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  1. The reason you Rename the folder is that Maxthon detects that there is no maxthon 5 folder in the %appdata% folder So it creates a new one. Renaming it also ensures that you do not loose any Cookie data with a clean install.
  2. Recently started testing and using Maxthon 6 again, {without login} There is still 1 thing I ABSOLUTELY Hate is the Tab management {Since previous versions of MX 6 had issue's causing it to crash when opening tons of tabs, i could not test this fully} The older version had a nice an initiative feel where you could still see what tabs you had, and a drop-down menu when you filled up your tab bar The newer version has the same feel as Crome giving a Cluttered mess of a Tab bar if you have lots of tabs open at the same time. {on a 24" FHD screen the limit is arou
  3. @BugSir006 the "To be filled in, is a Pace holder line i used, in case i and other People had suggestions for the Tab options" One of the Idea's i have for that Paceholder line: Open Tab in new window {with shortcut key} {for example CTRL+Shift+N, will open/duplicate the current selected tab in a new window} Since i noticed that in Maxthon sometimes you Drag the entire window with you. if you want a tab in a separate window. which causes the other tabs to get lost/removed. This is a bit of a Annoying bug. so if there is a shortcut key to do this it would be n
  4. I have a Minor feature request. regarding the Tab Mute function that is in MX 5. Since i am not sure if its also in MX6 for tabs, where you can mute the audio for every tab. i would like to request a feature to have this Mute button also be included in the drop down menu. since some tabs like Discord only give occasional sounds, and to mute those tabs you first need to visit a video page then go to the URL you want to have muted. This is also easier to do than the Small sound/mute button that appears. This could be done by having a drop down menu that replaces "
  5. I think it would be better if they add a Addon that allows flash content to run again. like one that turns it into HTML5 content. Since flash will start to get fased out from use, Meaning in a few years it would be no longer needed. but if they add it as a Key component of the browser, removing the flash support without breaking the entire browser will not be easy. I am not a alpha tester myself so i cannot say anything about it.
  6. I would love to test the New "alpha version" I do not use Telegram myself though. For better testing i will use a Virtual environment so Problems can be isolated, to the VM. and more easily reproduced.