 build in downloader or grabber as other people have named/called it... good bye...
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    As you probably already noticed, Maxthon's Extensions Center is "frozen": the latest updated extension was Shopping Assistant (2019/08/01). I have upload a few updates for some of my extensions before I noticed that they are still "pending approved". Some of these are updated regularly, and I'm sure that many people still use and will use old versions of Maxthon with old extensions. So we need a plan B: what if we use the forum to post updates and new extensions? But I hope this is a temporary solution... In this thread I will post updates for my old extensions (and maybe new ones). If you upload your extension to the comments, I will edit the main post and add the link to your comment. It's a crutch, but right now it's the easiest way to share updates with users. Let's go! Twitter 2.3.8 (05.07.2019) - new menu and icons SaveTube (10.05.2020) - changelog ViewTube (30.05.2020) - changelog LinkTube (25.11.2019) - changelog Twitter 2.3.8.mxaddon SaveTube 2020.05.10.mxaddon ViewTube 2020.05.30.mxaddon LinkTube 2019.11.25.mxaddon
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    The latest release is beta 2200, and I'm using it as my full-time every day browser with almost no problems. URL aliases are now available, but have been renamed. Open the Settings page and Advanced tab (mx://settings/advance), and see the "Direct URL" section. Expand the 'Set up push to talk' and 'Set website alias' options to actually set your shortcuts.
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    So it's not just me. Finally.
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    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
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    Browser shuts sometimes itself off
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I did find that setting later, but it really didn't solve the problem completely. I found a good extension at the Maxthon Extension Center called "Auto Zoom", and it works perfectly. Problem solved. thanks
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    I think i will refrain from using Maxthon 6 with my Normal account till the Official non-beta Release is ready. Since i don't want to get any Potential Data-errors from using both maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6. I do use maxthon 6 with a Alt account for testing purposes.
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    Hi PHYR, it has been reported to the dev team as a bug. 😊
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    Hi Mhzayer, it has been forwarded to the product team. 😊
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    Hi n3ujx, it will be fixed as soon as possible.
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    I see. Also works when I tried it again. There must have been some error when I was trying it earlier.
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    why is maxthon's 6 core outdated? Will it be updated more often then mx5 core was updated?
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    Sorry, this issue has been reported to the dev team.
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    Please make it possible to display icons in quick launch in the form of screenshots of sites, as in version MX5. And also make it possible to change the quick launch grid. So that it could be done on 6 columns, and 8, or 10 for example. Thank!
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    Some mouse gesture commands which I use a lot in mx5 are missing, like "close tabs to the right" and "close tabs to the left". Great if they could be brought back.
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    We will launch the internal test of the Maxthon 6 browser Alpha 2.0 version today. MX6 is a new browser designed and developed by Maxthon USA Inc, which chooses Chromium as the new kernel. MX6 is a different product line from MX5. It is not an upgrade of MX5 and will operate independently. The internal test will invite Maxthon supporters worldwide to participate. Please try it in the real user environment, and help us to improve the quality and user experience. Please experience the smoothness and stability of basic browser functions such as installation, startup, web visiting, etc.; Please experience the traditional MX5 features under the new foundation, such as Split Screen, Mouse Gestures, Maxnote, Passkeeper, etc.; Please experience the data integrity and stability of MX6 Alpha 2.0 after importing MX5 user data; Please experience the compatibility and interaction of MX6 Alpha 2.0 in importing data from other browsers (such as Chrome); Please experience the performance of MX6 Alpha 2.0 in compatible with Chrome addons. The internal test period is from March 27, 2020 to April 1, 2020. If you are willing to feedback issues to improve the product and agree with the internal test rules, please join the test group and get the test installation package.(Test group: NBdomain & MX6, https://t.me/nbdomain ) We hope that testers can fill in the questionnaire after testing, and send the problems found during the test as well as the comments and suggestions on MX6 to the email: mx6test@maxthon.net. Please note that MX6 Alpha 2.0 is a phased internal test version. This version cannot be distributed and used as a formal one. MX6 team will not provide maintenance and support for this version. To avoid data errors caused by continuous use, please uninstall and delete the test package after the end of the internal test. Thank you for your consistent support.
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    We will release the beta version this week. 😊
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    Well, it's only part I, however I wonder - the Vbox may support all applications, but how many applications will support and use Vbox? And how many other identity managers are and will be out there, working with applications? So, what it GMails (as such application I suppose) does not endorse Vbox? Or any other, in that matter. Otherwise, seems a good feature, still can't say great. And, I believe I already know of other such blockchain uses and managers. Apart from that, even thogh this may not be the right place, let's get to the basics - we have a now very old MX5 and no MX6 out. So, we are already in the situation that MX5 is being rejected and literally can't be used for some sites and purposes any more. So, we switch and use something else until MX6 is out or we just switch? Really, MX5 never got to be the real replacement of MX3 and MX4 we expected. Limited feature set, you know...
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    Resource sniffer will be added to the future version. 😊
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    That doesn't tell anyone anything. At least provide some examples of what YOU think needs to be improved.
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    Can you implement a tool to transfer the passwd from mx5 to mx6 locally WITHOUT having to have a maxthon account or anything to do with synchronizing? Also another tool to transfer the QA from mx5 to mx6, in local nothing to synchronize?