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  1. The bug where if you try to import a massive amount of History files. is still present.
  2. I really hope its still possible to keep the History for over 1 year. I always loved that feature. Mainly because other browsers delete the history data after a month or so. Only keeping the first 3 weeks. As for my request on the Tab-bar i have not found any apps yet that give the same feature. I did find a app that Limits the amount of Tabs, and any new tab that opens will be in a new window till that one fills up. {on a 27 inch monitor i can get around 50 Tabs, till it begins to look Terrible} {So for starting Maybe add a option to Limit the amount of Tabs, then e
  3. Just checked again and it looks like it now works, though i am still unable to install it to the C:\Program Files folder ----------------------- I also found a bug with importing old Maxthon 5 user data. I am unable to import my entire History data of about 1.5 years. it only imports the last 1-5 days. {I think this is caused because you cannot select any other account other than the guest account} even if i where to move the history file i still cannot import it in its Full Capacity. -------------------
  4. There is a small bug with the installer: You are not able to change the Install location. "It defaults to the local folder" But if you want to install it for all users this is not possible. even making a dummy folder on the C:\ drive does not work
  5. Recently started testing and using Maxthon 6 again, {without login} There is still 1 thing I ABSOLUTELY Hate is the Tab management {Since previous versions of MX 6 had issue's causing it to crash when opening tons of tabs, i could not test this fully} The older version had a nice an initiative feel where you could still see what tabs you had, and a drop-down menu when you filled up your tab bar The newer version has the same feel as Crome giving a Cluttered mess of a Tab bar if you have lots of tabs open at the same time. {on a 24" FHD screen the limit is arou