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  1. Edit double post [notification issue with the forum, where it still showed as unread]
  2. I think I figured out the problem, it might have not have had anything to do with maxthon. after testing my system, I figured out that one of my Ram-sticks was bad. removing it looked to have resolved most of the issues. if it still returns I will report back
  3. I am currently suffering from a odd bug. I get the following error from time to time on "random" webpages: status_access_violation according to a google search it has to do with addons/plugins ---------- It happens on multiple webpages. it has no clear cause for it. I have not used any site-specific plugins on the webpages that it happened on till now. the only plugin/addon that I use on all sites is Ublock origin. -------- The system it happens on is a CLEAN installed PC, "without ANY PRIOR DATA" meaning it is a 100% clean install. can someone tell me how to fix it, as it is quite annoying if pages suddenly shut down, and I have to refresh them? --------- I have tried reinstalling ublock origin. right before making this post. So I will report back later if the error still happens or not. as my first guess would be that it is caused by a bugged install of Ublock-origin. [Edit: the error still happens after restarting maxthon, and reinstalling ublock origin] It even happens on the mx://new_tab page
  4. I think this might cause issues for users with smaller screens at home/travel, and bigger ones at work. Like now it fills a 13 inch screen in with but on a 27 inch screen there is still empty space
  5. This seems to have fixed it. Now I don't need to use the disgusting browser called Edge
  6. I get the following log details after opening Oneshape [on a minisforum hx90]: Will check my other devices as well, Log Messages Log Messages [14344:19980:1123/221156.764:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels [14344:19980:1123/221156.807:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels [14344:19980:1123/221156.999:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels [14344:19980:1123/221157.792:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(319)] : [.WebGL-000001D831A2C7A0]GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels (this message will no longer repeat) [14344:19980:1124/083850.479:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:174 (getProgram): Failed to load binary from cache. [14344:19980:1124/083850.480:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:174 (getProgram): Failed to load binary from cache. [14344:19980:1124/083850.481:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:174 (getProgram): Failed to load binary from cache. [14344:19980:1124/083850.481:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] : MemoryProgramCache.cpp:178 (getProgram): Reaching warning limit for cache load failures, silencing subsequent warnings.
  7. I have tried all those things but none seem to work. If I check the about://GPU in edge I get the following
  8. There are "GL rendering" issues on Maxthon when using Onshape 3D creator with maxthon the background is fully black, which seems to be caused by a GL-rendering issue, caused by that the GPU is not correctly detected https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/14417/workspace-background-is-black https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/comment/66461#Comment_66461 mx://gpu/ Graphics Feature Status Canvas: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable Canvas out-of-process rasterization: Disabled Direct Rendering Display Compositor: Disabled Compositing: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled Multiple Raster Threads: Enabled OpenGL: Disabled Rasterization: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled Raw Draw: Disabled Skia Renderer: Enabled Video Decode: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled Video Encode: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled Vulkan: Disabled WebGL: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable WebGL2: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable WebGPU: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable
  9. I am already using the latest version, For some reason the bug got worse, and now it deletes the history every 2-3 days, only keeping the last 2 days
  10. OK. The weird thing is some sites do work while others keep loading. At least the right-click menu allows open in background/TAB, which makes it somewhat bearable. Is there also more info Regarding the History deletion bug, i previously reported?
  11. The latest version {Version6.1.2.1900(64-bit)0709} has a bug that if you have screenshots set as the Thumbnail that they keep loading for 99% of the links. previous versions do not have this issue
  12. AAH OK. Not sure if it is a bug or something with the new quick-access since i tried managing the quick-access page so it looks a bit more like how i had it with maxton, but the tabs/folders whent everywhere and everything went out of order. even trying to drag a folder down, does not work as it does not want to drop in place even something as simple as trying to put back a tab/link that has been pulled out of a folder for some strange reason causes everything to get jumbled thus something like a: LOCK IN PLACE feature should be usefull to prevent tabs from moving everywhere
  13. When will the Feature to use the webpage screenshot as a thumbnail come back for the Quick access.
  14. I really hope its still possible to keep the History for over 1 year. I always loved that feature. Mainly because other browsers delete the history data after a month or so. Only keeping the first 3 weeks. As for my request on the Tab-bar i have not found any apps yet that give the same feature. I did find a app that Limits the amount of Tabs, and any new tab that opens will be in a new window till that one fills up. {on a 27 inch monitor i can get around 50 Tabs, till it begins to look Terrible} {So for starting Maybe add a option to Limit the amount of Tabs, then expand on it if its possible to Recreate the Maxthon 3/ maxthon 4/Maxthon 5 drop down Menu style Tab Manager} Since its a Feature i have grown accustomed to ever since i started using Maxthon.
  15. Just checked again and it looks like it now works, though i am still unable to install it to the C:\Program Files folder ----------------------- I also found a bug with importing old Maxthon 5 user data. I am unable to import my entire History data of about 1.5 years. it only imports the last 1-5 days. {I think this is caused because you cannot select any other account other than the guest account} even if i where to move the history file i still cannot import it in its Full Capacity. -------------------