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  1. I already tried the top 20 most used apps. for tab management. but none have the same feature as the older Maxthon versions. The crome ones just show the entire tab bar as a list. not the additional ones after the tab-bar has been filled.
  2. Just tested a bit with the newer version, and sadly i am still missing the Amazing Tab management the previous versions of maxthon had. I personally hate the google crome tab manager where you cannot easily see what page is what, if you rake up a large amount of tabs. i have looked at extensions but there are sadly none that change how the Tab management works. Thus i still would like to ask for this feature if it is possible to implement. {of course with a option to Disable it for the people who like the Crome tab management better} _____________ For the
  3. Recently started testing and using Maxthon 6 again, {without login} There is still 1 thing I ABSOLUTELY Hate is the Tab management {Since previous versions of MX 6 had issue's causing it to crash when opening tons of tabs, i could not test this fully} The older version had a nice an initiative feel where you could still see what tabs you had, and a drop-down menu when you filled up your tab bar The newer version has the same feel as Crome giving a Cluttered mess of a Tab bar if you have lots of tabs open at the same time. {on a 24" FHD screen the limit is arou
  4. I would love to test the New "alpha version" I do not use Telegram myself though. For better testing i will use a Virtual environment so Problems can be isolated, to the VM. and more easily reproduced.