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  1. I think i will refrain from using Maxthon 6 with my Normal account till the Official non-beta Release is ready. Since i don't want to get any Potential Data-errors from using both maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6. I do use maxthon 6 with a Alt account for testing purposes.
  2. For youtube i do Have a different Issue. The issue lies with the Adblocker/Adblock+. Youtube ads are no longer skipped The Ad itself is removed but you need to wait or Click on Skip-AD. to Continue to the video. Removing Adblock Or reinstalling Maxthon has no effect. Even a Clean installed PC/VM has the issue The Issue started since Today. Yesterday everything was fine. The issue is on every of my devices that uses Maxthon as their default browser.
  3. For the Youtube URL's i sadly cannot give Any specific URL's since Refreshing solves the Issue, and it happens at Random intervals. As for twitch it is Every Video/stream. I did create a short video. Will send it trough PM {used a news stream for the example} {since it happens quite fast Play the video at 25% speed and look at the right bottom corner} {Used blue lines to Highlight it, and Cover up my subscribed Channels}
  4. Here is a list of Bugs i noticed on maxthon {With a short description of what i tried and the bug i experience } {Some have already been reported} Reddit Reddit is completely unresponsive, you cannot do Anything at all. Any Guide that Reddit gives has no use Gmail/Goolge login Google gives a message that the browser is unsafe 99% of the time, only after refreshing multiple times you can login Youtube also has issue's with comments from time to time. -Clean install of maxthon Does not help Twitch Twitch has issue's with Chat, the Chatbox disappears after the Page loaded Clean install of maxthon Does not help Other sites {varity of sites} Many sites have Loading issue's that they either Load incorrectly, or do not load at all. {cannot post names of the sites, since i only needed them for some info regarding something i found on a working site} {Turning off extensions does not help} -Clean install of maxthon Does not help
  5. @BugSir006 the "To be filled in, is a Pace holder line i used, in case i and other People had suggestions for the Tab options" One of the Idea's i have for that Paceholder line: Open Tab in new window {with shortcut key} {for example CTRL+Shift+N, will open/duplicate the current selected tab in a new window} Since i noticed that in Maxthon sometimes you Drag the entire window with you. if you want a tab in a separate window. which causes the other tabs to get lost/removed. This is a bit of a Annoying bug. so if there is a shortcut key to do this it would be nice to have ---------------- a different Feature i would like to request: {not sure if it is Possible} Popup/Redirection Blocker. {With a White-list for sites} This is to block malicious addware that "opens a new tab and" that Redirects you to a malware infested site. {3 settings would be: 1 Allow all redirects 2 Ask before Redirect {unless site is whitelisted} 3 Allow No Redirects {overrules whitelist} ---------------- Another feature which i am not sure if it is Possible Adblock-detection blocker. So the addblocker will not be noticed by the site. ---------------- Another feature i do like to see Would be Force HTTPS:// Where Maxthon forces the site to run in HTTPS:// modus, if Possible. ________ Also a question regarding the History. How long will the History be saved? Since i Really like that MX3 MX4 and MX5 could hold History data up to 3 years. After 3 Years the "Cache" fills up. and you have to manually alter the File name of the Current history file {Which temporarily fixes the issue} For example you have history,dat and history1,dat to history24,dat Then you have to rename the history,dat to History25,dat to keep the current history data. This fixes the Issue till the Browser does not save the data again.
  6. I have a Minor feature request. regarding the Tab Mute function that is in MX 5. Since i am not sure if its also in MX6 for tabs, where you can mute the audio for every tab. i would like to request a feature to have this Mute button also be included in the drop down menu. since some tabs like Discord only give occasional sounds, and to mute those tabs you first need to visit a video page then go to the URL you want to have muted. This is also easier to do than the Small sound/mute button that appears. This could be done by having a drop down menu that replaces "Lock and duplicate tab" For example Name it "Tab functions". Then add features like unmute/mute duplicate lock "to be filled in"
  7. I think it would be better if they add a Addon that allows flash content to run again. like one that turns it into HTML5 content. Since flash will start to get fased out from use, Meaning in a few years it would be no longer needed. but if they add it as a Key component of the browser, removing the flash support without breaking the entire browser will not be easy. I am not a alpha tester myself so i cannot say anything about it.
  8. I would love to test the New "alpha version" I do not use Telegram myself though. For better testing i will use a Virtual environment so Problems can be isolated, to the VM. and more easily reproduced.